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It brings me great pleasure to be able to present to you today a summary of the first of Eckhart Tolles phenomenal books ‘The Power Of Now’ book review. I picked this book up about 10 years ago and it has changed my life forever more. I can still remember so vividly during my first reading, how many times I would have to simply put this book down having read something so profound to my own experience

I would look to the heavens in awe and wonderment as I reflected on an automatic knowing of the truth that lay before me. Truly amazed at how a normal being could have this wisdom and knowledge. I also felt overwhelmed with gratitude that came with an understanding of my totally unconscious actions both negative and positive.

He spoke of the ego, a completely detrimental entity that was causing me so much pain and suffering. The ego he spoke about then became real as an awareness engulfed me. My mind with it’s never ending thoughts and mind games became apparent along with its incessant chatter, was totally in control of my life.eckhart tolle walks with dalai lama

He then spoke about the “Pain Body” and the way it could be triggered and set off by a small annoyance and then steamroll other events of pain from past events or fear from an imaginary future. What was going on inside me was affecting every aspect of my life, I could see and relate immediately to it all.

What he spoke of gave me hope that through awareness I could make the necessary changes to my life that I needed to make to live a more fulfilling life.

I have to this date read the book 6-7 times and is still my constant companion today, every reading has my consciousness, awareness and perception of life expand and grow stronger while my life has slowly blossomed, changing in leaps and bounds. This book has without doubt brought about the biggest and most profound changes in the way I see life. It has also given me a totally new perception, on how to not only live in this moment of time called ‘The Now’, but to also practice these new ways of thinking, and living in every moment of life.


I honestly cannot give a higher recommendation for a life-changing book. It has taken me from a life of total unconsciousness to a total awareness of why I do the things I do and how to correct them one moment at a time. This is not an easy read first time, but if you are ready for change and want to become totally responsible (response-able) for this wondrous life you have been gifted with, this is a book you need to own. I have no hesitation in saying this book will change your life forever, as it has done for me. You owe it to yourself to make this life a peaceful loving and joyous one, it’s the only one you get!


“Accept- then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your life.”

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it or accept it totally.”

“Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment…Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life and see how life starts to work for you rather than against you.”

Eckhart Tolle-

“You Are Here To Enable The Divine Purpose Of The Universe To Unfold. That’s How Important You Are.”

Just take a moment to reflect on your current state of being, and imagine how it would feel to know this to be true for you.

Eckhart Tolle is regarded as one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. He is well versed with the spiritual teachers of past and present but is linked to no religion or philosophy. His awakening or epiphany came about in his darkest hour of suicidal depression. He often quotes the Bible, his explaining and translating of many of the written words make so much sense and clarity.

More about Eckhart here


Oprah Winfrey- ‘Meg Ryan and Ellen DeGeneres gave me copies of this book, and it’s gotten me through more crises than I can count. It truly helped me discover how to live in the now, to not linger on past mistakes, but to learn from them and then let them go. For me, this is the king of super-soulful books. At every moment, it keeps me in a state of awe and amazement.’

Spirit of Change Magazine-‘With intense and compelling clarity, Tolles guidance holds the promise of leading us to our best and highest place within, to resonate with and reflect the energy of true transformation.’

Deepak Chopra- One of the best books to come along in years, every sentence rings of truth and power


Peter Fritz
5.0 out of 5 stars…One of the Most Important Books of this Generation!

10 May 2017

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That concludes my review of this wonderful book, be assured as I already mentioned this book is going to change not only your perception of things but indeed your whole life. This is a book that may never find a place on your bookshelf simply because you will want it with you to reference for the rest of your life.

Congratulations on your ownership of this book and the many gifts that it will bring you.If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences as you read please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and white dasies

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  1. This is so interesting because it all reminds me of a website I once visited. Everything you mentioned above talks about spirit. The spirit, soul and mind are similar things, yet different. One shall have self control over the mind. The spirit and so ul on the other hand, are unique. Nobody has the same soul. However, the spirit within is based on how one lives their daily life. Thank you.. I might just read it. 

    1. Hello Linda,

      Great to hear from you and get your thoughts. The mind is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. The mind, however, needs only to be used at certain times and for certain things, so it needs to be turned off and not allowed to give us that same continuous chatter that results in fear and worry due to its constant use of memory and imagination. That’s why”the Now’ is such an important place to be. In essence ‘The Now’ is all there is, if we aren’t there how can we ever truly live in Joy and happiness

      This book breaks down the methods that can be used to slow down our thinking and have a much more productive and happy life. Buy it!

      Thanks again. Drop back here anytime Linda


  2. I love inspirational books and I love the effect it has on people. I have read many inspirational books and I can tell you that it has affected my life for the better. The Power of Now is one I would definitely like to read because a lot of great things has been said about the book and how it has inspired a lot of people to better themselves. 

    1. Hi Jay,

      Welcome back, it’s nice to hear from you again. I knew you must be a reader of books by the comments you make. I’d love to know what books you have read so that you can suggest some for me. My ‘Power Of Now’ book is well worn these days as it travels with me all over the world and never fails as I open it at any page and an answer is always there.

       I urge you to go ahead an buy this book, it is nothing short of life-changing and you cannot afford not to. It will give you answers and insights into yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

      With praying hands, I encourage you to make this book your own, so that not only you can turn your life around but you can use it in your relationships with those you love the most.

      Regards always


  3. There is nothing better than having a great peace of mind and finding who you truly are and what you believe on a spiritual level. In a world filled with so much distractions and fast living, we need a place of peace and solitude at times and its hard to find that if you are not happy and content with your inner state. Thanks for sharing that book, it looks like it will be a good read. There is nothing i love more than learning new ways on how to be content, happy and at peace within.

    1. Hi Jamiro,

      Welcome here! So enjoyed reading your comment simply because you know what’s important and what you want. You are aware of where you are and where you want to go. Awareness is the first step and it’s from there with a little patience and practice we move onward and upward.

      Wishing you every success, just know that the reading of this book with have you questioning many things and is a very fine step to take as you push forward!

      Regards Jamiro


  4. Books that are out there to change lives are actually far and few between.  Oh, there are some that make claims but that’s all they do is make claims. Thank you for this great article.  I want to read a book that’s going to change my life. My wife is also a true believer in the power of now. Dale

    1. Hi Dale,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s true what you say about some of the claims about the content of books these days. Personally, I tend to stick to the author’s reputation when I consider the purchase of a book. Works like a charm. To read and then to experience the now is what this book offers and with each thought acknowledged and discarded we can find that place of peace and serenity.

      My very best to both of you.



  5. Hi Paul – you provided a great and intriguing summary of the book The Power Of Now.  I’m amazed by all the comments and how it is such a life changing book.  And I’m amazed that you have read the book 6-7 times.  That really speaks to how much you believe in it.

    How can anyone not want to get this book and read it themselves.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Michele,

      Great to hear from you and yes my 6-7 readings is very indicative of how firmly I believe in the benefits this book has to offer to anyone and everyone. It never ceases to amaze me even today of the benefits and reminders I receive through just opening the book at any random page. The answers are there and it is a constant and never-ending challenge, but the changes are phenomenal.

      Do yourself a favour and have a read!

      All the very best Michele


  6. I’ve never heard of this book until now. I really believe that this could actually help me with some of my own personal struggles and some of my fears as well. Thank you for revealing this to me, your review is powerful and uplifting. I will be sure to read this book in the very near future.

    Best Regards


    1. Hello Jason,

      Thanks for coming here today and you may be one of many who have never heard about this book and the reason being this book reached such heights (Amazons No1 Selling Spiritual book) purely by word of mouth The phenomenal bestseller is Eckhart’s first book and for me, that’s what makes it even more remarkable.

      Hvae no doubt you can never be the same again for having read this book.



  7. Ego is actually a blockage that every human should avoid in order to grow and live their full potential. Anyone that is egocentric will not be able to live in their full capacity in a lifetime. To overcome this problem, you actually need to have a personal conviction that all humans are equal before their creator.

    1. Hey there. Nice to hear from you and you’ve summed things up pretty well. The ego needs to be contained and we certainly do need to acknowledge  the equality of all the creator has created…The Power of Now has the power to distinguish the ego.  

      Well said and enjoy the read


  8. Just the fact that you have to this date read the book 6-7 times makes me pause and take a second look at the review.  I, too, have necessary changes to my life that I needed to make to live a more fulfilling life, and it really sounds as if this book is going to help me in this regard.  I need a guide to spiritual enlightenment, and I need it “now” as the title indicates.  I can’t wait to dive in.  Thanks!

    1. Hi there Babs… Always nice to hear from you and I know from this and previous comments that you are on a journey. This is the perfect  book for you.  Set your sails and dive in. As always when you are seeking,  the right book at exactly the right time


  9. Hi there:

    This is awesomely awesome book – I have read it. See, I was experiencing some crippling anxiety, and due to lack of health insurance, I was unable to seek immediate help. Also, I was so worried about my relationships and my day jobs were suffering due to this anxiety. Furthermore, I typically I find myself in constant fear of a breakdown. OMG I found this book and I found solution. The book literally helped changed my life. 100% I would recommend this book to everyone to read. 

    Thanks for bringing back the memory


    1. Hello Tony… Your story here is such a typical example of the amazing transformation that can be found in the reading of this book.  I’m so grateful to have you write this comment. We both understand  the drastic  change in our live and by spreading  the word and have our brothers and sisters  read this book we can all understand the truth when Eckhart reminds us that ‘ Every problem is an illusion of the mind’

      Blessings mate


  10. I haven’t read this book yet and if you’re review is anything to go by this a must read book for those of us who have not yet donewhat needs to be done to become all that we can be. we all almost all have the same challenges in life but how you come out is what matters most and hence the more reason to read this book. 

    1. Hey Charles… Becoming aware that survival doesn’t  have to be a standard to be accepted. That there is so much more. Reading this book will set you free.  A small price to pay for a promise of finding your true self.all the very best.  I’m exited for anyone and everyone  who reads this pillar for change

  11. Dear Paul thank you for this wonderful book review of The Power of Now.  I was just surfing the web searching for a new book to read and came across your suggestion.  I am so impressed by the passion you have for this book.  It is rare that you hear such someone recommend a book so whole-heartily.  You have definitely piqued my interest and I feel like I really need to see if this is life-altering as you say.  It just seems so wonderful.  I am also a huge Oprah fan, so once I saw that she also recommended the book, I knew I was hooked.  I did not see a place on your site to order this book so I will head to Amazon and see if I can find out. Thanks again for the powerful review.

    1. I’m so glad that you will move forward&nbsp, and purchase this great book.  That’s what’s most important  to me. Enjoy the read, just promise me you’ll  come back and share your life-changing results with my readers



      I have attached the link here…The Power Of Now Amazon

  12. Personally, I love reading life changing books that could make me have a rethink when I am walking down the wrong road. Some years ago I found it very difficult to read inspirational and motivating books but I was still struggling with myself to improve mysef, little did I know that a lot of changes I strive for are embedded in those books. 

    1. Hey Kenechi,

      Great to hear from you and hope all is well in your world right now.  Our progression spiritually is a steady one and we are quite often to notice the amazing changes that we develop in pursuit of joy. This book, in particular, will help you challenge everything you do and give you the tools through new found awareness to tackle any and all challenges you face.

      ‘Every problem is just an illusion” and you will understand why as you read this book.



  13. Sounds like a good book. Up until recently, I was constantly plagued by my past mistakes and failures. It was a constant running stream of thoughts always reminding me how I fell short in one way or another. There’s so much fear and anger that surrounds us all on a moment by moment basis. It’s in the news, on the radio, in the lyrics, in the movies on the TV. Absolutely, everywhere! It’s only natural that we have so many fears that haunt us.

    I also used to have a recurring dream of a giant boulder moving closer and closer to me threatening to crush me. I would always wake up in fear and my heart racing.  I gave my life to Christ many years before but couldn’t shake it until I hit rock bottom in 2005. My world turned upside down and I was at my wit’s end and started to experience panic attacks. Then I drew upon my faith again and got on my knees…often. I started to meditate and read the bible along with other books such as The Secret. All of which were saying the same things.  I was having all kinds of supernatural visitations, many of which were quite frightening. 

    After a particularly long night of prayer and meditation, I closed my eyes and had an incredible dream.  I saw that horrible boulder there again but this time I heard a voice loud and clear say “do not be afraid”. Then I noticed the rock was not coming at me anymore. It wasn’t moving at all and I became aware of the sound of waves on a beach. Slowly I began to walk out from behind the rock and saw a beach at sunset. 

    Next thing I know I’m on a cliff looking down at the rock still stuck in its place there and I knew I was free. I’ve never had that dream again. We are not meant to dwell in the darkness of pain, fear and regrets but rather are created beings meant to dwell on love, joy, kindness, forgiveness, selflessness and light. That’s what I believe our divine purpose is as human beings.

    Sorry to make this so long! 

    1. Hi Annette, 

      So privileged to have you share your story, and I’m sure your honesty can be related to by so many of our readers. The dark times are often misinterpreted as being very unpleasant, and they are if we are not in control of our emotions, but they are always a part of our evolution and push us to greater heights

      This book “The Power Of Now’ can make us aware of what’s going on in our minds and emotions. To be aware of a repetitive mind that is packed with memory and imagination. To understand our negative reactions is the beginning of change, and so the journey into the Now begins.

      Have no doubt this book offers you the opportunity to turn your life around one moment at a time. To move forward one step at a time to become a happy and joy-filled person, in love with their life.

      I sincerely hope you get to read this book of profound truth and make the most of this one wonderful life.



  14. Dear Paul,

    The best investment is to invest in ourselves. Thanks a lot for the interesting and helpful review post.

    I love to read books and I read books daily. After reading what “The Power Of Now” did for you in your own life for sure this book is on my list. Your post gave me the valuable reasons why this book needs to be on my “Must Read List”.

    Indeed, without changing our inner world we cannot change our outer world because our inner world controls our outer world.

    Reading a book again and again is a great thing and I am amazed you read this book 6-7 times. The best thing is everytime we learn a new thing and we get new revelations.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this review post.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul, always great to hear from you. The reading of this book so many times was created by my thirst for what I felt was just amazing wisdom and a hunger to get to truly understand what was going on for me, and everyone else for that matter. I could easily read it again as I always without exception learn many new things. This opportunity will open the floodgates and speak to you .. about you. Also gives you an understanding of other people and can build some beautiful compassion as you get to understand your fellow man. Don’t overlook the Power Of Now!!

      Cheers Paul

  15. Hey Paul, 

    I’m going to mosey on over to your blog and take a look under the hood. I’m sure it will be as good as this post. Amazing to see that you don’t have a following button on your site, how can i follow your new post.

     I think you are doing a great job generally of being visible on the blogging space, your work is amazing and helpful.

    1. Hi there mate, I actually do have a follow button and you can find it at the very bottom of my pages. Look forward to your follow and our next encounter.

      Cheers mate Paul

  16. This seems to be an interesting book you’ve reviewed. I’ve not read the power of now but after this write-up, I’m itching to delve into this book. It’s always good to find a spiritual life and be in tune with one’s real self. I’ll try and get this book and I expect to find some truth in the power of now to help get my life on track again.

    1. Hi Louis, This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get back on track. Eckhart’s insights into what’s actually going on with your mind will leave you in amazement. To have an understanding, a complete understanding is a wonderful place to get to and you will have many choices for change. It leaves you with the understanding that we all have options and choices and you will no longer be under the constant influence of a lost mind. I wish you well. 


  17. That’s an interesting summary! I’m really happy that the book changed your life! It’s great to be mindful and aware of our journey not let our past defines us. We concentrate on the present, eliminate limiting beliefs, and move forward with our lives. I will save that book in my Amazon wishlist and look into it later!

    1. Hi Ariana, Lovely to hear from you and I’m very excited that you have made to choice to buy this book. It is really inspiring for me that I can give you an awareness of such a book that has already changed millions of peoples lives. You sound like you have an amazing awareness and this book can only enhance that awareness and you are ready for some real change… Don’t leave it too long. 

      Cheers Paul

  18. Wow. Sounds like another one to grab for my collection. I love inspirational, motivational books. They are a huge part of my daily life, to read and hear about positive things and encouragement. Life is hard as it is. We need to feed our mind and spirit with positive thoughts to keep us going and fight our daily battles. Thanks for sharing about this book.

    1. Hello there and great to hear from you. Life is hard sometimes and that is simply due to a conditioned mind which continually dwells on the past or speculates about the future, We all do this unconsciously and only by understanding how the mind works can we then move forward with the necessary changes. Let this book take you to a new level of understanding to take the ‘hard’ out of your life

      Best wishes 


  19. Thank you for sharing ¨The Power of Now Book Review¨. A good friend of mine had read it also and he highly recommends it. My friend  tells me that there´s one line in the Power of Now that basically sums up the whole book: ´Nothing out there matter all that much’. I might be tempted to think that if nothing matters, if there is no´ positive´, then there is nothing to live for. That means you are still in the world of opposites, in the world of form and mind. Positive needs negative. If there is no ´positive´, there is no ´negative ‘either. Humans are experts at creating the ´negative´(in our minds), and therefore incessantly seek the ´positive´. The Power of Now, he claims, teaches you how to abandon both, so that life, in its unencumbered form, being, joy, love, creativity, can flow with abundance. You will learn how to let the light of your own flame shine, and your whole world will change.Reading your article and listening to my friend comments motivates me to read it and find out for myself. By the way is that Eckhart Tolle walking with the Dalai Lama?

    1. Hello Enrique. Thrilled to hear from you and your thoughts on the “Power Of Now”. You have a great friend in recommending you this book and I back him 100%. Much of what have written is true and the awareness of what our mind is habitually doing is the ultimate opportunity for change. I encourage you to buy this book so that you too have the opportunity to completely change your Life one moment at a time. 

      Yes, that is Eckhart in the picture with Dalai Lama, they share a very close friendship. Wouldn’t you love to be involved with a conversation with both of them? Grab the book soon my friend and begin a journey that will forever raise you from confusion to knowing and understanding.

      Congratulations my friend


  20. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review; I love the book ” The power of Now” by Eckhart tolle.

    Its a life changing book and a must for everyone to readThanks for sharing this lovely review. its well appreciated

    1. Hello Ola,

      Great to hear from you and to know you have read this exceptional book. Without doubt, you are leading a much more fulfilling life and your recommendation is highly regarded by all my readers.
      thank you


  21. I love inspirational and motivational quotes and books, although recently I don’t have time to read books. The Power of Now seems a good book to start fresh for this year. I’ve been through some hard obstacles in my life recently, so reading this book hopefully can make me cope with the past and thinking more about the future. Thank you for your kind review, I’ll definitely check the book in the store 🙂

    1. Hi There

      It’s great to know you are a keen reader and there could be no better way to start the year off than to purchase and read “The Power Of Now. Eckhart teaches us that ‘Problems are an illusion. Each situation needs to be either dealt with or accepted’ This book will also teach you that both your past and future are really non existential and all that is true is the “Now” I truly hope you take the time, you can turn your back on problems and realise solutions to situations



  22. Your review has already got me interested in the book. You talked about the ego and how it can play havoc with our lives. Well, I have always thought the ego is there when we have something to hide – be it our own dark past that we haven’t come to terms with or our own inadequacies. We all have something to hide from the outside world and that is when the ego rears up its ugly head. But when you can live life honestly with nothing to hide, there’s no place for the ego. Sorry if I sounded straying a bit from what you were telling. Anyway, a nice review. I’ll surely get a copy of it. Cheers!

    1. Hi there, You description of the ‘ego’ is an interesting one., and it delves into our perceptions of things which can often be different. To find our true selves we need to acknowledge the ‘ego’ in whatever form it takes. To be aware of it is the death of the ‘ego’. A nice place to be… The Power Of Now offers you all this and so much more. Great to know you are following through and I congratulate you on your purchase



  23. Nice review you’ve posted here and I’m sure those who have not read the book need to.

    This book is a guide to spiritual enlightenment. This book is my guide for day-to-day living and stresses the importance of living in my present moment and avoiding thoughts of my past or my future. I’M SURE i LIKE YOU WILL BE HAVING MORE THAN ONE READ OF THIS BOOK

    1. Hello there,

      Great to have you here again my friend. Interesting to know that you like most readers of the book decide to have it as a constant companion for the simple daily reminders it can offer. Congratulations I’m so pleased to hear you are enjoying the book and I ask you to help spread the word by recommending it to friends and family



  24. Hi Paul, thanks for dropping this review here about the book “The Power of Now”. I am a lover of reading powerful inspirational books from great men. When we talk about our mind, body and soul. Our mind just has to be used at some certain time, it’s should be subjected to our control, if u know, when to turn or and off your mind, it will really help. Getting a copy of this book is my priority now and I will definitely get one 

    1. Hey there, 

      Nice to hear your thoughts and your pretty spot on with what you say here. With your current insights and awareness, you are in a great position to make some huge changes to you and your life. It’s incredibly inspiring to think you have made a purchase because of my review. Please enjoy ‘The Power of Now’


  25. Really fortunate to come across a book like this. The power of now is no doubt an inspirational and motivating book which can transform the lives of people and give them new beginning and new way of leading a good life. I am blessed with this. I have bookmarked for further reading. Thank you sharing this. 

    1. Hello and Welcome,

      I’m really pleased to hear from you today and I know that you will truly enjoy this book. The teachings are simple yet profound. You cannot read this book and not reach a higher perception of life and how it works. 

      Please enjoy

      All the best 


  26. Hi Paul

    You reminded me of a book my father told me to read. I was reluctant to read it. I’m okay, you’re okay-It was in the title,I was okay so why read it. When I finally did my life changed dramatically. This one sounds like a life changer and I need some enlightenment. I will not make the same mistake this time. I am not waiting. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Kari,

      You are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t needed to be motivated out of pain and suffering. Though as life happens you may be. You are in a wonderful position to attain the skills offered in this book prior to life’s situations which will surely arise somewhere along the journey. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to offer you this book and know that when the time comes you will have the best understanding of what needs to be done… As you said don’t make the same mistake again

      Blessing Kari


  27. Thanks for reviewing this book with your readers. I have heard about the book but haven’t come in closely to read about its review or get a glimpse about what it contained, what I heard about it ain’t as detailed as what you wrote here and I’m grateful for that. Thinking of updating my bookshelves and will definitely get one of this to grace it with. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hello Stella,

      If my experience and the experience of the millions of other people who have read this book it will not spend too much time on a book shelf, but become a constant companion to which you will happily refer to for the many reminders it has to offer for everyday situations. Make it a must to get your hands on this book and watch the magic that it will bring you.



  28. Awesome website. You have truly poured out your heart writing the review of this great book, your words are truly original. I’m really glad to know that you’ve read it for 6-7 times. That’s cool, really.

    I wish for a day when schools and colleges provide such life boosting knowledge. In your conclusion you said, it is not an easy read for the first time. And, I totally agree with this, as I have read it once and trying to catch up the time to read again.

    Glad that I read your post today. Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for dropping by and you are so right that this kind of book should be available in schools and colleges as mandatory reading. The skills it would supply to the new generations would be staggering. It would give them all the opportunity to develop the skills to handle any life situation that we all encounter. A happy life becomes the no.1 value for everybody eventually. Why our youth would be deprived of these teaching has to make you question the priorities of the society we live in.

      We are both in a good place to recommend this book and change peoples live

      Congrats mate


  29. This book actually sounds quite helpful. I am now at a stage where I am seeking to understand why I do the things I do and why the things that trigger certain emotions from me have that effect. It sounds as if this book could be quite helpful to me. I might just give it a read and see what happens.

    1. Hello Alicia,

      Understanding why we do what we do, finding out how the mind and ego operate and to be introduced to what Eckhart refers to as “The Pain Body’ is mind-blowing stuff. Tings become so clear and the awareness allows you to prevent those random thoughts that keep coming from past and future to be what they are. Non-truths.

      Do yourself  a favour and open the book up to see a new world of opportunity for peace and happiness



  30. Thank you for sharing this review of the power of now book by Eckhart Tolle.

    I have been recommended this book several times by several friends who have been in seminars of personal development and I just came back from assisting on one of these seminars myself and after reading your article I have made the decision to buy it And experience the value of this book and hopefully change my life and grow my personal development.

    1. Hello and Congratulations,

      It gives me the greatest pleasure to know you will both purchase and read this book. It’s really a matter of ‘ you cannot afford not to read this book’. I look forward to hearing about your progress and I hope you will help spread the word about this life-changing book. Please come back and let our readers know the enormous impact it will undoubtedly have on your life and those around you.

      Cheers and thankyou


  31. Your description of the impact of this book on your life has made me want to read it today! 

    Can you share some action that you take on a daily basis because you have been so inspired by what you have learned?

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in this review. 

    1. Hello Michelle, 

      Thanks for dropping by today I’d love to share some of the wisdom I have gained. First of all. I take the time during the day, every day to be aware of the beauty that surrounds me at every moment. Also, I have come to understand that any time I feel anxious worried or stressed I am immediately aware of having shifted from ‘the now’ to past memories and/ or my imagination of the future. 

      I have the ability to then let go, knowing my mind is projecting thoughts that are not real. I then take a few conscious breaths and return to the moment and I then smile at my previous thoughts which are all not true and gently come back to where I am. Which brings peace and love minute by minute. As these moments of awareness grow and expand so does my love of life.

      My life is no longer an accident, but a succession of the now which is the thing we really have.

      Blessings to you and may you find your way with the wisdom of these teachings.



  32. Hello

    very good your article

    I love inspirational books and I like the effect it has on people

    Books of this kind can wake you up and see things differently and change your life. There are very few books out there and this is one of them

    I think this could really help me with some of my personal struggles for a better life

    Keep up the good work!

    The best

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks for your comment, personal struggles become and fade in to everyday situations needing to be either dealt with or accepted immediately, as Eckhart says. Not easy but with practice and discipline this can be the way you deal with every problem struggle that your mind makes.

      Leave the struggle behind


  33. Wow. This book is very spritual and will give me clarity to the many questions i have in life. Surely it must mean something very meanigful if you have read it 6 to 7 times. Thank you for sharing and I am confident it will help many others as well.

    1. Hello Mark

      If true clarity is what your looking for than look no further. This book will continue to inspire change and bring it’s readers peace for eternity.



  34. I am not surprised that this book has been in the market for such a long time now. I have heard about it and I only thought it was released recently. I know what ego can do to someone, especially one that does not even understand that they poses one. It is really intriguing to imagine that pain could be triggered by fear from something imaginary. Thankfully there is a solution. This sounds like a very eye-opening book. Thank you for this great recommendation.

    1. Hi Carol

      Yes, this book because of it’s popularity and continued success does seem like it was only just released and I suppose that says more than words could about the impact it has and continues to have some 22 years after it was published. It just cannot be highly enough recommended

      Best wishes


  35. Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds very interesting and I will certainly take a look! Sometimes just reading a post like this with a review of a mindfulness book can be very beneficial as it reminds you that there is much more to this world than we see in our daily lives!

    1. Hey Rob,

      Your very welcome and I hope that just reading my review has given you enough inspiration to move forward and harness ‘The Power Of Now”

      Regards and blessings 


  36. Hi Paul – This is interesting…the power of now.  It is important to live in the present; enjoy the present.  I’ve always believed in the philosophy: to alleviate stress, if you’re in a bad situation, either change it or accept it.  Eckhart Tolle’s edition includes, remove yourself from the situation.  I’m wondering what if you can’t remove yourself or change it?  Then what?  I Guess I’ll have to buy the book – and I shall!  Thanks for this review.  It’s very convincing!

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      The present moment, either ever elusive or a great place to call home, depending on your level of awareness and your commitment to seeking it.The book goes into great detail for those wish to remove themselves from the illusion of suffering. 

      You mentioned removing yourself from the situation and yes Eckhart does offer an alternative answer but i’ll do you a favour and let you find it in the wisdom of the pages of your new book.

      Blessings mate


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