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Having made the all-important decision to start, or restart our exercise programme, there are a few things we need to consider to ensure that we not only begin, but we follow through with our complete workout schedule, specified routine and scheduled exercise plan. In other words, we need to prepare and we need to plan. We must have disciplinewe must have the commitment and we must have the persistence to follow through on those days where something comes up, it feels inconvenient, or the biggest killer when we just don’t feel like doing it. We need to develop the attitude and resolve that-



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Yes, we must have some clear goals that give us a vision of exactly what we must do, and have resolved to achieve.

A. They Must be specific.

B. They MUST have a time frame.

C. They MUST be realistic.

These 3 ‘MUSTS’ have given us a clear picture of where we are now, and where we are going. Clarity gives us power. Nobody ever hits a target they don’t have.

We must also be aware that there will be challenges, and we need to list them and have a plan to overcome any, and all obstacles and situations that we may feel like using as excuses for having a day off.

Lastly, we must create a list of reasons as to WHY we are committed to carrying out our exercise program. These WHY’s must be emotionally inspiring. Our list of WHY’s will be our strongest weapons in our defense against procrastination, when we might be considering having a day off.

For a much more in-depth look at Goal Setting  please click here for my post on ‘How to Achieve Every Goal You Set’

Ok, so we now have our goal setting strategies in place. Let’s put in some other practices to ensure our discipline, commitment and resolve are strong enough to never consider taking even 1 DAY OFF!


Whether you have joined a gym or have decided to work out at home, we must make a specific time for each of our workouts. We must not, I repeat…MUST NOT just wake up and wait till we feel like working out or we are doomed to failure.

We must develop the discipline from day 1 to exercise at a specific time. Once again clarity is power. We are looking to develop a habit that will take a minimum of 21 days. If you miss even 1 workout during the initial stages the likelihood of you developing the habit minimise.



If you are looking to do an early morning workout you must have your alarm set the night before. Alarm your clock so that you have more than enough time for your plan of action.

Make sure that you have prepared all the ingredients ready for a light healthy breakfast (whether that be before or after your session) your clothes are laid out ready to slip on, and you have your bottles of water ready for hydrating during your workout.

I also like to have some quotes placed in specific places along with some affirmations that have my mindset in peak condition. Along with a photo of the current body, I am dwelling in, and a picture of the body I aspire to have along with the time-frame for its achievement.

My YouTube page is filled with a collection of Motivational and Inspirational videos that really have me primed. They have helped me to take action on so many occasions when I may have had thoughts of missing a day.


Why It Is Important

Proper breathing during weight training is vital, not only for your performance but for your health. Breathing ensures that the blood circulating to your muscles is oxygenated, and that waste products are removed. Holding your breath while lifting weights can cause an increase in blood pressure, which can lead to injury.

Most newcomers to weight lifting are not conscious of the fact they are holding their breath. However, as we begin our program we are going to make sure we carry out the correct breathing patterns, to create good habits from day 1. The most effective way to breathe during resistance/weight training is to breathe in (inhale) as we lower the weight and (exhale) breathe out as we lift the weight.

Man exercising in the hot sun takes time to drink water and stay hydrated


Why It Is Important

Water regulates our body temperature and lubricates our joints. It helps transfer nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you’re not hydrated your body can’t perform at its highest level. You may feel tired, get muscle cramps, dizziness or other symptoms.

If you’re not already taking in 3 litres of water a day, then part of our program and/or goals is going to get you into the habit of keeping fully hydrated all day, every day. If you are ever unsure of your hydration levels you can simply check the colour of your urine, and if it is not completely clear you are not fully hydrated. Keeping hydrated will flush your body of toxins and leave you with a more youthful complexion and clearer eyes.


Why it is importantYoung lady doing push ups while her personal trainer supervises and corrects her form

We must ensure from day one that we are using the correct technique and form. If we are just beginning our exercise program we probably need the help of a mirror until we acquire the correct techniques and have made them our own. The incorrect technique will mean we are not gaining the full benefits of the exercise and can be a major cause of injury.


Why It Is Important

The warm up gently prepares the body for exercise, by gradually increasing body temperature, heart rate and circulation. This, in turn, will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles.


Why It Is Important

Stretching is the next step in preparing your body for the exercises you are about to undertake. Stretching before a workout allows the body to become more flexible and less prone to injury.Fit looking lady in an orange top takes time to stretch her groin In a younger body, it maintains and increases flexibility, in a more mature body it offers increased and eventually renewed flexibility.

Warm-up stretch to be performed to slightly uncomfortable.


I won’t be going into a specific workout in this post, but regardless of your workout or routine we need to take note of the following. Whether we are Weight Training, Running, Cycling, Swimming or combining all of these training methods, we must have discipline and be persistent. It is here from day 1, we aspire to plant the seeds of greatness.

We have an awesome opportunity to bring some discipline into our lives and we have already started by setting our goals and having a plan of action. We also understand that everything we do affects everything else. So let’s make sure our initial workout is something that we are completely capable of carrying out. We need to make sure that we do everything we said we are going to ensure we are to create good habits, and become their slave, from day 1. If you are someone who is lacking discipline in your life this is the opportunity to create a new you.

So let’s rewind for a moment, we have our goals in place, we have prepared the night before and we have our plan of action re our workout.We are ready!

stack of 6, 2.5 kg dumbells- some leg waits and a pair of Tiger running shoes

Let’s Go

So we begin and kick off with our warm up and we do every aspect of our planned warm up. No shortcuts!

We understand the importance of stretching, so we do the full body stretching plan and we do every stretch remembering to use proper techniques stretching our muscle groups to slightly uncomfortable, holding the stretch for 5 seconds and we are reminded to breathe by inhaling and exhaling 5 times. No Shortcuts!

We now move into our workout or training routine and we carry out every one of the sets and reps planned, taking particular note of our technique to maximise results and minimise the risk of injury, we complete our distance or our time frame, Everytime!

If we are doing 100-metre sprints, be that running, cycling, or swimming, we don’t pull up until we have crossed that 100-metre mark, that’s the reason it’s called the finish line.. Finish strong! In other words, we don’t pull up and coast over the 100-metre line, Ever! No shortcuts!


We must consider the warm down or cooling off of our body to be just as important as our warm-up discipline. The 3-5 minutes involved allows the body to resume its normal body temperature, and bring our heartbeat rate back to normal. It also prevents blood pooling in the muscles that have been targeted in our workout, allowing both blood flow and oxygen to return to normal.

STRETCHFit looking man stares at camera while taking time to warm down and improve flexibility with a full body stretch

Our cooling off stretch is vitally important too. Muscle groups that have not been challenged for a while are going to incur soreness in the initial stages of our daily workouts, and this will be obvious the next morning or two. Stretching will minimise this soreness and decrease the challenge of our next workout.

This time we stretch and extend to minimise muscle soreness and improved flexibility. The benefits of proper stretching will soon become apparent with either renewed or simply increased flexibility.


My wish for you today is that you begin. Your ability to start your programme and follow through, will bring you not only the results you are after, but immense pride and self-esteem, you will never be the same again.

The disciplines you develop through your exercise programme will have a ripple effect on every aspect of your being, and will truly have you on the path to personal freedom.

Please feel free to write to me and my many readers as to your progress,” and any thoughts you may have regarding suggestions you may have through your own experience. Your opinion matters! Just leave your comment in the section below. Much Appreciated.

I’d like to leave you with my own quote that came to me from my own experiences which simply reads:




Picture of closed fist with one finger pointing at you with caption YOU CAN!!! Reminding you that you can do itg


Play Hard Work Hard


Photo of Paul in speedos after swim with a well defined body at 55




  1. This is cool. I am essentially a new beginner for weightlifting. I have been learning about the importance of how we breathe in just everyday life. It is amazing how we tend to not breathe the right way. I once had a friend who told me that when he works out he stays in the gym until he weighs less than he did before. That scared me knowing he was not hydrating enough.

    1. Hi Austin,

      Breathing is an integral part of every aspect of exercise and is relevant to all areas of our lives, namely, Mind Body and Soul. Obviously you’ve done some research and you would know the importance of breathing, whether that be in Meditation Sport or simply an awareness of the breath. An Awareness of the breath immediately shuts down our constant stream of thought on past and future, enabling us to be stress-free during those moments.Bringing focus and more structure into our lives. Your friend is living dangerously if he is not hydrating while exercising. Maybe you could explain the dangers and remind him that his diet would be a much safer option for weight loss

      Cheers mate 


  2. Hi Paul,
    Amazing article. I loved it from A to Z.
    I think it is very complete. I need to start taking more care of my body, especially by including an exercise routine.
    I will save your page in my favorites and use it as a motivator and guidance.
    Just with that article, I feel like I have a private coach next to me.
    Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

    1. Hello Sara,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post on the importance of not only exercising, but the many small disciplines that come together to keep your body in peak condition both short term and also long term. The resolve to exercise every day is a commitment that builds strength not only physically but will strengthen your mind and bring peace to your soul.

      It’s so nice to be considered your personal coach and feel free to contact me anytime.

      Truly a Pleasure Sara



  3. Funny how life works. I am getting started again. My exercise begins this morning. So I find it extremely coincidental that I have come across your site.

    I totally agree with the idea of preparation! It is so easy to fall off the wagon if you are not ready, i know because I have done this a few times.
    I was wondering though, when it comes to meal prep, how many days out should I be preparing for?
    How long does food stay fresh and nutritious, and what foods do you suggest?

    1. Hi Brendon,

      Aha ‘ When the student is ready the teacher appears ‘ or something like that. Glad to hear from you mate and I hope you did kick off this morning.The advantage of preparation is that while you are getting your gear and food ready you are visualizing beginning which is a huge influencer in actually starting.

      With your food preparation, I would suggest just having your breakfast grouped together the night before.Some fresh fruit to juice, some low sugar-cereal, cut some fresh fruit to go on the cereal e.g banana, apple, pear, strawberry, kiwifruit or whatever’s in season where you are along with some milk and top with some honey. Boil a couple of eggs and put them on some fresh morning toast, add some tomato if you like. Sounds good!

      Go for it and good luck. Write me and let me know of your progress!

      All the very best


  4. I am a big believer in having a plan, a schedule for workouts – for beginners and old pros. It forces you to honor it and take it seriously, plus track and set goals.

    All of your tips are great and sometimes even people like me who do workout, will forget important things like proper hydration and proper breathing.

    When I was much younger, I used to skip my stretching and I finally started when I was in my late 20s. I truly can feel the difference when you do stretch and when you don’t. It never saves time to not stretch because it can bring about injury. Thank you for all of this great advice.

    1. Hello Jacquie,

      Your spot on girl, if we are truly serious about losing weight or getting fit we must get good habits in place from the very outset. The little things are always the big things, ask anyone who has a back hamstring or groin injury because they don’t or took a shortcut one day and didn’t s stretch, it will be a regret for a lengthy time out that may never have happened.

      Taking short cuts is never a good long term option an also weakens your discipline muscle that will spread to every other area of your life.

      Always a pleasure Jacquie



  5. Great plan. I like special that here is taken the whole picture.
    Because I strongly believe that to get the success you need to think about all things. For example, in my opinion, too many don´t take enough time to warm up. Which can be very dangerous. It´s much better to spend 10-15 minutes to warm up rather than stay out for some weeks because of a hamstring.
    One question about the goals. For how long period of time you recommended having the goals, for development fitness.

    1. Hi Johann

      A long term fitness plan and indeed a new life style in fitness entails not just exercises but stretching diet and goals ( both long and short term ). We all have differing expectations and what we set out to achieve just won’t happen if we don’t have a plan along with our goals and our inspiring list of ‘whys’..

      I sincerely hope you have yours in place mate and are enjoying the benefits of your new regime.

      In answer to your question about goals, your goals need to be in place and reviwed often. As you evolve and possibly have some varying interest and options they need to be adjusted to suit. Your goals are a lifetime friend and you should have them and keep them in place for every aspect of your life.


  6. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing this great article. For someone who has problems when it comes to routine this was something that I could do with reading. When ever i say to myself I will sort myself out and adopt a better routine I fail countless times so hopefully if I take on board what you have mentioned things should improve for me.

    One of the highlights you talk about is the need to work out consistently and since I play football for a local side every weekend I think doing that would improve my game as at the moment playing sport is hard when your fitness levels are so low.

    Anyway thanks again and I’ll be sure to follow your future posts!


    1. Hey Joshua

      Great to hear from you mate and what you are suggesting re playing a weekly game of football sounds like a great place to start. I love the quote from John Maxwell that sates’ Your small steps to success are really your steps of success.’  

      Start small but just begin, the great feeling you will get from starting will drive you onward and upward, just go easy on yourself and when the time is right you will move on to bigger and better things, I know it!

      Cheers for now. please let me know of your progress and anything I have to offer is but a comment away!

      Cheers for now


  7. Wow great article! I love that it can be adapted to fit any obstacle in life. Have a plan, set a goal, prep for success and do it! Taking the time to go through the list of procrastinators with solutions in advance is genius form of preparation that is overlooked. In those moments of “I don’t feel like it” or “tomorrow” we really need that list to remind ourself of our goals and their importance. I will definitely be saving and sharing this article with others as an empowering tool that is flexible to use in all aspects of life. 

    1. Hey there Wildfind,

      Thanks for the comment. As we find out eventually we need to have a plan of execution so as we have no way out of completing what we have committed to do. Being aware of ourselves and past successes or failures allows us to be better prepared for what happens when any type of excuse presents itself and it will.

      The simplest and truest solution is to just begin, this simple strategy never fails!!

      Good Luck and look forward to hearing from you and the progress you’ve made

      Get Stared Now!


  8. Good read. You hit me when you talked about the TIME. I workout without fix schedule because of my work. Now I know that it is important, I should do something about it from now on.

    I believe I could get guidance for my exercise routine so, I bookmarked your site.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article. 

    1. Hello Mina,

      Thanks for sharing what is one of those’ little things are the BIG things ‘ and you are not alone. To create and maintain any new benefit to our lives we need both consistency and focus and a regular time is just part of the process.

       Initially this will seem like a bit of a challenge but rest assured once you have created the habit, desire comes along for the ride and you will crave this time during the day, everyday!

      Just show up…No days off…Get there!


  9. Great article, Paul. You’ve summed the whole thing up perfectly. All of these factors are essential, but without having a goal and the discipline to achieve it, nothing happens. I’ve been weight training most of my life and all this has just become a part of life. The stretching is important, I do it before and after a workout, and between sets. Hydration is another big factor. It takes a conscious effort to drink the required amount of water. There are some good hydration supplements around that aid the process. Do you take any supplements and are there any you would recommend?

    Thanks for all that great information.

    1. Hey there Greg,

      Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. You being someone who has trained for many years, would even if you don’t know it be doing all that has been suggested in this post. Your consistency is proof of that.

      The fact that you are consistently stretching is a huge bonus to you as your mates get old you will still be able to do many of the things that you took for granted back when you were 20 while you mates complain about their aches and pains.

      As far as hydration and supplements are concerned I just stick to plain old water and steer away from anything with sugar in it. Works for me!

      Keep up the great work bro


  10. Hi Paul,

    Great article! I used work out 10 years ago on a regular basis but then I got distracted. I want to get back and have been reading up on the new techniques and stuff.

    I read a post sometime back that depending on your age there is preferred time to work out. Basically the older you are the later you work out. Im close to 40 and I have to do it between 7-9pm. Do you believe this is true?

    I also want to know is stretching when part of a warm down session – how long should it be? and do we do all muscles or just the ones we worked out?


    1. Hi there, 

      Thanks for the comment and your honesty. We all get distracted at some time but it is never an excuse to give up. I’m just coming back to my routine after a 3-week layoff and it’s always a little uncomfortable. I’ve learned through experience though that is I wait to get motivated it doesn’t seem to happen, so for me action always brings motivation.

      Never heard about age being a determiner for what time you train. That sounds to me like a cop out, If it’s true and I’m 56, best workout time is past my bedtime hehe. Just do it mate, there’s so much false information out there just do what feels right. That’s the bottom line

      Good luck mate, and just pick up that dumbell, sleep with it if you have to lol


  11. really love this COMPLETE WORKOUT PLAN its seems like a great start for anyone that is looking to start with an exercise programme, reading this article put so much light on the different insights that one can do to have a perfect workout this article. really love how everything is outlined… keep up the good work

    1. Hello Michael and thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. So have you started yet? Take it easy if you haven’t exercised for a while or not at all. Doesn’t matter how small you begin with, the secret is to just begin. If you follow these simple steps you can get a roll on and look back with pride and laugh at yourself which is always good. 

      Let me know how you go bro, I’m always here with a whip lol. Only joking but I am here to offer any extra inspiration I can

      Cheers Micahel


  12. It’s true that working out gets tiring at a point, it’s nobody’s fault but the hidden truth about this period is that it’s is the most effective and it determines a lot about whether you’ll progress or not. The do’s you’ve highlighted in this article for beginners are really nice, I can’t even remember when I started working out but I think I did most of this stuff too. Patience is very important during workout exercise, it takes time to shred and build up, consistency is also very important. Thanks

    1. We all have every reason and excuse thrown at us by our thoughts to not sart or just to put it off till ???, the secret is to just put your shoes on, just pick up the dumbbell, skipping rope or whatever it is that initiates action and just go from there. The time between thinking about it and doing must be eliminated by simply acting

  13. I was heavily into weightlifting when I was in my and early teens and was in constant pain from ignoring and/or not knowing all of these must do’s for working out and excising. I am losing my fitness and condition at a notable rate in these latter years and it scares me. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon your freely given advice Paul. 

    I really like the energy here, truly inspirational.

    Cheers Ropata NZ

    1. Hey Ropata, Thanks for dropping in and giving us your thoughts, Maybe your motivation is waning a bit but it’s never too late to kick of again. Maybe its time to go back to the basics and just take 1 step at a time to kick off again. I know the NZ Rugby team will be doing this hehe. Good luck Bro

  14. This is one of the best articles I have read today. This article, complete workout plan – commitment-discipline-resolve is one of the best plans I have seen. I found that this article does not only apply to working out but virtually anything. With the texts on this page, one can achieve any goal easily and as scheduled. I love affirmation; words are more powerful than we think. Please keep up the good work, your goals are achievable! 😊

    1. Hi Barry, You have made a very valuable point here that these habits put into practice will indeed trickle down and affect every part of our life. Physically emotionally and spiritually, everything affects everything else. Thanks from both me and my readers for your insight my friend. Much appreciated

  15. Goals are made to be scored but it is impossible to score them without a plan (a specific one for that matter), commitment,

     and dedication.

    The 3 keys you gave about goal setting is paramount in scoring every goal that is set. One must be specific, must have a time frame to score to goals and must be realistic too.

    There are times when we feel weak and may want to postpone stuff, these MUST and Will be ENCOURAGEMENT for us.

    I love the spirit! I will reach my goals.

    1. Hey there,

      I think you’ve gotten the message, and I can feel the determination in the way you have expressed yourself here. Nothing truer than not being able to hit a target that you do not have. Setting goals and staying true to them  is hard work at first, but like the muscle you exercise it gets stronger every time you have the discipline to follow through.All the best my friend

  16. I always like creating goals because I think they are an important part of any kind of success. You really broke it down so anyone can understand. Time frames are needed but if we can not complete our goals during the time we should, we can just extend the time limit. It is perfectly fine. Not all goals can be achieved precisely where we want it.

    Of course, I think this can not be applied to smaller goals, and especially in workout. It is needed for human brain to stick to routine no matter what. For example, you can say that you want to lose weight in 6 months and that would require some small, but everyday exercise.

    Even though these small everyday exercises are not too hard to complete if you miss one chances are you will miss another one and you will quit.

    Thank you for this great article.

    1. Hello Strahinja,

      I appreciate your thoughts very much, and you made a really good point that although we need resolve and commitment we need to take it easy on ourselves if that resolve isn’t their immediately. Momentum will come and when it does…look out..No Days OFF!!

      Cheers mate


  17. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Sometimes setting goals can be the driving force required to push us. These five exercise are really helpful I have been engaging three of them but now I am going to a full routine as explained in U our article to maximize results. Thanks

    1. Hi Benny, your truly welcome and if I have given you some inspiration to go all the way with your routine I am sincerely grateful. Self-improvement in any form is a great accomplishment, the self-discipline is such an important attribute. Tony Robbins says over and over again that the one thing that brings everyone happiness is Progress. Keep it up my friend go all the way!!


  18. Thank you, Paul, for a motivating write-up. Giving up has always been what I do When I get started on my workouts and I have to say I have done it over and over again. Come 2020 I have just been thinking of having a little journal where I write my to-list of the next day so that I make sure I achieve what I say I want to do and tick them off once they are done. I think this will help even in real life plans and issues others than workouts. Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Donny,

      Thanks for your post and I sincerely hope 2020 will be the year that you do follow through. Your to-do list is a great idea. The satisfaction of ticking the items off as you achieve them will surely keep you motivated

      Best wishes


  19. Paul,
    Your ‘Cover Page’ was very enticing and I wanted to immediately jump in and click “Click To Begin”.  I though went to your About Me page.  I like getting to know the author a little first.  Very impressive personal history.  It made me feel like I met you in person.  I would recommend everyone to read it.

    The titles of your post were intriguing and even though I did not have time to read but 2, I WILL RETURN! Your site is bookmarked

    COURAGE TO OVERCOME so very true. My father told me the only way to fail was never to attempt.  I found out how true that was when as an undergraduate chemistry student.  I spent over a year trying to synthesize a new compound.  I did not fail; I just found that it was not possible. SUCCESS, yes, I had learned something.  The sayings in your post are so very true.  If you give up on yourself why should others believe in you?

    EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT – my greatest enemy
       OUCH!!! 😵
    Paul, you were unmerciful.  You hit me in the head with a 6-foot piece of railroad railing when a 🍗 to the side of the head would have sufficed.  Much pain BUT well worth it.  Thanks for the great words of wisdom.  The one thing that I have been great at doing was creating memories with my family.  That will be my greatest legacy and has been my greatest joy.  I’m still doing that.

    1. Hello Leo, Thanks for a really interesting comment from you and It’s was great to see your honesty. You obviously have a great attitude and you made me smile. Sorry about the hit to the head. I really look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

      All the very best my friend


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