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The following traits of these successful business people gifted us by these rare individuals, once again share amazing similarities. Success, as we have learned, is not some freak accident that casually selects us out from the masses like a lucky dip.

They simply represent small continuous daily actions repeated, again and again, day after day.  As we read on and learn from these Giants of the computer age we can see and learn from their strategic work ethics and decision-making skills that hold them in such high esteem.

Steven Paul Jobs

Who Was Steve?Black and white photo of Jobs pensive look playing with beard

Steve Jobs was an Entrepreneur, Businessman-Inventor and Industrial Designer. He was the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc.

‘Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night knowing I’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me’

‘My favourite things in life don’t cost money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we have is time’

‘Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it’

  • Have No Limits On Yourself
  • Maintain Your Passion Always
  • Be Yourself Be Original
  • Accept Nothing But The Best
  • Money Is Never The Priority
  • Build The Best Team
  • Absolute Pride In Your Product
  • Prioritise Service To Your Customers
  • Marketing Is About Your Highest Values
  • Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Who Is Mark?Mark Zuckerberg speaking to audience and smiling

Mark Zuckerberg is a Computer Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder of Facebook and currently operates as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

‘In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks’

‘The Question I ask myself like almost every day is, am I doing the most important thing I could be doing’

‘You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that, than doing nothing at all’

  • You Get What You Spend Your Time Doing
  • Constantly Listen To Feedback
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes
  • Only Hire People You Would Work For Yourself
  • Look To Make A Change InThe World
  • Be Forever A Student
  • Build A Really Great Team
  • Look To Give The Very Best Experience
  • Have Total Sincerity About Your Product
  • Social Bonds Are critical

Jack Ma

Who is Jack?Jack Ma speaking to and audience with hand on hearts

Ma Yun, known professionally as Jack Ma, is a Chinese Business Magnate who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba the World’s Largest Distribution Company.

‘We will make it because we are young and we will never ever give up’

‘Never deceive others in business or in life. In 1995 I was deceived by 4 companies that are now closed. A company cannot go far by deceit’

‘If you don’t give up, you still have a chance, giving up is the greatest failure’

  • Get Used To And Never Fear Rejection
  • Keep The Dream Forever Alive
  • Be Focused On Work Ethics and Culture
  • Stay Inspired
  • Stay Focused
  • Ignore Those Who Doubt You
  • Have The Most Respectful Name In Your Business
  • Make Your Customers Number 1
  • Listen To Complaints They Are You Greatest Opportunities
  • Have Passion And Be Passionate

Bill Gates

Who is Bill?Bill gates smiles as he poses for the camera

William Henry Gates is the Co-Founder of Microsoft and is a Business Magnate, Investor Author and Philanthropist. In 1975 Gates Co-Founded Microsoft, which became the World’s Largest Personal Computer Software Company.

‘I failed in some exam subjects, but my friend passed them all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft’

‘Don’t compare yourself to anyone in this world. If you do you are insulting yourself’

‘Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning’

  • Never Stop Exuding Energy
  • Make Use Of Your Influence
  • Work Harder
  • Create Your Own Future
  • Have Fun And Enjoy What You Do
  • Diversify Your Interests
  • Always Look For Advice
  • Pick A Champion Team
  • Breakthrough Procrastination
  • Have And Keep A Sense Of Humour

Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment


These men and many others who have engulfed the world through the window of the computer age are pioneers in whatever the future holds in Information Technology.

Young entrepreneurs are becoming wealthy overnight by simply having a new idea, whether they can go the distance will depend largely on being able to acquire and follow the wisdom of the gentleman above.

Please write with any opinions or examples of inspiration below in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you as always.

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  1. Pretty inspirational stuff. I find it interesting that most of them say something to the affect of money not being the priority, but simply the bi-product of doing something that’s meaningful to you and provides value to others. I also love the quote by Bill Gates about his friend that got better grades that now works for him. It shows that success never comes out of comparing ourselves to others. Only compete with yourself to become your best possible self.

    1. Hey Dustin,

      You have picked up something that I am hearing over and over again from every long term successful person. The fact that they are doing something they are passionate about and adds value to their fellow man. Bill Gates provides a tongue in cheek quote as you mentioned, re his friend’s exam passing ability. Makes me smile, and once again that example of what’s required for true success is repeated over and over again by so many truly successful people. Both the will and desire to succeed, seem to override any and all levels of education.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post and I wish you every success in your own personal endeavours.

      Regards Paul 

  2. A few points that are really effective are when you understand that money is not important since that is what gets into my head. When I started making a comfortable income, I thought it was okay to not work hard and be comfortable with what I had and what I was doing,I think one always needs to stay hungry.

    1. Hello Shrey,
      The Giants in any field or endeavour continually are motivated by their desire to add value to other peoples lives.They also have goals and a definite ‘WHY’ which is their daily inspiration and reason that they must achieve their goals.Their ‘WHY’ is what keeps them going in times of both difficulty and comfort, it’s the anchor as you mentioned that keeps them hungry on a daily basis.
      ‘If you don’t have a plan then your planning to fail’
      Best Wishes on your need to stay hungry Shrey!

  3. I learned so much just from reading all these successful people and what traits they possess. My favorite person was Jack Ma because I know a little about his story: He was an English teacher in China, only making 10 cents an hour! that’s like 20 dollars a month!
    All of these figures create a light that guides us to being successful. I love the fact that all of them have no fear in rejection because failure is the best part about success, Thank you for sharing this post, I’ll bookmark this so I can keep reading it!

    1. Hello Marques

      Really enjoyed receiving your comment and noted with interest you interest in Jack Ma.What he has done is truly great, to have an idea and work with it for so long with no or very little return is the absolute mark of faith and he enjoys all the spoils today. He is an inspiration to us both along with everyone smart enough to take the time hear his story

      Cheers mate

      All the very best to you


  4. I enjoyed reading these quotes and being reminded how these guys think. We should all be so laser focused and we would achieve so much more! I did not know who Jack Ma was even though I have used Alibaba – I did not know anything about it’s founder. My favorite quote is this one from Bill Gates, “Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning” Very true. Makes me think more, too.

    1. Hello, Once Again Heather,
      It is always such a privilege to have someone take even one idea from one of my articles. Lazer focus is a good way to describe all of these guys where every failure was looked upon as a stepping stone to their overwhelming success today. Jack Ma’s story is so very eye-opening, his attitude to never give up is truly inspirational, and a wonderful lesson for us all. Our perceptions with regard to setbacks are ultra important, with this attitude comes to the truth that if we continue to push forward no matter what happens we are bound to become a success. And as I so often hear from these mentors, that it is truly more about the person you will become by never giving up that is the true measure of your success.
      With Gratitude Always Heather

  5. Wow – what an inspirational article.  I think we all tend to look for shortcuts in life at times or from some unknown secret that allows us  a leg up on others.  All of these disruptive pioneers were able to tap into something larger than themselves They all strive to be authentic…force change and embrace chaos.  They have a strong success vision and never quit.  Thanks for a thought provoking post!

    1. Hello Tim

      It’s not only great to hear from you but that you were inspired as well. I think your right that we all tend to look for shortcuts and invariably lead to a not so positive result. Everything takes time and what appears to be be a shortcut will always lead us back to the correct way and in the end takes more of our time.

      All these gentleman had a vision and a dream that they truly believed in, and we can learn so much from the people who have the mindset and resolve to follow through o matter what comes before them

      May we all put their wisdom into action and reap the rewards we all so deserve
      Cheers mate 


  6. Hey Paul, great post you have written here. I totally agree that the discipline and perseverance are the pillars of turning goals/dreams/plans into accomplishments. I also wholeheartedly believe in a common theme from your successful tech giants:

    Steve Jobs: Build The Best Team, Zuckerberg: Only Hire People You Would Work For Yourself, Jack Ma: Ignore Those Who Doubt You, Bill Gates: Pick A Champion Team

    One of the most important and common traits between vastly successful people is that they surrounded themselves with quality people. They hired great employees and teammates. They hired people who could be trusted to do quality work. Building a great team means only surrounding yourself with the right people to get the job done.

    Anyways, I think that’s the most important aspect of the rich and powerful.

    1. Great insight Digger, thanks so much for pointing them out. You’ve opened my eyes as to such a important quality that is also such an obvious one. To surround yourself with great people, not that easy to do we probably think. However as you put your dreams into continuous action the right people just seem to show up.Or so I’m told. Thanks again Digger. Greatly appreciated

  7. I wish you could add more to that list. But honestly, they’re enough to inspire me and I’m so thankful for the lessons they’ve shared. I’m glad you’ve put Steve Jobs first on the list as he loved inspiring others when he was still alive. One of the quotes you have not included in here is what he said about living someone else’s life. But all in all, these people are good sources of inspiration for all of us, online entrepreneurs. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Hello Gomer, These guys share some inspirational ideas that gives us the understanding that ‘Success does leave clues. I know the quote you are talking about and it is an important one that I promise to share at a later date.Thanks for the reminder

  8. Nice one Paul,I know I have learned one or two thing just from reading about all these successful people and all the traits that they possess my favourite was bill gates how he started from little in 1975 and I believe I would do better if I follow his key words thanks again Paul getting this article for the public.

    1. your most welcome Ben. Great to have you here and share your appreciation of the wisdom of these guys. We can all learn so much from their successes. Best wishes my friend…

  9. It’s always very good to get sort of of experience or inspiration from those those who have become successful from one thing or the other. It is obvious that all these men that we see here worked hard and this is a trait that they aII had together. So there is no success without hardwork. Thanks for inspiring me. Cheers!

    1. My pleasure Henderson, glad you were able to be inspired here, that is my true purpose to have us all on a path to build strength enough to never give in to the hard work that all success requires

  10. Learning from successful people is always inspirational. Thanks for putting this together. I worked for 5 years at the company one of them founded. They are all driven by big visions. That is what drives them in their pursuit for success. Money is a result of their achievements. Their vision was not to make $X billion. Therefore their success factors  have to do more with their vision, drive, motivation, character and decision making. More than that their focus is laser sharp!

    1. Hi Stanley, You’ve made a very valid point here and one that could be easily overlooked. Driven by a vision and followed up with belief and an inner knowing that doesn’t allow them to give in.Wonderful insight

      thank you Stanley

  11. Hmmm… I love this: Success, as we have learned, is not some freak accident that casually selects us out from the masses like a lucky dip. #Truth

    Steven Paul Jobs’ 3rd quote is my stuff. I love music, it’s what I love doing and I believe I can change the world for good through my music. Amazing set of people…

    1. Great stuff Techie, If you love music with a passion follow your dream. No-one on this website will doubt your ability to turn your dream into reality.With you Techie, all of us

  12. Hello Paul! Your content is always inspiring 💡

    I Totally agree with you that success is little things done everyday, no quitting, no backwardness!

    These men are really inspiring, they’ve affected the world positively and in massive ways by not quitting. I discovered one similarity between them is that they’re not quitters! I’m not quitting, Never!!

    1. Hello Again Techie, Great to hear from you and yes persistence and resolve is something they all have in common. I hear you mate and I believe you. Keep the dream alive by never quitting Cheers

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