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Tony Robbins has been someone whose books and CD’s I came across many years ago. His teachings immediately became a part of my life’s education as they still do today.

His affect on so many people, whether by his innovative ideas or his philanthropy throughout the world is nothing short of amazing.

I have selected these quotes based on their relativity to my readers. Having said that, I invite you all to add any other of his quotes, that may resonate with you, in the comments box at the bottom of this post.



Challenging us to make our lives a masterpiece, and be responsible for our own happiness. He challenges us to walk our talk and to face our problems and solve them.

He dares us to make decisions without fear, and asks us to believe in ourselves, and realise our true potential, to believe in our own GREATNESS.

He Invites Us To Write Our Own Life Story

Life Is A Gift And It Offers Us The Privilege, Opportunity, And Responsibility To Give Something Back, By Becoming More.

Identify Your Problems, But Give Your Attention, Power, Focus and Energy To Solutions.

If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Get What You’ve Always Gotten.

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If You Want To Be Successful, Find Someone Who Has Achieved The Results You Want, And Copy What They Do And You Will Achieve The Same Results.

People Are Not Lazy, They Just Have Impotent  Goals, That Is, They Have Goals That Do Not Inspire Them.

If We Only Realised That Life Is Happening For Us, Not To Us, All Our Fears And Doubts Would Disappear..Game Over.

The Only Problem We Really Have, Is We Think We’re Not Supposed To Have Problems. Problems Call Us To A Higher Level, Face And Solve Them Now.

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We Can Change Our Lives, We Can Do, Have, And Be Exactly What We Wish.

It’s Not Enough To Know What To Do, We Must Do What We Know.

Most Of Us Have No Idea Of The Giant Capacity, We Can Immediately Command When We Focus All Of Our Resources On Mastering A Single Area Of Our Lives.

It’s What You Practice In Private That You’ll Be Rewarded For In Public.

I’ve Come To Believe That All My Past Failures And  Frustrations, Were Actually Laying The Foundation For The Understandings, That Have Created The New Level Of Living I Now Enjoy.

Successful People Spend 5% Of Their Time On The Problem And 95% Of Their Time On The Solution. Get Over It And Crush It.

A woman looks out not knowing of the lions presence right next to her

To Effectively Communicate, We Must Realise That We Are All Different In The Way We Perceive The World, And Use This Understanding As A Guide To Communicating With Others.

When You Are Grateful, Fear Disappears And Abundance Appears.

The Only People Without Problems Are Those In The Cemetery.

Live Fully While You’re Here. Experience Everything. Take Care Of Yourself And Your Friends. Have Fun Be Weird, Go Out And Screw Up. You’re Going To Anyway, So You Might As Well Enjoy The Process. Take The Opportunity To Learn From Your Mistakes, Don’t Try To Be Perfect. Just Be An Excellent Example Of Being Human.

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It’s Your Unlimited Power To Care And To Love, That Can Make The Biggest Difference In The Quality Of Your Life.

Your Income Right Now Is A Result Of Your Standards, It Is Not The Industry, It Is Not The Economy.

There Is No Greatness Without A Passion For Being Great, Whether It’s The Aspiration Of An Athlete Or An Artist, A Scientist, A Parent Or A Business Person.

The Path Of Success Is To Take Massive Determined Action.

Success Is Doing What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want, With Whom You Want, As Much As You Want.

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One Reason So Few Of Us Achieve What We Truly Want, Is That We Never Direct Our Focus. We Never Concentrate Our Power. Most People Dabble Their Way Through Life, Never Deciding To Master Anything In Particular.

It’s Not What  You Get In Life, But  Who You Become, And What We Contribute, That Gives Our LivesTrue Meaning.

Successful People Ask Better Questions ( of themselves ) And As A Result Get Better Answers.

Only Those Who Have Learned The Power Of Sincere And Selfless Contribution, Experience Life’s Deepest Joy-True Fulfillment.

Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future.

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I Challenge You To Make Your Life A Masterpiece, I Challenge You To Join The Ranks Of Those People Who Live What They Teach, Who Walk Their Talk.

We Will Always Act Consistently With Our View Of Who We Truly Are, Whether That View Is Accurate Or Not.

If You Believe You Are Right Or You Believe You Are Wrong, You’re Right. Whenever You Are Certain About It, You Will Support It, Remember That.

Using The Power Of Decision, Gives You The Capacity To Get Past Any Excuse, And To Change Any And Every Part Of Your Life In An Instant.

For Changes To Be Of Any True Value, They’ve Got To Be Lasting And Consistent.

It Is In Your Moments Of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped.

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I Discovered A Long Time Ago That If I  Helped Enough People Get What They Want, I Would Always Get What I Wanted, And I Would Never Have To Worry.

Your Life Changes The Moment You Make A New Congruent And Committed Decision.

If You Can’t You Must, If You Must You Can.

Commit To C.A.N.I.- Constant And Never Ending Improvement.

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I’m sure you will have enjoyed Tony’s thought provoking quotes as much as I did writing them, and once again if you have a personal favourite please let me know I’d love to hear from you and share with the community, just leave it in the comment section below.

My Personal Favourite right now is ‘ Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible ‘ 

I’d love to know which one is yours

May You Commit To C.A.N.I. EVERYDAY

Finger pointing at you reminding you with the caption YOU CAN!!!

With Sincere Gratitude,




  1. Hi Paul,
    I too have been a Tony Robbins disciple for over 20 years. Have never been to any of his seminars but have read a number of his books and also purchased his tape set “Live With Passion” many years ago. What I enjoy about Tony is that he zooms right into the heart of his topics and then proceeds to deal with them in a relaxed and simple way.
    Have used CANI for more years than I can remember.
    Have you ever met the great man or attended any of his seminars. He is certainly someone who walks his talk, and where he gets all that power and energy from I just don’t know.
    Thank you for listing all those famous qoutes all in one place.

  2. Hi Roy,
    I’m always glad to hear from someone who has benefited from Tony’s work. It gives us an immediate connection. I haven’t been to a seminar nor have I met him, but strangely I feel I have known him for many years, and that I know Is one of his special gifts. I have read many of his books, some of whom I have read 2,3 and some even 4 times. and I never fail to learn that little bit more about myself and why I do what I do.
    I’m so thankful that you enjoyed these quotes and I know there would have been some subtle reminders for you that may improve your life just that little bit.
    Best Wishes To You Always Roy
    Your Mate

  3. Every quotes from Tony Robbins is so inspirational. He is one of my favourite authors about self-improvement.
    They make my life to change so much, better day by day. Give me more motivation, show me the right way to improve and make my life better.
    This is a great post, and thanks so much for all quotes. I totally like them.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      I couldn’t agree more, Tony is a truly inspirational guy. So glad you were able to get some positive vibes from this post that can steer you in the right direction. We are all searching to make our lives better and if this post did this for you I am forever grateful.

      Kind Regards Johnny


  4. The first time I stumbled upon Tony was actually through an interview he did with a pretty successful YouTuber and entrepreneur gary vee.
    I thought the dude was cool and he seemed to exude value from every pore of his being. So I thought this man is worth investigating lol.
    First thing I did was watch his documentary on Netflix and boy oh boy did he ferociously open my eyes. He managed to break another’s limiting beliefs from the core and switch it with a powerful agenda to follow. He essentially singlehandedly managed to clear away all the fog from their vision and allowed them to see that a light still shines brightly ahead of them.
    These quotes that he has said are honestly some of the most motivational things a man has ever uttered.
    I really appreciate the effort you put into writing a post on them

    1. Hello there,

      I’m so glad you have had an introduction to Tony prior to reading my post, that way I’m sure you gained much more from his quotes. You mentioned you watched a documentary on him which I haven’t seen but will definitely be watching tonight. He really is an amazing guy, and although there are many more like him today he has truly stood the test of time, and as others fade away his perceptions and insights into living successfully have turned into universal truths. It was truly a pleasure reading your comment and I wish you all the success you deserve

      With gratitude always 


  5. Yes, indeed, you are discussing one of my favorite authors here.  I really have enjoyed his writing.  I first started reading Tony Robbins when I was building my house on Spruce Island in Alaska.  One of the things in the first book I read that has stuck with me:  He’d decided to quit his job and he “called in well.”  How appropriate that statement can be!  It fits all of us who are in a job we don’t like and that we want to quit.  I “called in well” some  years ago, and am really glad I did.

    1. Hello Fran, No doubt about Tony, he has a way with words and the fact that he’d had enough and ‘ called in well’ is a great way of describing how to just allow the desire for freedom to take over. Thanks for your thoughts they are much appreciated

  6. I first heard of Tony Robbins many years ago and its easy to see why he is so popular to so many people. Robbins has a way of reaching inside you and pulling out your inner strength. Lots of people, including myself, have taken big steps in life thanks to Tony Robbins. You presented so many good ones in your post I just can’t seem to pick a favorite lol

    1. Hey there, Glad you enjoyed the post and it’s easy to see you’ve had a lot to do with Tony. I can tell by your description of his effect on you and so many others. Make them all your favourites!

  7. This is a great post, and thanks so much for all quotes. I totally like them,I think I would add Tony Robbins to my favourite authors list because these are the kind of inspirational quotes that can strengthen you to press on even If its not working.thanks once again Paul Southam for getting this for the public because its what most people need now please do add more articles like this.

    1. Hello david, and thanks for your kind words. I hope you were able to put into practice some of the wisdom here and even pass some of it on. I will do my best everyday to not only try to improve myself but my loyal readers as well

  8. I found these quotes to be of great significance to anyone who wishes to make a difference in life. Striving to be better and achieving better than what we were before. Greater sense of a deeper meaning are here if one would meditate strictly on the quotes then, it would be visible that there are more to life than just being a normal person and settling for less.

    1. Hello Bella, I couldn’t agree more with what you have said here. There are are so many undiscovered wonders hidden in the life of an ordinary life. Wonders that are waiting for us all to discover. May we all find the key to unlock the door.Thanks so much, Paul

  9. Every one of this quotes has the undertone of having the right set of mind and knowing fully well that life is for us and not against us and for this reason, we need to realise the reason to give life more than the little we have with us. Great post and I really wish that soon enough, most people would realise that the reason they never achieve the goals is because they got too convenient with their goals

    1. Hi Ramos, Nice to hear from you and your thoughts on the topic. Tony offers so much to everyone no matter where you are in life. He has always been an inspiration to me and the more people that get on board with his ideas the better lives they can live. Cheers mate..Paul

  10. Thanks for this article about Tony Robbins greatest quotes because it has been interesting from its beginning to its end and I have loved all the quotes but I fell in love with this one which says” successful people spend 5% on the time on the problem and 95% on the solution ” which has awaken me to start focusing on the solution most and not the problem and another quote has been ” Those with no problems are those in the cemetery ” which shows that when one is still alive he or she is still facing problems so he or shouldn’t  fear them he or she just needs to find solutions to them. For really thanks for this article 

    1. Hello Mugalu,

      Lovely to hear from you again. I love the quotes you have chosen as your favourites, they really speak to everybody. Just to be aware of what he is actually saying can bring about immediate, the secret i feel is to put them all into practice.Lets Go!

  11. Tony Robins has not just motivated us, but he has also told us to look our fears in the eyes and surely take the right courses against it. We should all have the feeling of self fulfillment and achievement. Nobody is above their limitations. It is to the amount of dreams and imagination we have of ourselves that would determine the height of things we can achieve in life. This is great and Thanks for sharing

    1. Nice to hear from you again Rod. Your comments are always very insightful and this one is no exception. You mentioned no limitations and that is a fundamental of Tonys teachings. The limitations we place on ourselves are always self imposed.Thanks my friend

  12. Every of this quotes makes a lot of sense and truly, Tony Robins is an inspiration when it comes to having the right set of goals and following them. I just could not stop marveling at how great most of the quotes I have read here are. Of a truth, I like the one that mentions that life is for us and we have to achieve  the best. Thanks

    1. Hi there Rod, Tony’s quotes are all very relevant to today’s society. We are all reminded by him that there are simple subtle changes we can decide to make to alter the direction of our live. He often speaks of action and that we are one moment and one decision to creating a better life.. Thanks Paul

  13. These quotes are beautiful and inspiring. This one kinda relates to what I am doing now, an online business:

    “Identify Your Problems, But Give Your Attention, Power, Focus and Energy To Solutions.”

    In this case I’m not identifying my problems but the problems of those who will be interested in my contents. My main focus and energy should be based on the solutions after I identify their problems. If I fix their needs, I’ll surely make success because:

    “Successful People Spend 5% Of Their Time On The Problem And 95% Of Their Time On The Solution. Get Over It And Crush It.”


    1. Hey there and thank you for your comment. I hope some of these quotes will be reminders for you as you push forward and no doubt face some of the problems that are always related to success..I’m sure you will crush it my friend. Regards Paul

  14. I really need to change my income right now, so my two favourites are

    👉🏽Your Income Right Now Is A Result Of Your Standards, It Is Not The Industry, It Is Not The Economy. And

    👉🏽I Discovered A Long Time Ago That If I  Helped Enough People Get What They Want, I Would Always Get What I Wanted, And I Would Never Have To Worry.

    My standard right now is to help as many people as I can to get what they need and I will in turn get my heart desires.


    1. Great quotes to bulld a great attitude that you will need to stay focused on as you move forward with your business my friend. Keep focused and put into practice what you have written and success is guaranteed. Cheers and best wishes..Paul

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