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Well, I’m not sure about you, but I seem to have reached a stage where there is nothing I want more in life, where nothing holds a higher value to me than to be happy. It is the one insatiable desire that I feel is worth pursuing. Material things just don’t seem to hold the same importance that they used to, and I feel almost a total detachment from just about anything that is not contributing to my well being.

So here we have a book written by the current Dalai Lama, head of what is considered one of the most spiritual countries on earth, Tibet. If his demeanour is anything to go by I think we’ve got the right man. Have you ever seen him with anything less than a smile on his face, he always seems to be happy, and this happiness seems to affect everyone he comes in contact with.

Having read the ‘Art of Happiness’ book I know he has some secret truths to share about a happy fulfilling life… Please enjoy!

The Art of Happiness Summary

This book conceptualises and determines that the true purpose of life is happiness, not mere struggle and survival as most of us know life to be. This happiness that Dalai Lama talks about has everything to do with our minds and has nothing whatsoever to do with circumstances, situations or events outside of ourselves.

Having reached our basic survival needs we need to look beyond to find peace within. This is a true possibility. The Dalai Lama looks at and explains systematic training we can undertake in order to lift and rewire our heart and minds experiencing our true being, and build a tower of happinesshis holiness dalai lama

The book is based on 2500 years of Buddhist culture and practices dealing with difficulties common to all human beings. Including random day to day depression, fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy.

It’s writings also delve into relationships, with ourselves, the family, work along with our health and well being. The book offers a way to see obstacles for what they are, to move through and beyond these so-called dramas in a deep state of inner peace.

Whatever state you find yourself in right now, we have all been there. However, we can cross through the boundaries of damaging thoughts, beliefs and tradition giving us the opportunity to have and experience a new place beyond the current barriers, a place far removed from lifes current experiential problem.

Who is His Holiness – The Dalai Lama?

The word ‘Dalai Lama’ simply means the Spiritual Head of Tibetan Buddhism. The current 14th Dalai Lama is considered by many to be the world’s greatest spiritual leader. In this wonderful book ‘The Art of Happiness’ he works alongside a leading psychiatrist for the first time and explains how he and many others have achieved the level of serenity that we all aspire to. The meeting of Buddhism, with its meditations and stories, combined with western psychiatry, makes for an immensely interesting and absorbing read.


Chapters Include

Part 1. The Purpose of Life

  1. The Right to Happiness
  2. The Sources of happiness
  3. Training the Mind for Happiness
  4. Reclaiming our Innate State of Happiness

Part 2. Human Warmth and Compassiondalai lama happiness is not something ready made it comes from our actions

  1. A New Model for Intimacy
  2. Deepening Our Connection to Others
  3. The Values and Benefits of Compassion

Part 3. Transforming Suffering

  1. Facing Suffering
  2. Self Created Suffering
  3. Shifting Perspective
  4. Finding Meaning in Pain and Suffering
  5. Overcoming Obstacles
  6. Bringing about Change
  7. Dealing with Anger and Hatred
  8. Dealing with Anxiety and Building Self Esteem

Part 5. Closing Reflections on Living a Spiritual Life



Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars  Absolutely Amazing Read!

So there you have it from the Master. the worlds foremost teacher of spiritual well being. As you can see from the chapters, the book covers many aspects of everyday life. When you put into practice the principles of this book you are going to see drastic changes in both your emotional well being and also your perception of life. This book certainly has my highest recommendation and you can purchase it right here right now.

With Warmest Regards and a Heartfelt Smile,white rose




  1. Thanks for recommending such great book. It is so true that to be happy, it’s about one’s mind that then surrounding what’s happening. I have also reached the age where material stuff is no longer that important. To live a happy life is what matters most. I clicked on your link to buy the book but there’s no Kindle edition. Do you have another link for me? 

    1. Hi Florence, Nice to meet you here China girl. It’s a nice place to be when you can let go of the constant need for more, some people refer to at as the biggest disease in today’s society and I’d probably have to agree with them.

      When we prioritise what’s truly important and seek that it is sure to be found.

      I just rechecked the link for you Florence and if you click on the book it will immediately take you to the kindle edition of the book.

      Happy reading and all my best wishes to your ever-present happiness!


  2. So many times in this life we forget the true meaning of happiness. As you get older you realize that there is nothing better than reaching a state of happiness, a state where no matter what happens around you you will remain positive and content. Many people have a hard time finding out what is their true purpose in life which causes them to not be so happy as they should be. Thanks for sharing , i am sure it will be a great read. 

    1. Hi Jamiro,

      Thanks for your comment, and you are right it is too easy to forget the true meaning of happiness and how it is to be attained. It is a never-ending search but the sooner we start the closer we get.

      A year from now you’ll wish you started today is really something to think about and I hope you do!

      All the very best mate 


  3. I have felt the same way with happiness the older I get. Like you mentioned material possessions don’t mean that much to me as long as I have peace of mind and my health is good. It took a lot of years to achieve this and it came about naturally. Spirituality is a big part of my life and I meditate quite a bit to get that peace of mind and happiness in my life. I’m going to give this book a read thanks.

    1. Hey Cory,

      Nice to have you here today and get your thoughts, and I’m so glad to hear of your Yoga practices. When we align and strive for something it is always just a matter of time. This book along with your meditation is a sure fire way to accelerate your life in every possible way and that’s something I love to see.

      Congratulations on your purchase and enjoy the read, I know you will!


  4. Hi thank you for recommending such an insightful and an amazing book. It is true and important for an individual in this world to be happy. That is what keeps everyone moving in this busy world I would say. The summary really helped me to get the hand of the book.

    Thank you for sharing this. God Bless You!

    1. Hi Sujander, Thanks for dropping by again always nice to get your opinion on my work. We are all in search of happiness but the majority of us are looking in all the wrong places.

      This book makes you ask questions of previous beliefs you may have had and begin to question their ability to provide long term authentic happiness which can only come from within.

      I hope you take the time to give this book a read at least once to get the full benefits and share this book with those you care about. It can truly change your life and those you care about the most.

      Blessings back at you bro,


  5. Happiness is a choice. It has nothing to do with material possessions. You can have an abundance of material wealth and still feel unhappy and empty.I have chosen to be happy regardless of my circumstances. There is nothing more important than that. Each day, I find something to be truly grateful for.I remember the late motivational speaker, Jim Rohn said some time ago, that to be truly happy, you must give some priority to your spirituality, no matter your beliefs. He said “Study, teach and practice it, and you will be truly happy.”This is a great way to begin my day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there,

      The essence of what you say here is totally true. Simple but profound. Once an awareness has been found and we acknowledge the truth of things, we must put this knowledge into practice. You sound like you are pretty switched on and have a wonderful attitude. This book is a reminder of what we intrinsically know but have lost sight of through material possessions as we are hammered everywhere that the purchase of this or that will bring us lasting happiness, it will not.

      This book offers insights into true essential living that can make happiness a way of life, one moment at a time.

      Read it slowly and soak up the truths that it drips with on every page.

      May you never stop you seeking and searching for ultimate happiness


  6. Thanks for highlighting that book by Dalai Rama  it is very nice to  read considering the fact that Darai is man with a lot of experience in many things and regarding life, in general, He being a spiritual reader makes the best person to talk anything regarding life and what life brings so let finish by saying, this is a very good book and a master read kind of book for everyone.

    1. Hi Charles and you are more than welcome. It is a terrific book and I’m delighted that you have read the book.

      You might find a second reading will be more meaningful and I assure you there will be so many things that you will pick up. This book has been a friend of mine for a while. I love to just open it at a random page and just take something from it that is always relevant to the space I am at that moment… Why is that?..hehe

      Enjoy my friend


  7. Hi Paul,I haven’t read this book, ” The art of happiness,” by Dalai Lama , but hopefully one day. From your review, it is full of positive vibes and affirmations on how to be happy.I know that being happy is the ultimate goal of everyone.I also believe that it starts with yourself and owning any failure that happens to you, so you will learn to stand up and overcome the challenge, and be happy in the end.I’ll try my best to buy this book.Marita

    1. Hi Marita… We all need to be responsible for the experience  of life. Taking charge of our own happiness is a duty we must all aspire to and have the resolve to master the techniques outlined by master of peace and joy.I truly hope you follow through and have you in a place where the world is never deprived of your beautiful  smile


  8. Happiness is what a lot of people search for but never get to attain it. Even after acquiring a whole lot of achievements, most people are still not happy. I believe this is because happiness stems from one’s ability to fulfil their purpose on earth. I hope to get my hands on this book to help me actualize my race for inner peace.

    1. Hi Louis, What you say is very true, whether it be achievements or material stuff it is all short term and just leaves us chasing our tale until we die, and only at that moment will we know and see that we never really lived. A not so nice awakening. I refuse to let that be me, and I’m sure you do too. Heres to the fulfilment of our purpose here on earth.


  9. Happiness is something we all look for and benefit from. In America the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed. Though it’s open to interpretation what that might mean it’s still a nice thought. You’re right, happiness has more value than currency lots of times. The Dalai Lama is definitely a reputable source when it comes to being happy, and I’m eager to read this one. Well done!

    1. Hi There,

      Thanks for your thoughts on “The Art of Happiness”. We are all truly searching and long for that feeling of never-ending happiness. For most, there is a fleeting moment that seem to just slip through our fingers. Most of us have no idea about the path of fulfilment joy and long term happiness. Dalai Lama offers ways to achieve this long term happiness we crave so deeply. We should at least attempt to achieve what we all deserve.

      Thank you 


  10. I love the effect you have at the top. It’s a great way to get us to press the button to see what might be beyond that.

    This was an amazing read, I would love to have this book in my possession immediately! I need some kind of happiness in my life. It’s hard for me to stay happy for long. I always go back to being a sad woman that’s not happy with her life.

    Thank you so much for this post. I really need this book.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Aabidah,

      Thanks for your comment and I think you sum up many peoples lives when you say you just have short bursts of happiness and they don’t last long. We all have an understanding of what you have said here. It is up to each individual to take responsibility for their happiness and one way is to follow the advice of those who have made a lifetime study of Happiness.

      I’m really happy to know this book will be in your hands soon.

      Wishing all the happiness you deserve



  11. Thank you for bringing his holiness’ book The Art of Happiness to my attention once again and for your detailed breakdown of the book. 

    I have always been in awe of the Dalai Lama. Even in photos, he emits such an aura of grandeur and reverence – also peace and happiness.  I am very much interested in his thoughts and advice on happiness. Even more so now after reading through your summary.

    I am especially pulled to know his thoughts on internal conflict and finding meaning in pain and suffering. I will most certainly get a copy to read for myself. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Nice to see you back here again. The dalai lama is a special man although he would never admit it. He has so much knowledge of the Art of Happiness. Happiness doesn’t come easy in today’s society with all the influences of media and unhappiness if you like. The world is a beautiful thing when you have the insight to choose what’s real and what’s not. Dalai Lama offers you these choices and more

      Enjoy the read and the ride



  12. Happiness is currently the most important and essential thing that I will strive hard to get. Life is fun and cool when one is happy and I’m glad you recommend this kind of great book by Dalai Lama. And also one’s mind is a crucial factor to happiness and not merely the surrounding. Thanks for recommending this. Surely, it will be a great book to read

    1. Hey There,

      Happiness should be everyone’s no.1 goal in life. Accumulating things will never bring long term joy. It’s been proven over and over again. Only when true happiness and joy are found that material things will then compliment that feeling.

      Many thanks


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