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Hello and Welcome,

Lovely to have you here. The word Yoga has people everywhere either talking about it,  planning to go to classes, have been doing classes or are using Yoga as a daily exercise. Sound familiar, are you one?  I would like to look at what has become a true buzzword to define Health and Wellbeing. As we will be finding out here, Yoga is also one of the most misused words in any language.

The word Yoga immediately conjures up pictures of people dressed in loose-fitting clothes, stretching their bodies into various positions, being conscious of their movements and hopefully their breathing. But yoga is so much more than a group of stretching exercises and controlled breathing.beautiful bunch of white jasmine

One Yogi Master described Yoga as being ” Like the Smell of Jasmine on a Gentle Spring Breeze ” How beautiful is that as opposed to the smell of sweaty armpits. Only joking here, because I’ll bet the perfume and cologne competition is really hotting up in the yoga classes.

Let’s Look at a Few Other Definitions of Yoga

English Definition-

a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Hindu Definition-

Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. The word yoga is associated with meditative practices in both Buddhism and Hinduism. … The Sanskrit word yoga has many meanings, and is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj, meaning to control, to yoke or to unite


The word ‘Yoga” comes to us from the Sanskrit (classic Indian language-meaning consecrated and sanctified). Yogas a dark room filled with burning candlestrue meaning is to ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’ with reference to the 4 disciplines defined below (mind-body-emotion-energies). The Yoga science originated thousands of years ago before any religion or any of our belief systems were initiated.

Some say that Yoga is a practice that began with the actual dawn of creation. So if we are to understand the full extent of what Yoga is, and it’s benefits for both our health and well-being we need to be guided by the true masters of Yoga, the seekers, indeed the enlightened. And here we have one!


Jaggi Vasudev (born Mysore, 3 September 1957), also known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, mystic and author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives. Click here for more about Sadhguru at Wikipedia.

In Sadhgurus own words ”  yoga essentially means finding the keys to the nature of the existence. … Sadhguru: In the western part of the world, if you utter the word yoga, people think of impossible physical postures. This is a very distorted idea of what yoga is. The word “yoga” literally means “union.”

In the short video below, Sadguru explains that “To be in Yoga is a destination, but somewhere along the way the processes themselves became, and got the name Yoga. The brief 2-minute video gives us our first understanding of how this came about.



“Yoga Is The Ladder To The Divine. Climbing Up To The Highest Possibility Within Yourself. A Way Of Approaching The Creator Through The Creation”

As mentioned before, The True Essence of Yoga Is ‘UNION.’ The 4 Disciplines pertaining to the word Yoga, are all relative to the following:

To show what is true and what is not true…

That which brings you to reality…

When you experience everything as one in your consciousness, then you are in Yoga…

Being one with life…

Sadhguru: Right now, the only things which are in your experience are your body, your mind, and your emotions. You know them to some extent, and you can infer that if these three things have to happen the way they are happening, there must be an energy that makes them happen.

Without energy, all this cannot be happening. Some of you might have experienced it. Others can easily infer that for these three things to function, there must be an energy behind them. For example, a microphone amplifies a person’s voice. Even if you don’t know anything about the microphone, you can infer that there is a source that powers it.

And so it is.  Using the 5 senses enables us to struggle and strive to survive. So if we want to go beyond struggle and just surviving to live a much more joyful life, we must go beyond the 5 senses and truly experience the magnificence of life.

Yoga Discipline-The 4 Disciplines





mind body soul energies


Looking at the nature of karma, Sadhguru characterizes karma as a coiled spring within, that must release itself.

It is extremely important that the Karma or Energy that is designated is employed as quickly as possible so that stillness is conceivable, and becomes a reality not just an idea of the mind.


Bhakti yoga is a discipline of devotion, where you take control of your emotions and strive to have them change from negative to pleasant and joyful.


“Isha” refers to that which is the source of creation; “kriya” literally means “internal action”. The purpose of Isha Kriya is to help an individual get in touch with the source of his existence, to create life according to his own wish and vision. Daily practice of Isha Kriya brings health, dynamism, peace and wellbeing. It is a powerful tool to cope with the hectic pace of modern life.


Sadhguru explains that Gnana yoga is not a philosophy, but a process to sharpen the intellect to a point where it can ” penetrate through the process of life and show you what is true and what is not true.”

Those on the Gnana yoga path learn to access the deepest dimension of human intelligence, which connects them with the very basis of creation.

“Intelligence beyond logic is what you are referring to as God.” 

So as you can see there are so many more aspects to explore and benefits to behold from the science of Yoga. This is just a sprinkling of the wonders that Yoga can bring through the disciplines described above. Although I have referenced Sadhguru here you don’t have to take his word for it.

He himself says that “With all the so-called ‘great things’ you have in the world, the only thing I am interested in is things that work”. He often says ” You must not believe anything I say is true, because you have your own journey, so you need to find what works for you, I am only offering you signposts, you must leave your own trail”

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I’ve just been amazed at all the wonderful things happening in my life today that I will not even try to explain here. I can only pray you take some small steps to finding your own truth, and the blessings that come with that. I know I am not alone here, so please leave me a comment of your own experiences and If you have any questions at all just ask them below.

If you are looking to take on some life-changing disciplines I suggest you go here for my post on Meditation for Beginners it’s a great little place to start with some wonderful tips to keep the momentum flowing.

Always My Pleasure…

NAMASTE (I honour the place in you where we are both one)


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  1. Yoga is something that I have just begun to get into, and I was so happy to find your absolutely beautiful (breathtaking, really) website.  Wow, where did you get those pictures, they are gorgeous and so tranquil.  Learning the four disciplines, mind, body, emotion and energies seems key for this practice.  I think a lot of people just look at yoga as an exercise, but I am discovering it really is so much more than that.  I wish the yoga instructor I went to got a little more into it than just the exercise part of it, so I’m super excited to have found your site.  Thanks!

    1. Hi Babsie,

      So nice to hear from you and i really love your comment and your nice words about my site. I really do a lot of research with my photos. Yes, us westerners in our mindset of making money found the one aspect and turned it into a completely false interpretation for $. Sure stretching is great for the bod and more than most other exercises with keep you flexible all of your life.

      I’m so happy to have included stretching in my daily journey to Yoga(Union) but it is only ever one facet of a much, much larger picture and destination that I myself have chosen. Join me Babsie, I really do hope you look much deeper and find the true you.. you are looking for



  2. Wonderful website and a truly inspirational post.   I have been practicing Yoga for five years.  I started doing one class a week and that would exhaust me and leave my muscles sore for a day or two. Slowly I built up to two days and then three and now I do Yoga at least four days a week and always want more.  It leaves me feeling refreshed, centered and feeling like I can take on the world.  It opened me up to gratitude and living in the moment, I truly feel I would be lost without this practice.  Your article gave me a lot more knowledge on the subject of yoga, things I never knew about but are so interesting. I really liked the different types of Disciplines of Yoga and their descriptions, it was wonderful. The benefits of yoga are far-reaching and I thank you for sharing the word. 

    1. Hello there,

      Great to hear from you and your thoughts. It’s great to think that you are doing your stretching exercises 4 days a week, it will treat your body to so much flexibility as you get a little older particularly as you get older. A healthy body is one thing but that will never lead to long term happiness.

      All the various yoga skills and disciplines are needed to have the total benefits that it offers. Don’t wait to lie on your deathbed to look back and realised you never really lived.

      Wishing you so much more


  3. Hello Paul,

    I have never ever taken part in Yoga.

    I didn’t understand it and yes I thought of sweaty armpits and all!

    Your post is a really excellent introduction for me to Yoga.

    The background you provide is very clear and easy to understand.

    Knowing the beginning is a good place to begin.

    I liked the meaning of Yoga as Union…

    That seems a lovely concept as we live in a world that is so disconnected (in a time when we have so much ability to connect).

    I am going to go back and watch the videos, but I thank you for sparking of a flicker of interest in me and i will certainly take time to have a look around your site…



    1. Hi Tim, 

      Thanks for your feedback on what is really a unification and not an exercise plan. I too have never been to an actual class and I was always wondering what the fuss was when I am someone who has done stretching exercises all my life, prior to, and after any exercise routine. I am a firm believer that stretching is one of, if not the no.1 priority in keeping and maintaining your bodies ability to prevent injury and have it all working well way into your latter years.

      However I am so pleased to have sparked some enthusiasm in you. Please move forward it is very important. 

      Strive to become more everyday Tim



  4. Dear Paul,

    To be very honest with you, I’m in a kind of information overload with the in-depth research and information you have provided in this article.  However, I have to congratulate you on this “Great Article”. I got great insights from your article.

    I am from India so this post means a lot to me and I do know Jaggi Vasudev and as you know yoga is very popular in India. The sad thing is I always wanted to practice yoga but never started it after reading your post I am determined to do it. As a first step I read your related article “Meditation for Beginners”. Really helpful and learned the basics and will implement it.

    The videos you embedded on your post is very helpful. 

    Much Success!


    1. Hello Paul,

       Great to hear from you and get some thoughts and insights from someone from India. My research about yoga has introduced me to so many amazing facts about the people and culture of your wonderful country. 

      What pleases me even more is the fact that you read my article on meditation and have a plan to move forward. This alone has made my day.

      Please come back and let me know your progress, it’s really important to me.



  5. I love this article! Yoga seems to have really taken off over the last few years and I’ve been wanting to research its history and where it all came from. I’m really glad I found your article! The history lesson really helps me wrap my mind around this. Now one question, why is it so hard??? lol, jk. My girlfriend has been wanting me to get into it with her and now at least she’ll be impressed that I know some of its history! Thank you!

    1. Hi Eric,

       Great to have you here and thanks for the comment. In a world looking for answers to their unhappiness it seems we’ll try just about anything, and so it is . People have taken one facet of yoga (stretching) as it is the one people can make money out of and abused it by saying that this form is yoga itself. The truth is it isn’t and there is nothing about a yoga class that can’t be done at home and by yourself. 

      To feel and exude the full benefits of “Union’ we need to have balance and we need to follow through on all four aspects. I am not being critical here of ” Yoga ” classes and if that’s where your at fine,I’m just looking to put the truth out there so we can all benefit from the true feeling of Union through the 4 disciplines.

      Hope your impressing the girlfriend with your new found knowledge and I sure hope you take more steps forward

      A pleasure Eric


  6. I have always been intrigued by Yoga and have attended a couple classes. I have yet to have a good experience as it is always about the fit people and even as a beginner i was not accepted the last time and openly laughed at because i couldn’t balance on 1 foot. I am disabled and can’t do that during a sobriety test either lol’

    The way you speak of it I want to try again! I am going to read your meditation article next!

    Thanks for the great explanation. I am at an emotional crossroads and need to focus on personal development. Is Yoga a good stress reliever?

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Love your comment and I think the time is perfect for you to start your Yoga program off again. Being at your emotional crossroads is a great place to begin, the clarity you will find as you progress will have you dealing with and being aware of the mind and it’s thinking patterns that bring us to emotional distress.So I’m really excited for you.

      As far as stress relief is concerned there is no better place to find yourself, as you come to understand that stress is not even real but an accumulation of thoughts that you can and will control. Meditation is a great way to start. Please let me know of your progress, I look forward to hearing of your success.

      Great work mate,


  7. Hi Paul:

    What a wonderful post you have here! You’ve explained the various types of yoga so well and perhaps have cleared up some misconceptions. People often think of yoga as contorting the body every which way and of course, wearing tight yoga pants!

    I love how you talk about the principles of yoga and how the true nature of yoga is “union.” I think in our western culture we tend to loose the original meaning of certain concepts, especially if they originated elsewhere.

    I don’t know how many times throughout my life I’ve tried to start a yoga program but I always seem to fall short. I admire anyone that can continue and use it to make changes in their life! 

    1. Hello Christopher,

      Thank you for your comment and thoughts on my post about yoga. It’s a little strange how in our search for quick fixes to literally everything including happiness that we all just jump on the band wagon and don’t question anything. It’s like wanting to get somewhere and we find out about something called a car, were in a hurry and the experts say that all you need is a wheel, so the buzz word becomes a car but in our hurry to get there we just buy the wheel and miss out on the full experience of the car.

      I sincerely hope that you stick with your plans to start your Yoga program and enjoy the wonderful gifts that will start to happen.

      Good luck and best wishes always my friend


  8. Hey, I am interested in learning yoga, I do have a few concerns though, One is my health I am 47 and have chronic fatigue,  I did recently try to do Ju Jitsu and was told I had to stop, so thinking this might be a little less impact on my body.  I  am also not very flexible, When I was 9 I remember my mum taking me to yoga and I was embarrassed as I was the only boy there.  A few years later I kinda wish I wasn’t so shy.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I am sure Yoga can be of immense value to you and in the very least will be great for both your flexibility and your chronic fatigue. Yoga has the ability to totally change your life in so many ways, and as you begin and start to progress I assure you it will become a priority in your life that nothing else can match. I for one have it as being the very most important thing I do everyday.

      Please take the opportunity to give it at least a try, you will be amazed at the results. I wish you every happiness along the way and please let me know how your progressing.

      Namaste Sam,


  9. This is really informative,educative and inspiring. Things I never knew about yoga, I have now been educated about it, thanks This post came at the right time of my life because I’ve decided to get into yoga this year and I’ve been making research about yoga but none have been as explanatory as this. This really has to be shared.

    1. Hey Lok, Thanks so much for your commentary on ‘Union. It’s great to see so many people getting into yoga and its benefits. If your only stretching your body though you are only getting a minute piece of the real benefits. Stretching and conscious breathing is a great start though and I urge you strongly to take up the other disciplines and be a showpiece for the wonderful life we are all capable of living

      Namaste Bro


  10. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Yoga for health and well being.I was asking my self how Yoga came to be in this life but I now know what it is about.

    I have started my Yoga class and I agree with you it helps in changing life in different ways. Physically, spiritually and even intellectually.

    1. Hi Julienne, 

      Great to hear you’ve started your yoga class and good luck with it. As you mentioned the true benefits of yoga will only ever be experienced when the 5 disciplines come together in the ‘Union’ that is the truest meaning of the 4 practices. 

      Enjoy the Joy 


  11. Thank you for this post Paul. I have heard a lot about yoga before reading your post. It was never explained the way you have explained it. Yoga involves the mind, the body, our emotions and our energy. I knew there was more to yoga than stretching the body. Is it also a type of saying your prayers? 

    1. Hi Juliet,

      So lovely to receive your thoughts. Like most people we have been blindfolded and taught that yoga is a class full of likeminded stretching groupies, simply because that is the only discipline that the teachers are able to make money out of, and that’s ok but don’t deprive us of the other aspects otherwise we are just keeping ourselves flexible as we grow older. There is no blame here just a wish for awareness so we can all share the joy pertained in the alignment of the 4 disciplines

      Thanks for sharing, and like you said we are really just saying prayers


  12. This is a great post mate. I had no idea about yoga and I thought yoga is just one of the exercise which most people go for. I had no idea it holding the four element which are mind, body, emotion and energies seems key for this practice. Your post are great and filling me up. Keep it up and I will keep your sites in my book mark.

    1. Hi Jaden,
      Thank you so much for thoughts and I’m so happy to hear from you. I think many people are in the same boat when it comes to their understanding of Yoga. Any practice of the four discipline will be beneficial and hopefully if you do take only one that you will move forward at a later date. The four disciplines together will totally change your world for the better.
      Thanks for the bookmark and look forward to hearing from you again soon Jaden
      Best wishes


  13. Wow! This is a breathtakingly beautiful website. It’s perfect for discussing yoga. I haven’t had the opportunity to learn yoga, it’s always on my ‘someday’ list. I’m definitely motivated to look into local classes now! Thank you!

    1. Hi Selenity,
      So nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. Always great to get some positive feedback. It stirs me to think that you will begin to partake in the discipline of Union (Yoga) it will truly make a big difference to your experience of this wonderful life we have been gifted.

      Congratulations to your ever-expanding perceptions, come here again soon to let me know how you’re going

      Beast wishes always

  14. I am glad that I am here and learn more about important things about yoga. Really after reading this article, I have a clear idea about yoga and its advantage also the different kinds of yoga. Yoga is great for mind-blowing, body balance, emotion control, and growing energy. If any man read this article then obviously he would clear about yoga. Thanks to the author for this great article.

    1. Dera Lee,

      Really appreciate your appreciation of this post. It is certainly a privilege to pass on such important information. I hope you will follow it up and put into practice the disciplines of and the joy union brings with all of creation that Yoga is designed to do. May your life be blessed in the art of union


  15. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review; Its an eye-opener for me. I am just getting to know about Yoga and I also love the way you outlined different types of yoga.

    This is very educative and it will go a long way in improving our selves. Thanks for sharing this lovely review. its very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Ola,

      Nice to hear from you again and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the post. I think it’s so important that we all know the true fact about something that can be so important in making huge changes to our live. We need to know the full array of what can truly be a life-changing experience.

      Look forward to hearing from you again soon Ola,


  16. Lately, I have been involved in a busy schedule and I also had to make some important decisions in my life. I just started doing meditation for better thinking and also to get a clear view. As I was doing meditation I thought I should focus on Yoga too. I think I came to the right site because I have no experience in yoga and this site is completely for beginners. I’m going to follow your guide which is really easy to read and understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. 

    1. Hello Sujander,

      I welcome you here today and thank you for this comment. A clear mind is something that can be very hard to find at times and what better way to clear the mind than a disciplined daily meditation plan. Meditation is a wonderful exercise to slow the mind down and eliminate, but as you suggested the full youga or Union disciplines can do so much more. Please do yourself a favour and move forward with all four disciplines you are going to experience some wonderful changes in your life.

      Cheers, my friend come here anytime for the many benefits my site has to offer.


  17. Hello there! I am happy I got to read your post on Yoga. I have never taken any classes on Yoga but have heard about it and my belief of it is to exercise the body. But reading your post explained beyond my thinking that Yoga shows that the mind, body, emotion and energy can be built and worked upon. I will have to enrol as well for a class to refresh my mind and energy not just the exercises. Thank you for posting this, your site is cool. 

    1. Hello there, Welcome to Personal Development Mastery. I’m so glad that you like many others are finding that yoga is much much more than a group of stretching exercises. It is my wish that your curiosity will expand and that you will make the time to undertake all the disciplines of union and enjoy the growth and freedom that The four disciplines offer

      Cheers, Paul

  18. What an incredible and lovely blog post! I always enjoy all of your writing and this one is no exception because your articles are very educative and informative. I must say this is an eye-opener for all readers; I cannot help but agree with everything you outlined here in this article

    Ever since I came across Yoga. My joy has been surplus

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    1. Hello there my friend, Great to see you here again and thanks for your kind words. Obviously, you have enjoyed the experience of true yoga and reaping the benefits with your surplus of joy. You are a prime example of how freedom and growth come together as you make these disciplines a part of your daily practice. Thanks for the comment and I know my readers will be inspired by your practice and surplus Joy.

      Thank you


  19. Wow- this is so deep, I love it!! I need to read this over a few more times to fully absorb the power and meaning of it all. I am very intrigued by all spirituality and this made me very excited to read. 

    Again, more book recommendations. I am bookmarking this page now and will be back to purchase some books.

    Namaste my friend,


    1. Hi Ciara,

      Welcome here today and thanks so much for your comment. The practises or more appropriately the disciplines of union can seem a little deep as with anything new. Please do take the time to have another read andtake whatever needed to fully comprehend the benefits attainable. 

      Please feel free to ask any questions and bookmarking us at Personal Development Mastery is a wonderful idea so we can be in touch always.

      Kind regards 


  20. Getting the basic knowlewdge about yoga is the perfect way for me to learn the basics of yoga. I like the fact that you have shared the basic informations about yoga and as such,  you have opened my eyes to see the essentials that makes yoga an exceptional meditation to engage in. Though I have engaged in it as a beginner, learning about this feels great too. Thanks

    1. Hi Roddarick

      Thanks for writing and letting me know that  you have actuall begun to use medition in your life. It is a blessing to me as I know the benefits it will bring you,

      Keep it up!


  21. Oh wow, it is a really good thing to learn about yoga, how it starred and to have an insight into the life of the founder. I have not tried it before but I am favinated to learn all about it. It is always good to know about the beginning of anything before going into it. I do agree that I can find joy with this because it is beyond physical. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Sounds like you just might begin to get that inspiration to begin a meditation practice, I would be truly delighted. Please let me know how you go.

      Thank you!


  22. Yoga is the practice of calmness, that deals with mental and physical discipline. It’s really nice to read about the history of Yoga, for quite a while now, I’ve been practicing it but this is actually the first time I’m reading about it. The definitions of yoga in this article are nice and interesting. The disciplines of yoga are actually the essentials of the practice as they combine together to form a powerful force. Those pictures are really beautiful and i believe they are aesthetic too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi DreaJay,

      Thanks so much for your comment. It really makes writing worth while for me. It’s interesting to have a full understanding of something. We are fed so much misinformation and don’t even question any of it.

      Great to hear from you and thanks again


  23. Firstly, I have to express my gratitude to you for sharing so much information about Yoga and the basic essentials that serves as the core elements or values of yoga, they are really great. I am just starting out with yoga and i decided to garner knowledge on it. Thanks you so much for sharing this. It is only the truth that the benefits attached to yoga are just immense. Thanks

    1. Hi there Bella,

      What lovely reply and as always i’m so grateful for my readers feedback. I truly hope you start and move forward, meditation is a discipline that once you have a taste for what it has to offer you can never do without it.

      All the very best Bella


  24. I don’t know if I’m the only person in the world that thought yoga was designed for women, I have learnt quite a lot from this yoga article and I like the description of yoga being a way of contacting the creator through the creation. Wow if it is something that really does involve being in the spirit and energy then I think I may want to try it out. I have only seen it on TV and that is as much as I knew about it up until now. 

    I’m pleasantly surprised to know that Sadhguru is a yogi and has a non profit organization leaning that side, he is one of my favourite speakers on YouTube.

    1. Hey Donny,

      Great to hear from you and i couldn’t help but smile you mentioned that you thought Yoga was only for women, I think we’ve all thought that at some stage. So glad to know that you listen to Sadhguru on youtube, his stuff is truly life changing

      Well done mate


  25. Hi Paul

    I’m happy to found your article to read and to learn more about Yoga.

    Yes, I’m one more that had the wrong idea about Yoga, but I loved your article and I’m happy that I read it so I have a better information about what is and how it can help anyone to have a better life.

    So important today to find ourselves and to be true to what each one is!

    I took some notes from your article and I can say I highlighted what KRIYA YOGA is and the purpose to practice it, I see it can bring so great benefits to anyone’s life!.

    Beautiful website you have here, I’ll save it on Pinterest so I can come back to visit it often!

    1. Hello Alejandra,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m thrilled you enjoyed it alongside my website. We should never think we have a true understanding of anything less our exploration for truth diminishes and fades away. I sincerely hope you continue to search the benefits will leave you bewildered.

      With thanks


  26. Hi Paul! I had been thinking about the different definitions I had come across concerning the term yoga. It has many alternative ways to view it but I’m glad you included in this section these definitions.

    I had also been hearing about Gnana yoga for some time. I was happy you to see you also described it here.

    Yoga continues to expand every day with more and more people turning to it.

    1. Hello Ann,

      Great to hear from you and to know my article was beneficial to you. I hope you follow through with you curiosity, it will surely lead you to profound truth, understanding and peace!

      Warmest regards


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