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Hello there,

Great to have you here today and I’m absolutely thrilled to offer to you my Inner Engineering Review. The book written by Jaggi Vasudev, better known as Sadhguru has and continues to impact millions of lives around the world. The simple but profound insights found in this writing are monumental. I have experienced these life-changing results and I know you will too. Please take this opportunity to have your whole outlook on life transformed and put you in a place of joyful bliss with the tools and practises within the pages of this awesome book…Enjoy!

About the Book

Sadhgurus Book, Inner Engineering – A Yogis Guide to Joy is a book about getting to know who you really are for the very first time. It is a spiritual book that outlines the need to understand we have no need to be superhuman we need only to discover that being human is super!

The writer has a rare talent inviting you to come to a complete comprehension of who and what you truly are. He invites you to discover the immensity of life through the union of oneself with all of creation through the practices of Yoga. To become immersed in the beauty that you are, and of the beauty that surrounds you in every moment.

inner engineering sadhgurus book-click here to purchase now

Reading and putting into practice the techniques of Inner Engineering is not a one-off thing, it’s an ongoing process that changes lives. This is the nature of existence. It is an evolution of the human being. As you will find this is not a one read book.

This is a book to be used every single day. This book will become your companion as you engineer yourself to bring certain simple aspects into your reality. This book is not going to teach you how to become something. The book will simply guide you on how to position yourself so that life will find its way, and that you will find life.

By simply surviving, we have set the bar far too low, even peace should not be your highest goal. Inner engineering gives you the tools and techniques to go beyond the realms of struggle and realise a life of joyful bliss.

The simplicity of Sadgurus teaching is so profound at times. I find myself so often just shaking my head in disbelief at the simple truths he conveys again and again. If you haven’t guessed already Yep, I’m a big fan!


                          ” Do You Have Any Problem Other Than Life Is Not Happening The Way You Think It Should Happen “


“By any measure, Sadhguru is a remarkable man. For countless people around the world, he is a luminous spiritual guide. He is as well a pragmatic social activist and compassionate campaigner for human rights, for universal education, and for global peace and well-being. In this signature book, he sets out the personal experiences and deep insights that have transformed his own life and consciousness. More than that, he offers a practised program for personal transformation that also draws from the venerable teachings of the yogic masters who continue to inspire him. Throughout the ages there have been no more insistent questions than ‘Who are we?’ and ‘What is our purpose in living at all?’ Contrarian and consistent, ancient and contemporary, Inner Engineering is a loving invitation to live our best lives and a profound reassurance of why and how we can.”–Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element, Finding Your Element, and Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative

“I am inspired by Sadhguru’s capacity for joy, his exuberance for life, and the depth and breadth of his curiosity and knowledge. His book is filled with moments of wonder, awe, and intellectual challenge. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in self-transformation.”–Mark Hyman, M.D., director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, and New York Times bestselling author

Inner Engineering is a fascinating read of Sadhguru’s insights and his teachings. If you are ready, it is a tool to help awaken your own inner intelligence, the ultimate and supreme genius that mirrors the wisdom of the cosmos.”–Deepak Chopra


 Julia Thomas

5.0 out of 5 stars


This book has been a life changer for me. It’s helped me learn how to curb my negative thinking and honestly has made me look at life totally differently. It really puts things into perspective and I’ve felt my mood has been so much better since reading this. I just finished it and I’m planning on starting it again. Such a powerful book. Read it!

Padma Venkatrangan

5.0 out of 5 stars


This is one life changing concept. The book makes us sees things that were plainly in front of us, too subtle and transparent for us to notice. This breaks the wall created by simple mind blocks and how enslaved we are too artificial cultures, in the name of freedom, that we forget the basics of our own well-being.
I am now a DAILY meditator and I can see how exceptionally well I start to function. Torn between being an overwhelmed failed professional and a stressed-out mom, I am now, a happy mother, very competent engineer, a poet, singer and at the fittest and prime of my health. Thank you SADHGURU.


5.0 out of 5 stars


There are some things that you intuitively know are right, this book is one of them. It reads like a conversation you are having with someone you have the utmost respect for. Can’t wait to keep reading but then again I don’t want it to end.????

This book has also received a 97% approval rating from Googles readers


Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and now Sadhguru, to whom I was introduced to some 2 years ago are the 3 most influential people in my life. The tools available to you in this book are absolutely… absolutely going to give you not only a higher perception of reality, but it is also going to change your life completely. I can’t by the book for you, I would if I could, and that’s probably the highest recommendation I can give it!


Would you agree that this piece of creation you call me, or I is the most sophisticated instrument on the planet? If so, have you read the users manual?

>>Click here to get your users manual now<<<

With so many books on offer these days promising this and that, here you have the opportunity to make real changes that will have you in a different space for the rest of your life. If you don’t ever purchase another book you will have the tools for life with this masterpiece to begin and really and truly start to live the life we are all meant to live!

My very best wishes on your decision to pursue what we are all searching for. A more joyful and blissful existence.

Warmest Regards



  1. Paul

    What a beautifully written, passion-infused post. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. As a 50 something male, I have recently realized there is more to life than working 60 plus hours a week to build a career and earn money. We aren’t on this planet for long and to end up on our death bed with nothing but regrets all of a sudden started to scare me.

    I have purchased this book based solely on your recommendations and I look forward to implementing all aspects in my life to ensure I truly enjoy the years I have left.

    Thanks again


    1. How honestly grateful I am that my post on the book has motivated you to buy it. I know the effect it is going to have and i raise my hands for the simple fact I know your life will be changed forever. Congratulations Paul

  2. This is a great review of the book. Sometimes I get surprised thinking how do you find these books . Must have done a lot of research for it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book and read it. I think it’s going to be a life changing one for me too. Thank you for sharing about this book. 

    1. So welcome Sujander. I think for both of us it is a matter of when the student is ready the teacher will appear. So it Is. Get your hands on this book as soon as you can and make the changes that will inspire you to live the life you love Paul

  3. I did not know that Yoga and spirituality mixed into one how did that happen, when did that happen or has it always been that way? Also, how is this different from LOA? Reading your review it makes sound like it is a lot of LOA. I’m only asking because and writing here is because I’m in AA and have been invited many times to try it out and will supposedly help with my stress I feel at times.  Thanks for the article and information.

    1. Sorry, my friend I have no Idea what LOA is and by definition when I googled it I am sure it is not what you are talking about and certainly not something they would teach at AA providing AA means Alcoholics anonymous. Come back to me I am always here to help just not so savvy on the shortened terminologies hehe

  4. Thanks, Paul, for your article. Sadhguru’s centre is very close to my city, though I’ve not yet read his book, after your review, will surely read it. Of course, I’m aware of his practical teachings, he has received global recognition for his works. 

    And, as we know his teachings have nothing to do any particular religion. Some people falsely believe that it is a teaching of Hinduism! It is not. In fact, according to Sadhguru, Hinduism is not even a religion, it’s a culture, a way of life. 

    Thanks for sharing this article. It’s awesome. 



    1. I have become fascinated with India it’s culture people and food. I will surely venture there one day. Your right there is no alignment with any religion when it comes to Sadhgurus teaching, The God or creator is for every one of his creations. Get the book mate and let me know what you think. Please Thanks Paul

  5. A very interesting literature review about ‘Inner Engineering-a Yogis Guide to Joy”. I love the quote that you wrote, “…we have no need to be superhuman we need only to discover that being human is super!”. This is the first time I have heard about Sadhgurus, he sounds like a very wise and intelligent person and can see your great admiration for him in your review. Just a question, is this guide like a daily “to-do” journal that you follow everyday, and can it be read by anyone who has no background in yoga?

    1. Hello lIaisaane… This book gives you a choice on how you get the most benefits. You will want to read it again and again though. I suggest a quick initial read and then a second read and follow the exercises with great intention to get the most out of them. let me know how you go cheers, Paul

  6. Thank you for sharing ¨INNER ENGINEERING REVIEW – A YOGUI GUIDE TO JOY¨. I liked that the author makes it clear in his Foreword that this isn´t a self-help book, even if he does provoke readers into questioning their approach to life with his own outlook on how to bring joy into one´s life – which he reckons, is what everyone is searching for, though in very different ways.Instead of being pedantic, I found the book practical and relatable. Everything makes sense and seems logical. I particularly liked the little exercises (´sadhane´), at the end of each chapter. These tools help put the ideas he introduces in his prose into practice.Definitely, this isn´t a book you can finish off in a day or two. Though Sadhguru´s writing style makes it very readable and engaging. Speaking of food, the chapter on diet isn´t bad either. It doesn´t preach vegetarianism, but it makes you reconsider your diet.

    1. Hi Enrique

      nice to hear from you and even better to know you’ve had a read. As you mentioned it has many essential tools and the chapter on diet is very eye-opening and has changed my thinking of what I choose to eat. Simplistic knowledge with none of the hype and must-dos. Great stuff

  7. Hi Paul, thankyou for your review.  We own a pilates and yoga studio and  lot of our instructors head over to India regularly for tuition under people such as Sadhguru.  I have read this book and find it not only enlightening but also a really good outline of the practice of yoga and its rituals.  Thankyou for highlighting this book  – we are also at the moment looking to expand our library in the studio.  Are there any others in particular that you would recommend?


    1. Hi Paul, Great to hear from you and I can’t help but feel jealous of your instructors who have been to India and experienced the teaching of some of the great men there. I have copied a link below for another book I know you will want to be included in your library Good luck with everything Cheers Paul

  8. Thank you very much for this great and mind blowing information. This article of yours is divine guidance to inner peace and joy and it makes me want to reflect on a lot of thought. I will ponder on these guides to joy and it will surely yield some positive results. I will check back here for more updates.

    1. Hi Clement,

      Thanks for your kind words and you leave me feeling very appreciative of what I am here to achieve at Personal Development Mastery. You have a great attitude and I welcome you here anytime


  9. I’m excited about buying and owning this book. Most of the times, we believe we have to be superhuman to achieve more not knowing there’s already more in us than we can ever explore. I’ve been reading philosophical books of late and I find they’re quite a good read. Pouring depths of knowledge into our souls and helping us make better decisions. For in the end, we become the choices we take.

    I’ll surely be adding this to my library soon.

    Warm regards

    1. Hi Louis,

      Great to have you here and sounds like your becoming a bit of a book worm and that’s great. When we have an open mind and know that we are in control everything in our lives turn to smooth sailing and decisions can be just made allowing us to act and move forward without hesitation. Get Inner Engineering and you won’t be able to put it down

      Cheers Paul

  10. I see many of Sadhguru’s books in related videos on YouTube all the time. I have to say that videos with titles like “Joe got schooled by Sadhguru” or “Sadhguru provoked by law students” are a complete turnoff to me. I also have an ongoing battle with commercializing spiritual teachings and only offering them for pay. I don’t think this debate will ever be solved in me. 

    Maybe one day I can drop my ego and look at him with an open mind.

    One thing is certain: he has sustained a following for a long time. I remember his students holding booths in Columbus, OH in the year 2008. Now, 11 years later, he is continuing to attract a following.

    1. Hi Terence, Thanks for your honesty. I’ve seen those video headlines and they are just headlines to attract viewers to a struggling site, quite often they have no relevance to the videos themselves. Fake headlines if you like. The Isha foundation that Sadhguru founded does some truly remarkable work around the world and is completely non-profit org. I hope for your sake you are able to let go and reap the benefits of his great work


  11. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information. This is really a great information about this. I learned about a good book by reading your article. It is a really great book. I think it’s going to change my life. I like your article very much. I will share this article with my friends. I believe they will also like this article. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your ideas. Glad you enjoyed and all I can say is that the simple fact that you will share this article proves to me that you are a great friend, and those friends are always welcome. Well done and thanks


  12. Paul,

    I love to read but until I came across your article here I had never heard of this Sadhgurus Book, not only does this sound like a must read but a must have book to keep for every day reading and reference as per your article.  I listen to a few people about how to make positive changes in your life but to seriously get to know your inner self and what we truly are makes so much sense.  

    Thank you,


    1. Thanks Susan, I Like you hadn’t heard of this book till recently and that’s the beauty of the internet. Being an avid reader I know you are going to love this book and I congratulate you as you move forward with getting to know yourself even better


  13. WOW..I like the set up of your site..The home page it has a relaxing effect as do all the background images you have chosen. I have recently been getting in to self improvement..I’m generally to shy and quiet around people.I liked your article on self esteem, it gave me a few tips i can begin to use.. Affirmations?That is new to me, but i can see how it would help.I will be a frequent visitor from now on..I subscribed to your site an looking forward to future articles that can guide me to becoming the person i strive to be.

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Thanks so much for your kind words about Personal Development Mastery. I have suffered from shyness myself and its something we need to look into as to the reasons why. You’ve also obviously had a look around and just know I am here anytime to help. Drop in here anytime you like you are most welcome


  14. This is a really beautiful site. I was given this book by my sister, and it truly is a life-changing book..This is a great review of the book. So, if you are reading my comment, I really do suggest you get the book. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for sharing the post…REPLY

    1. Thank you, Tina, I appreciate your kind words about my site. I’m really happy for you to have read this book and to confirm the benefits and the positive effects it has had on your life. We all struggle at times, but it really doesn’t have to be that way, With a completely new perception of things life seems to just cruise along regardless of life situations. Thanks for your recommendation to my readers…life changing!


  15. Here is ¨INNER ENGINEERING REVIEW – A YOGI’S GUIDE TO JOY¨. I personally love reading inspiring quotes and positive thinking. This one is slightly different and interesting to learn who we really are. I like the word inner engineering and self-transformation. That inspires me to re-examine myself and transform to be better. I think I will find a chance to read the book. Thanks for sharing the book review.

    1. Hi there Taviwan, nice to hear from you. This book in many ways is different and in many ways the same as other teachings. I think the simplicity and profoundness are what sets it apart though. I just hope you get enough inspiration to move forward and have this book in your hands real soon. Best wishes!


  16. This was a useful and great review of the ‘Inner Engineering, A Yogis Guide To Joy’ book and guide to getting to know the real you. I had heard of it but not read any reviews or known what it was all about prior to this review. Based on what you have added, the insight offered gives me the confidence that it will be a book well worth my investment of money and time.

    I have purchased books over the years that help explore and understand the inner self, and most have been useful in one manner or the another for me. I have an advanced degree in psychology, and prior to practicing the trade, went through an extensive self-exploration period (this was years ago now)…

    Such books are crucial to get beyond the superficial aspects of our lives, I think,  many people that could benefit are just too tied up in the day-to-day activities to go down this road. But as the many positive testimonials attest to, taking the trip is definitely worth the effort and can be life-changing.

    Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I see the need for never stopping in that exploration phase, so I will give this book a look and see what insights it will offer. It seems that it will open new doors that I have not seen to date, so I am quite excited to give it a go. 

    Thanks for an excellent find and a thorough review. You have helped a lot of people, no doubt, with this post! 

    1. Hi Dave, Great to hear from you and you have already had so much experience in the art of self-exploration. Life sometimes is overwhelming and we just accept and just struggle along, but as you’d be well aware it doesn’t have to be that way. This book can begin to end a state of acceptance and in turn frustration that life is survival. We just need to say “No More” and make the necessary changes. Let me leave you with a quote that is quite relevant

      Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has!

      Get the book mate, Cheers


  17. Thank you for sharing this great review about this book.

    I’m so glad I came across your article, I started to work on my personal development and the Inner Engineering book will help me continue my growth. I will be going to a personal development seminar this month for three days and this book will be a great add up. Thank you 

    1. Hello there, so nice to hear from you and I applaud your decision to attend the seminar. The book will certainly have you in the right frame of mind and I wish you well. Please let me and my readers know who is putting on the workshop and how it has affected you. That would be awesome… Thanks


  18. Dear Paul,

    Since I am from India I am well aware of Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) and to be honest not read any of his books. Thanks for the very very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    This is an interesting and helpful review and after reading your review I got the urge and felt the importance of reading this book. For sure this book is on my list. Reading books daily is on my to do list and I love to read books to gain more information.

    Everyone wants to be in the place of joyful bliss and everyone wants to transform their lives so this book is a must read.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi there Paul, 

      Nice to hear from you and hear from someone from India, I’m getting a bit of a fascination for your country. The more I learn about the history and culture the more I know I will have to visist soon. Great to hear that you will have this book in your hands soon.

      I look forward to your feedback as you turn the pages.

      Cheers for now


  19. Hi Paul,

    This is a fantastic post! This is so full of useful information about A Yogis Guide to Joy that I can’t wait to dig deep after getting my hands on the book and start utilizing the resources you have shared with me. 

    Thanks for your review and others review you shared about the book, I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed the reviews and it makes me really happy that your way of life is only going to improve and flower. I congratulate you, my friend.  Relax and enjoy the ride.

      All the best 


  20. This is a great article.  I had never heard of Sadhguru the Yogi before or any of his writings.  However by reading this article I feel like his writings and himself are very powerful. I am going to have to try and get my hands on a copy because this sounds like it could very well be life changing material. Thank you for putting all the information together for myself and all your readers.Dale

    1. Hi Dale, Sadhguru continues his climb as whatever heights he eventually reaches, so even if you have never heard of him before you would have eventually. It’s a real pleasure doing something I love with an opportunity to have my readers be able to feel more joy than ever before in their lives. Grab this book Dale you simply can’t afford not too


  21. This is a wonderful review of the book. Reading through the review of the book has revealed to me that it would be greatly inspiring. It is really promising to be life-changing. This must have involved a lot of research work though. I so much appreciate you for sharing about this book. An awesome one!

    1. Hey Michael, Thanks for dropping by and leaving us with your thoughts about the book. It really is a wonderful read and its wisdom cannot be contained in one read. I promise you if you get your hands on this book you will never be the same again..Get it

      Cheers mate,


  22. As I enter the age of my life where it’s on the fringe of the so-called “mid-life” crisis, this writing is one that makes one stop and reflects on what is important in life. I find as I mature more in life, I appreciate more the finer things in life. The sunsets are more amazing than ever.

    It’s so true as you said in your writing about you will “engineer yourself”, that is a wonderful concept and idea to focus on. 

    1. Hello there Scott,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing. I can certainly relate to an awareness of the beauty of both the sunsets and sunrises today. To gaze and ponder what is actually happening leaves me with a sense of awe. I hope you will continue to see the beauty of what surrounds all of us and may you become an inspiration to others.


  23. Thanks for the review about INNER ENGINEERING YOGIS GUIDE TO JOY. I recently read a book from the author and I really got to learn tons from the book. It was very educative and precise, seeing this is from the same author is a big plus and I think am going to check it out. Thanks for this, your blogging is indeed educative. 

    1. Hello Stella,

      Really glad to hear that you have read one of Sadhgurus books, they are all great. In any format, his teachings are indeed beneficial, to say the least. I’d be interested to know which one and maybe you can offer me some feedback, I’d also love to have a read and do another review. Look forward to hearing from you soon Stella.

      Thanks, Paul

  24. thank you for sharing I like this book even though I did not read this book before. The way you explained it to me once again. To read and learn something new from this book makes me quite excited. I am passionate about books every time I come here. I am free to read books and I wish you success in your work and will again come back to read other books posted by you

    1. Hi there Bajram,

      Great to hear from you again, and it sounds like your turning into a real bookworm. It brings me great joy to point you in the right direction with some really exceptional books. Do you have any books your curious about I would love to review it for you and all my readers? Certainly, be a pleasure for me!

      Regards Paul

  25. Thanks for sharing this great review about inner engineering and i must commend your efforts for writing this lovely post. I have always been a fan of your blog because your articles are eye-opening for me

    I have read the book last month and it has opened my heart to the beauty of life. This is a life changing book and a must for everybody to get.

    1. Hello Ola,

      Lovely to hear from you again, and I must say congratulations to you for reading this book. I know you will be reading it again and again. It really stirs my soul with joy to know that I may have inspired you in just a little way and I have a feeling of joy that overwhelms me right now knowing that you will reap the many benefits this book has to offer. I also say thanks to you from my readers who will purchase due to your experience and recommendation

      Thanks again Ola


  26. Nice review there on inner engineering.

    I am a great lover of good books especially the ones like inner engineering that focus on how to guide people in a human way through life and also guide us from just being ordinary to extraordinary in many ways. 

    I also like to read books from remarkable man like Sadhguru.there is many things to gain from this book I must say

    1. Hi there, It’s nice to hear from you and know that you like to read. The books I have reviewed  are handpicked to enable you to experience the real change that I have experienced.. As Sadhguru has said it is not about reading a book telling you that you are superhuman.., It is more about finding out that being human is super.


  27. Beautiful post. I haven’t read a book about finding your inner well being or anything yoga related, but this seems like something I need. I’ve been curious how anyone would find inner peace, but I think the only close experience I felt it is when I went to a spa that provide hot bath and cold towels to the forhead, and then some meditation afterwords. It transformed me since then! I was able to have wonderful lucid dreams that I haven’t had often enough, and I would like to improve more on that for finding inner peace and self-improvement to have more happiness in life

    1. Hi Shelly

      Nice to hear from you and your story. From your story here I think you have a wonderful opportunity through the reading of Sadhgurus book to experience much joy and bliss. Sadhguru is often heard to say that to seek peace only is not a high enough value and that we have set the bar too low. Inner engineering is about union with all of creation being in a joyful blissful state, not merely survival. 

      I strongly suggest you get your hands on this book to practice the disciplines and watch your life transform

      Blessing to you Shelly


  28. I have to admit I have never heard of the author.I take it that you have.Maybe you can answer a few questions. I have never been really big on inspiration and inspirational authors.Can you give a couple of examples of how this book “changes your life”.Some type of practical tips coming from the book would also be helpful.It definitely has some good reviews.I would like to know some of the tools that you say are available in the book.What are they?

    1. Hey there Dave.

      Along with the many wise truths this book offers it also spends time advising and showing you the Tools Of Union, or more widely known as Yoga. click on the link below to learn more a being one with all of creation

      Cheers Paul

  29. Thank you for providing such an amazing book for all readers. Life is such a complicated one if we don’t really understand the things that come our way.

    I hope this book, Inner Engineering will help millions of people seeking happiness, joy, and meaning in their lives. It’s great to access this valuable material.

    1. Welcome Abagtan,

      So glad to know you enjoyed this review. We all make things so complicated in a must do now and must have now world. When we truly understand the perfection of what is… we may all have peace here and not rest in peace when it’s too late to have lived in Joy.

      Warm Regards


  30. Wow this is great.  A lot of people these days seek for joy in so many frivolous activities. Some don’t find joy at all. A lot are depressed. I think this yogic book will be of a very good help to a lot of people out there. With all these positive reviews, this is one of the best humane books out there.

    I love that line “we have no need to be superhuman we need only to discover that being human is super!”. It say it all. I love this book. 


    1. Hey Sammy, I think that is a great line because most of us a caught up in the rat race of achieving MORE and never taking the time to smell the roses along with the beauty that surrounds us at every moment. This book can make you realise that being human is super in every moment of our existence. For the creation(you) to be one with the creator.

      Cheers mate


  31. Anytime I read your articles, I am always filled with joy because you always write about books that help people lead a better life. I have bookmarked your website and hope to see more of your articles. I will also be grateful if I can reach you through email. Concerning Yogis Guide to Joy, I have read the book once and I can say, truly it is a book that everyone needs to have

    1. Hi Line,

      I love hearing from you and you have made my day with your positive outlook with regard to my posts.

      I want us all to become aware of the beauty and wonders that are a constant part of all our lives. My email is paul@gettingthingsorted… I would love to hear from you anytime. Please like and share with the many friends I’m sure you have, we can change peoples live me and you, one moment at a time


  32. This is a nice book review on Sadghuru’s book, Inner Engineering who I prefer to refer to as Vasudev. This book contains many profound truths and the simplicity is also to be commended. I believe the outstanding ratings given to it is no coincidence and shows the quality and popularity of the book. Great job writer. 

    1. Hi there divine,

      Your obviously very familiar with Jessie Vasudev better known as Sadhguru .Profound simplistic truths is a great discription of Jessie’s work. He is becoming a modern day saint with his work and also the significant attributes to the environment not only in India but all over the world. His book sales are gathering momentum simply because you don’t have to Einstein to understand .. Great value 

      Thanks for your thoughts


  33. It is absolutely incredible to discover that we have no need to be super human but knowing fully that being human is super. I love reading such a motivating and inspirational book. It gears and propels me to always take action and never to relent in my life pursuits despite the hurdles on the way. It also helps me to discover myself more and more and do the things I am supposed to do at a particular time. I will love to go through the book. 

    1. Hi Kenechi,

      Thanks for your comment and we are all beginning to understand via books like this that it is super being human. We no longer have to struggle and survive simply because of our limiting beliefs. Sadhguru explains a way out of the trap society has built and I for one have been glad to have been set free to never return

      Kind Regards


  34. Wow! I’m new to inner engineering.

    Actually, I’ve never heard about that. 

    Recently, my work Is so hard that I got stressed so much.

    I couldn’t get the stress out of my body. Nothings worked including sports, going outside, meeting up with my friends, having a date with a girl. Absolutely Nothing.

    So I decided to get into the world of meditation.

    I cannot be sure if inner engineering is sort of meditation but It seems that inner engineering can help me go through all the stress inside me.

    Thanks for the good article 🙂

    1. Hi Shawn,

      Nice to hear from you and it reminds me of the quote that ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’

      Sadhguru along with meditation can really help you with your stress and make it a thing of the past. He always talks about not taking your job so seriously which is a great practice. In the bigger picture, it’s not really that important.

      Grab the book mate and leave behind the stress altogether.

      Best Wishes


  35. Interesting book review you have done succinctly on yogis guide to joy. Seriously, I’ve never heard of Sadhgurus but going by your description of him in this post, he seems like a very knowledgeable man who has in depth knowledge and rare view about the world. Definitely, the goal is to find a life of joy and utmost bliss. With all I’ve read in this book, I would really want to buy it to satisfy my curiosity on the connection of yoga and spirituality and how it can help balance and give a joyful life. Excellent post

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. I really enjoy it when someone writes and tell me they have not heard of Sadhguru, for the simple fact I know a life is about to change, maybe not immediately but at some stage in the future.

      Any intelligent person cannot be unchanged by his perceptions of simple yet astounding truths. His way of teaching and his practices bring so many ‘aha’ moments. I love to read and listen to him over and over to ingrain these outlooks on life which can only help us both in our search for a more joyful and fulfilling life

  36. Hey Paul, The book INNER ENGINEERING YOGIS GUIDE TO JOY that you have just reviewed seems fantastic. Sandguru is known to be a remarkable man and i have come across most of his quotes on how you can live a life free fro all negative thoughts

    Also from the reviews of those who have read his work, He must be amazing and i cannot wait to get my hand on this book and recommend it to friends. Thanks

    1. Hi there ghosty,

      Glad you enjoyed the read. I’m not surprised you have heard of Sadhguru he is changing the world in many ways. His simplistic and natural practices are credit to a man who possesses so much wisdom and knowledge

      Only change accompanies the reading of this book, to be learned and passed on through your family now and the generations to come, ensuring they all have a wonderfully fulfilling life.



  37. Sadhguru Inner Enginering what a great subject to write about, Sadhguru seems to have all the answers to being a better you! I like the idea of being able to create a life of joyful abundance, this book is a great way to learn all there is to know about your inner self, By understanding what makes you tick lays the foundation to make changes in your life changes that will not only impact you personally but also will have a major impact on your family and those around you. This voyage of self discovery won’t be an easy one but by reading Sadhgurus Book, Inner Engineering – A Yogis Guide to Joy gives you a perfect understanding on where to start and how to go about bringing change.

    Well written


    1. Hi Fintan,

      Thanks so much for your very thoughtful insights into what Sadhguru and his book ‘Inner Engineering ” is all about. You certainly explained the self-discovery voyage very well and yes it is not an easy path. It requires time and it requires discipline every day.

      However, having discovered and chosen the path there can be no turning back, there is an irresistible urge that cannot be avoided and the rewards are many. I know you are going to love this book Fintan, and I wish you all the very best on your journey. May the path be a smooth one


  38. This looks like a great book, I will consider to buy it, since it says what is needed in life. Too many people don’t recognize that anymore, and are only stressed. I hope this will be known by far more people than now, like I’ve said, this is an eye opener to many people. Thanks a lot for sharing! 

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      This is a great book and as you said it is a common and acceptable trait these days to be stressed anxious and totally not at peace. This book will do its part in relieving you of all those negative influences and lead you on a much more fulfilling path



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