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We all love a great movie, don’t we? But what is that makes a movie great? The storyline is obviously important but what about the stars? I know myself that to cut to the chase and find a great movie quickly that I will enjoy, I quite often just go for one of my favourite actors and look up their moves, and 9 times out of 10 I’ve got a winner.

Acting is a form of art and these particular actors have stood the test of time brilliantly, having realised how to develop a successful mindset both on and off the screen.

Let’s look behind the scenes at some absolute living legends of the screen, and find out what makes them tick. We’re going to find out some of the attitudes they have endured, and find out for ourselves how to develop a successful mindset.

Please enjoy their wise words of wisdom about life. They are all larger than life superstars, all very different, but they come together here to share with us their thoughts and ideas on how to live life to the fullest.

My favourite rules and quotes are highlighted in red. Please take the opportunity to leave a comment below regarding your favourites, I look forward to finding out which ones you read that relate to you most.


Recent photo of Barbara Streisand wearing a black dress and smiling for the camera. Still beautiful!


Who Is Barbara Streisand?

Barbara was born on 24th of April 1942 (76) in Williamstown New York. She is an Actress, Filmmaker and Singer-Songwriter. Streisand is one of the best selling artists of all time with a staggering 245 million records sold. Barbara is the only recording artist to have had a no.1 album in each of the last 6 decades. She has had 14 Academy Award Nominations, having won 2. Her most famous movie is considered to be ‘A Star Is Born.’



  1. Strive For Excellence Not Perfection!
  2. Life Is Short…Make Sure You Play, Dance, Experiment, Fail, Succeed, Learn And Give!
  3. Life Is Bliss… If Your Following A Path That Is Pleasurable, It Flows, There’s A Shining Light, Follow Your Bliss!
  4. Have The Courage To Do What’s Best For You, And The Ones You Love!
  5. How Can You Succeed If You Don’t At Least Try!
  6. Accept Your Own Imperfections. I Cannot Make A Mistake, Because, If I Accept My Flaws, You Will Accept My Flaws!
  7. Find What It Is You Love To Do, And Immerse Yourself In That Passion!
  8. Forever Expand Your Horizons And Look To Try New Things!
  9. Never Stop Believing In Yourself!



“I Can Take Any Truth, Just Don’t Lie To Me”

“I’m Not Weird, I’m Just Different From People Who Aren’t Different”

“Stay True To Yourself, People Respond To Authenticity”

“There Is Nothing More Important Than Love”

“When I Sing, People Shut Up”

“I’m Sure I Don’t Know Everything I Want To Know, I Have So Much More To Learn”



Fairly recent photo of Robert de Niro wearing a grey suit with black shirt. Also wearing half a smile for the cameras

Who Is Robert De Niro?

Robert was born in Greenwich Village New York on the 17th August 1943 (75). He is an Actor, Producer and Director.  Considered by many to be the greatest and most influential actor of his time. He is a 7-time Academy Award Nominee having won 2. His most famous movies are considered to be ‘Godfather 2′ and’ Raging Bull’. His biggest grossing movie, however, is ‘Meet The Fockers’


  1. It’s Important to Listen to Those Whom You Respect And Get Their Input Before You Make Your Decision About What You Do!
  2. Keep At It, Try Your Best, Follow Your Instincts And Then When You Realise Your Passion, Have A Devil May Care Attitude!
  3. When You Realise Your Passion You Can’t Fight It, Just Go With It!
  4. When The Opportunities Come Along Take Full Advantage Of Them!
  5. You Can’t Please Everybody All Of the Time, As Long As Your Happy, Ignore The Critics!
  6. Trust In Yourself Always And Follow Your Instincts!
  7. Understand That The Opportunities Won’t Always Be There. If You Are Ready, Do It!
  8. Always Try Your Best To Do The Right Thing!
  9. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail, Take Chances, Keep An Open Mind, Welcome New Experiences And New Ideas. If  You Don’t Go You’ll Never Know!
  10. Be Bold, Go Out And Take Your Chances, You Never Know What’s Around The Corner!


"You'll Have Time To Rest When Your Dead" Quotes a youngish de Niro.

“If It’s The Right Chair, It Doesn’t Take Too Long To Get Comfortable In It”

“Time Goes On So Whatever You’re Going To Do, Do It, Do It Now, Don’t Wait”

“Be In The Moment, Period, Just Be There, Because If You Get All Like, I Got To Do This Big Thing…It Just Never Works. It Just Doesn’t Work. You’ve Just Got To Let It Go, If It Happens Its Happens… Whatever You Do Is Ok. Just Be Thoughtful, Honest, Real And That’s All You Can Ask”

“There’s Nothing More Ironic Or Contradictory Than Life Itself”

I Don’t Get Into These Long Winded Discussions About Character, Do We Do This, Or That Or What. What You Gotta Do Is Just Get Out There And Do It”

“Don’t Be Afraid To Do What Your Instincts Tell You”


Meryl Streep wearing a gold dress with matching earrings hair up and looks both beautiful and elegant.


Who Is Meryl Streep?

Meryl Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey USA on the 22nd of June 1949 (69). She is considered by critics to being Americas greatest living Actor. She has astounded audiences all over the world with her versatility and ability to adapt to any accent. She is histories most nominated Academy Award Actress with a staggering 21 nominations for which she has won 3, including ‘The Iron Lady’, ‘Sophies Choice’ and ‘Kramer vs Kramer’


  1.  Work Hard, Learn How To Deal With Fear, It’s Always Going To Be There!
  2. Love What You Do And Enjoy The Opportunity To Express Yourself!
  3. Live A Zen Life (smile and serve others)  And Thrive In The Uncertainty!
  4. Listening Is Where You Learn Everything!
  5. Empathy Is What Will Stir Your Soul!
  6. Appreciate The Challenges And The Tough Times, It Is Then That You Learn The Most!
  7. Find Out Who You Are, Know Who You Are, And Simply Be That!
  8. Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than What You Are Totally Passionate About!
  9. Once You Have Found What It Is  You Truly Want, Be Totally Immersed In That!
  10. Enjoy Yourself And Be Sure To Have Fun Along The Way!


MERYL STREEP – QUOTESNot so glamorous photo of Meryl Quoting" Put Blinders onto those things that conspire to hold you back, especially those ones in your own head

“The Formulae For Happiness And Success Is Just Being Actually Yourself In The Most Vivid Possible Way You Can”

“The Minute You Start Caring About What Other People Think Is The Minute You Stop Being Yourself

“True Freedom Is Understanding That We Have A Choice, In Who And What We Allow To Have Power Over Us!

“Power Influence Strength… All these Things Can Overpower What’s Important In Life,  As Long As You Have Food And Shelter Over Your Head. If The Necessities Of Life Are Taken Care Of, What Makes Us Happy On Top Of that Is Very Simple”


Morgan Freemans face with hand supporting his jaw, smiling.

Who Is Morgan Freeman?

Morgan was born in Memphis Tennesee USA on the 1st of June 1937. He is an Actor Producer and Narrator. Over the years he has become one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, famous for his authoritative voice and calm demeanour. He has had 4 Academy Award Nominations and won an Academy Award for best-supporting actor in ‘Million Dollar Baby.’


  1. Courage Is The Key To Life Itself!
  2. If You Can Imagine It You Can Do It!
  3. Keep The Dream But Start Where You Are!
  4. Don’t Listen To What Others Say, Just Move Forward On Your Path!
  5. Keep Searching, And The Right Path Will Just Appear!
  6. Sit, Watch And Learn From The Masters!
  7. Beyond Time, Know What You Are Doing, Do It Full On, Give It All You Can!
  8. Stay True To Yourself, And Hold On To Your Values!
  9. Make Sure You Have Your Eyes And Ears Open For Opportunity!
  10. Enjoy The Ride And Have Some Fun!

MORGAN FREEMAN – QUOTES Morgan freeman with a solemn face quoting "Get Busy Living Or get Busy Dying"

“Challenge Yourself, Its The Only Path That Leads To Growth”

“You Can’t Take Credit For Talent, You Can Only Take Credit For Using It”

“How Do We Change The World? One Random Act Of Kindness At A Time”

“The Best Way To Guarantee A Loss Is To Quit”

“Learning How To Become Still, To Really Be Still And Let Things Happen, That Stillness Becomes Radiance”

“When You Look Back On Your Life And Where You Started From, It’s Like Looking Back Down A Mountain, Back To The Desert Floor. It’s Like Now I Can’t Believe I Had Whatever It Takes, Or Perceived Whatever It Took, To Get Here”

“Very Often You Know, You Stop Walking Because You Say,’ Well I’m Tired Of Climbing This Hill, I’m Never Going To Get To The Top, And Your Only Two Steps Away From The Top”

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Well, there you have it. We’ve picked the brains of some of the Great American Movie Stars. I’ve really been impressed with some of their wise words of wisdom, and thoroughly enjoyed you, joining me here to spend time with these megastars of the big screen.

As I mentioned before my, favourite lines are highlighted in red and I’d love to know which ones resonated with you.  Along with any other Actors you might like to read about in any future articles. So please leave your comment below, be great to hear from you all.Photo of Me, Paul standing on the bridge with Sydney Opera House In background on a beautiful day in Sydney

The Show Must Go On Guys,

All Very Best As Always…



  1. Paul,

    Great post! The quotes and these legends’ mindsets are really great. Hard work, patience and perseverance are the ways to go. Risk and failure are part of the game, and should be embraced. Critics will always be there, so, sometimes, they should be ignored. Especially if the critic is not constructive. Totally agree!

    Thanks  🙂


    1. Hey Marios

      Great to hear from you and I think you are giving these people your stamp of approval. That’s great. I was pleasantly surprised by the attitudes and mind sets of these great entertainers. As they reach the twilight of their careers they have obviously had enough experience in life to leave us with some terrific wisdom.

      Theses 4 have always had my admiration and after researching them a little deeper I have even more respect.

      All we need to do is follow there lead and we to can enjoy success in whatever field we have chosen, just like them

      Warm regards



  2. This comes right after a day of movies yesterday. I watched some Nicolas Cage movies and had great fun.

    These guys are really artists, as you say. I’d love to see some Cage quotes 🙂

    On your list Morgan Freeman is my favorite lately. And for real, he also has some quotes that are very to me. He’s got some great ones.

    “The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit”, that’s fabulous in my opinion 🙂

    1. Hello Stefan,

      Nice to have you here. There are some great quotes but none simpler and to the point than De Niros quote about quitting. Nicholas Cage is another of my favourite actors and I will certainly keep him in mind for a future article.

      We all have the opportunity to learn from those who have been there and done that. Although we all need to experience the joy along with the challenges of life, we are also entitled to take a few shortcuts by adjusting our attitudes right now.

      Welcome here anytime Stefan



  3. Hi Paul,great article here.A real pleasure to read the thoughts of my favourite actors.I was looking at all of the actors listed here and just remembering the fantastic movies they have made and to top it off to read their uplifiting thoughts.Great idea in putting this article together Paul,it brought a smile to my face as I am sure it will do so for others :))

    1. Hey Billy W

      So pleased you enjoyed the post and the thoughts and mindsets of these great entertainers. They are all class acts in their right, I must say I was even more impressed with them all having dug a bit deeper in to their personal outlook on life.We take for granted the hard work and the pressure it takes to reach the heights they have. They are a great credit to their profession.

      Thanks for dropping by and look forward to getting a smile from you next time too,



  4. Life is never easy and sometimes it is good to tap from the strength of those that have experienced what you are going through. These quotes by these stars are all excellent and I am sure someone reading them would find strength in them. Personally my favorite quote was the quote by Robert De Niro when you realise your passion you can’t fight It, just go with It. Powerful words.

    1. Hello Jay,

      Always great to hear from you and get your thoughts. The quote you mentioned by De Niro is classic and I so relate to it probably more than any other at this moment in time. It’s always great to get reminded of what is needed for true, long term success and these guys certainly have some great advice.

      I’m so glad that you were able to use some of the insights in this post and no doubt move forward with your future success.

      Great Work Jay

      Regards Always 


  5. Thanks very much for this post because I have got to know different quotes of different legends and I have fallen in love with the quotes of Morgan Freeman for example that says”Challenge yourself, it’s the only path that leads to growth “and many others of different legends thanks so much in advance for sharing with us

    1. Hey Mugalu,

      Thanks for your comment and Morgan Freeman is certainly way ahead in the popularity stakes with my readers. The quote you mentioned is a fantastic way of looking at things and the reason why we should take every challenge head on that comes our way. 

  6. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post here on some of the best movie stars out there. I dont watch movies so much so i dont really know any of these superstars but their mindset and words of encouragement is of great help. I did enjoy reading this and ill be sure to come back for some more. Thanks!

    1. Hey Henderson,

      Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed the read. We can all learn from successful people, the ones that have done the hard yards and the size of the success is often only measured by the many setbacks they have endured

  7. I am also one who will look at who stars in what movie and if it is one of my favorite actors/actresses, I definitely watch. Morgan Freeman has been one of my favorites for a long time now. I just love his quote on ‘If you can imagine it, you can do it’. How true that is. Just saying that everything is possible lifts my spirits and makes me want to keep on grinding towards what I dream of. Thank you for these inspirations from these great stars.

    1. Hi Carol,

      So glad you were able to take something away with you today from my website.Always gives me great inspiration to know that my readers relate and can use some of the ideas here.Thanks Carol

  8. Morgan Freeman! My favourite. I really like that man a lot and that’s not just because of his quotes but because he has an awesome personality. I am always eager to see him in a movie. His voice is also awesome. It’s actually the first time i am seeing his quotes and I am impressed. The other actors are also very awesome. It is always a great thing to learn from those that are successful. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi John

      Welcome here today and I must say a big thank you back for sharing your thoughts about the quotes from some truly special actors.Morgan along with his great acting skills is such a like able guys who has earned the respect of so many people around the world today. I loved researching his quotes.

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