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Hello and Welcome My Dear Friend,

Today I’m very excited to share with you some life-changing material. We all need to have some sort of plan if we are to move forward and take charge of our day and indeed our future. We need to take charge and own our morning. It is the birthplace of every feeling and emotion that we will experience throughout every second, minute and hour of not only our day but the rest of our lives. You can and will take back control of your life.

Please understand you have the opportunity to change your life forever. A simple decision to commit and maintain some disciplines awaits you. Your decision to begin will be the difference between a happy and successful life or an unfulfilled life filled with regrets of the past and uncertainty and fear of the future.

The following guidelines are simply suggestions but are a template for Joy, Happiness, Peace and Success in your life. I then follow up with my own personal morning rituals that I enjoy daily.  The cost is minimal requiring of me simply discipline and consistency. As with everything worthwhile, there will need to be some small sacrifices that derive from some very basic rules.

First one being-

You MUST not use your phone or computer or take part in any social media prior to the completion of your life changing morning routine.

Limit to the barest minimum your viewing or reading the tragic picture the media loves to portray of the state of the world through their news presentations.

The abovementioned may seem unnecessary and you may feel that you can work around them if so you are destined to never reach your full potential.



Gratitude, Thanks And Appreciationtwo woman at beach back to back holding hands leap in the air what separates the is the shape of a heart

Affirmations-Spoken out loud, followed by some great questions to affirm their truth.

Visualisation-Becoming aware of and relaxing each body part, then imagining your day exactly how you’d like it to turn out.

Reviewing Our Goals -We read them with emotion and with the premise, I’m so happy and grateful now that… visualise and give thanks for them all.

Meditation– Freedom for your Soul and Strength for your Spirit

Exercise– Strength Power and Flexibility for your Body

Breakfast- Nourishment Fuel and Energy for your Temple

Shower– Invigorating and Refreshing

Read– Reinforcing and Building Strength and Inspiration for your Mind

Night Before (Preparation) EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!man sits with pen and paper at his desk planning his day for tomorrow

-Set Alarm

The above-mentioned ideas need to be listed in order, and have time frames for the completion of each life transforming activity.

-Breakfast Organised…

-Clothes Chosen and Laid out for both Exercises and for the rest of your Day…

-Exercises Planned…

-Lunch Ready Made…

-Your Gifts to be Grateful for Organised…

-Affirmations Ready…

-Rest of your Day Planned and Ready for Visuals…

-Written Down Goals Placed in a Favourite Reading spot…

-Know and have Ready your Favourite Place to Meditate…woman sits meditating on a beautiful white bed

-Exercise Plan with Cardio and Specific Muscles to Train…

-Brekky all Ready to Go…

-Shower and Mirror Exercises Ready…

-Clothes Organised to put Straight on…

-Book Placed in Favourite Spot for Reading eg. Outdoors or Balcony…

Why Not Wait Till Morning?

Planning and being organised the night before is of the utmost importance, because preparing for each of your planned actions has already begun the process of the deeds completed in your imagination providing you with a natural visualization exercise of the activity while you do the things mentioned, and is a powerful influencer because you will have already completed the activities in your mind.  You will then find it much easier to follow through with everything that you have planned.fantasy photobrilliant sunset with womans face in background and a sign pointing towards her dreams

Everything that has ever been created was first a thought and then a picture in somebody’s mind, and your rituals and the power to follow through need to be planted in your mind with first your thought, followed by a vivid picture of you having already completed them. I don’t have enough time – bullshit everyone has 24 hrs in the day. That’s it! There is no more time-make the time or suffer the consequences of failure unhappiness and regret.

Example of my morning

6.00am – Wake (Gratitude) I spend 5 minutes on being grateful for 5 things and ask myself… Why I am grateful for this particular thing and finish by asking… How does that make me feel? I then complete with intense emotion and praying hands.

Some of the examples I use:
man sits on a mountain with praying hands showing gratitude

1. This Wondrous Day Gifted Me

2. My Beautiful Loving, Caring Partner

3. My Precious Daughter

4. The Ability To Have Control Of My Every Thought

5. The Abundance That Continually Flows Into My Life

6.05am- Relaxation and Visualisation I start with being aware of my breath and then spend about 2 minutes being aware of all my body parts beginning with my toes and working up. This leaves me in a state of total relaxation enabling me to visualise my plans in harmony with the way I expect things to work out during my day.

6.10am- Affirmations. I say out loud my carefully selected affirmations, visualising each one carefully and then asking ‘why I am so…….?’ and ‘How does that make me feel’? I then offer my gratitude with intense emotion along with praying hands of thanks.

Some examples might be-

I am so Happy and Joyful!… Why am I so Happy and Joyful?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am so Creative and Inspired!… Why am I so Creative and Inspired?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am so Peaceful and Contented!… Why am I so Peaceful and Contented?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am so Worthy and Deserving!… Why am I so Worthy and Deserving?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am so Wealthy and Prosperous!… Why am I so Wealthy and Prosperous?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am both Beautiful and Self-loving!… Why am I so Beautiful and Self-loving?… How does that make me Feel?…

I am so Lean and Toned!… Why am I so Lean and Toned?… How does that make me Feel?…

6.25am-Meditation. I like to spend 15-20 minutes becoming aware of and focusing/concentrating on my breath, with both a candle and incense burning accompanied by some soft and personally selected music.

6.45 Review my goals. I take 15 minutes to review and start with the premise’ I am so happy and grateful now that’ I then visualise as vividly as possible and finish each with gratitude and thanks for their fruition and once again finish with praying hands

fantasy pic of woman in extreme exercise motion

7.00am- Exercise (stretching cardio and weights)

Note: Good to have some fresh fruit available to kill any hunger pains while also providing a true source of energy.

Warm Up– Cardio Skipping Rope, Burpees and Star Jumps

Stretch-Full body stretch

Weights– 3 x Sets of Ten Repititions

Shoulders/Back/Chest/Biceps/Triceps/Legs Including (Quads Hamstrings and Calves) and Abdominal (stomach) Exercises.

Cardio Warm Down– Skipping Rope Burpees and Star Jumps

Final Stretch– Fully Body Stretch with Extended Stretch Maintaining and/or Providing Increased Flexibility.

7.30am-Breakfast So rewarding completing your workout with a hearty breakfast. I indulge in some freshly blended fruit

picture of cereal and boiled eggs representing a healthy breakfastA medium bowl of sugar-free cereal or muesli with milk, topped with some sliced banana and strawberry and slightly sweetened with some honey. I then have a boiled egg on toast and a cup of Chinese green tea. Ahhhh!

8.00am-Shower/Dress I shave daily and take the opportunity to recite some positive affirmations that are written on my Mirror and upon completion of my invigorating shower (cold water session)  I truly feel like I have owned my morning and I am ready to take on the world.

8.30am Read I now top up on all that I have completed by reading something Inspiring and/or motivating and complete my morning Rituals. It’s a wonderful feeling to have completed my plan and a daily discipline that builds

man swimming under a waterfall expresses joy by raising his arms

character discipline and confidence that is your sure reward.

9.00am Love and do what you do Bedtime…You have completed your night before preparation as mentioned above. Your alarm is set for the next morning in readiness to greet the gift of your magnificent brand new day, and the brand new you!

A Brilliant Nights Sleep Awaits You.

Woman laying on a bed looking fresh and relaxed after a good nights sleep

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Tough discipline is the ability to get yourself to do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. You see anybody can do it if they feel like it, it’s when you don’t feel like it and you do it any way that you eventually develop the self-discipline that makes everything happen.

20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

Almost everything you do from the moment you get up in the morning is a habit. So start to think about yourself and ask ‘ What would be the best habits to have’.

The secret of success is determined by your daily agenda. What you want to be tomorrow you’ve got to do today.

Discipline and Consistency are your true allies in greatness.

Your footprints to success are really footprints of success. Because every step that is made and taken based on the goals that you have for your life, every step is the progressive realization of success in your life.

So the golden rule is to form good habits and make them your masters.

Goals-awareness is the beginning of transformation.

Yesterday you said you would start tomorrow. A year from today you will wish you started today.

Everyone’s a self-made person, but only successful people admit it.

It’s what you practice in private that you will be rewarded for in public.

On the last day of life on earth, the person you became will get to meet the person you could have become.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Excellence, then, not an act but a habit!

I sincerely hope this little post will have you in the right mindset to make you start. However just to make sure I’ve listed this video for you to watch, Please take the time. It’s nothing short of awesome!


It is a great pleasure to have shared this article. As I have mentioned before I truly hope you have gained some inspiration and are preparing to begin some small disciplines that will change your whole life. If however today is not the day, promise me you will not beat yourself up and understand that the time for you to begin is to come and when the time is right you WILL begin.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know you have begun and if I can offer any encouragement to keep you on track. Also, Me, Paul at the gym working outplease take the opportunity to view and read the many posts here at Personal Development Mastery For further Inspiration Motivation and Love.

Best Wishes For Your Transformation

Truly A Pleasure As Always






  1. There is so much I learned from this article. I have a hard time during the day, but now I realize that it was because of the little things I do at night and in the morning: I text late at night, I hit the snooze, and I’m always waking up late.

    now, I will implement all these exercises in my life: I will organize my meals at night, I will do yoga and meditation in the morning, and most importantly I will say my blessing once I wake up.

    I will definitely come back for more personal development, thank you.

    1. Hello Marques,

      Nice to hear from you again. Glad to know you have learned some new strategies from my post and though none of it is rocket science it requires action consistency and discipline, traits that we all struggle with at times. Having goals that excite you will always get you over the line.I sincerely hope you have made a start and implemented these life changing strategies and I look forward to hearing from you re your progress.

      Stay strong my friend

      The best to you always


  2. This was such a great article. I often forget that being accountable on how I use my time and being grateful can shift my happiness and energy levels. I sometimes spend too much time doing things in the morning that could be done at night to save me time. When I do pre-plan, life is less stressful. Thanks for the article, great read!

    1. Great to get your feedback with relation to ‘Your Blueprint for Success’. Being organised and planning your day is a never ending process, Once you begin to discipline yourself you will find that you need to modify and change certain aspects of your daily plans It is an evolving process that needs to match and reflect your growth.

      As with anything worthwhile you need to begin and you need to begin now, very soon the procedure turns into a habit and soon after a lifestyle that will never allow you to go back to your old ways.The small steps taken daily will change your outlook about everything and less stress is only one of the many benefits.

      Make the decision, take action, be consistent, discipline yourself and enjoy the ride.

      Cheers mate


  3. Great article. A lot of useful information in here, especially with regards to organizing breakfast the day before bed. As someone who works at home, it’s often hard to keep on a structured schedule such as yours, but the overall message remains the same.

    I try to take out time during the day for meditation. My routine isn’t ordinary… I actually meditate while laying down in bed. Kinda similar to napping but I don’t actually rest. Just close my eyes and keep my thoughts from wandering too much.

    Overall, really useful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Truly a pleasure to hear from you. So glad you found my article useful and although you speak of some difficulties in maintaining a structured schedule it is the discipline to begin and have those rituals in place. They will evolve in time and once you see both your life and you circumstances change for the better this will have a huge effect on you and your motivation to stick with it. So great work.

      Meditation is a personal journey and the way you do it is irrelevant as long as you continue your practice.

      Wishing you all the best my friend

      Cheers my friend 


  4. This is a great article full of life changing knowledge that anyone can implement into their daily lives. I learned a lot from your article and will do my best to follow some of your advice. I’m a positive and self motivated person but could always use a pick me up from time to time. I saved your website for future reference on those gloomy days we all have now and then. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Jack,

      So glad my post found you and even better is that it had an impact on you.We can all use a pick me up at some time and if my post is able to do that then I am forever grateful. The importance of starting your day in a positive way cannot be stressed enough, but only those who take action while understanding the importance of forming these new and wonderful habits will turn them into a lifestyle and reaps the rewards in every chapter of their story.

      Wishing You Every Success Jack


  5. WHOA! Amazing website design! Seriously.

    I love the slide show.

    On first glance, one of your pics made it hard to read your headlining text because it was of a similar color as your font. So heads up.

    I bookmarked your site because I love this kind of work and your website is attractive.

    Everything is organized nicely.

    I’m nitpicking and I don’t know if it’s possible, but is there anyway to not show the slideshow after one has clicked on a specific article?

    Other than that, great job! I’ll be checking in later on to see what other content you have.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and also the feedback on some improvements you feel are might improve my site. What pleases me most of all is that you have bookmarked my sight for future reference. Personal Development is an ongoing process and needs to become part of your everyday priorities. Your are welcome here Francisco and I look forward to any and all comments.

      My readers are what this site is all about and you have inspired me to continue to bring changes about to anyone and everyone ready for positive change in their lives.

      My best wishes to you my friend, till next time we meet.


  6. Hello Paul. Thanks for sharing these awesome morning blueprint for success. These tips are really true if one can be dedicated enough to put them in practice daily.

    For me, it is very important to affirm positive stuffs in one’s life; words from the mouth are very powerful and can turn things around for good or bad.

    Thanks and keep sharing this great stuff

    1. Hey Beazzy, Really happy you enjoyed the post. Sometimes if the timing is right it might just be the nudge to kick you off and change your life forever. Best wishes Paul

  7. Hi Paul. I have just read through your blog on Self Motivation. I loved the time line you have worked out but I have no idea how I could possibly make that work for me. I need to start work by 7:00 am Monday to Friday ever week. If I left it any later I would be working in the extreme heat that hits our part of the world, particularly in Summer. I get out of bed at 5:00 am every morning, and have never had to use an alarm of any sort. Is there anyway your ‘Morning blue print’ can be condensed to suit my lifestyle? Also, although I love to plan my life, often this isn’t possible in my line of work. I never know if a piece of machinery might break down, or if a customer decides not to be home (even though they have organised a preset time  with me.). I could do some of the things you suggest, like meditation , affirmations, breakfast etc., But there are some things that just wouldn’t work, do you have any suggestions? Jim

    1. Hi Jim, Yes I appreciate your situation and you have reminded me that my post is very much aligned with a 9-5 person. However the schedule and time is never the obstacle is you really want to make things happen. I suggest you break your day up into those moments when you are free. Do some push ups while you are waiting, and see what happens from there..Just begin!

  8. Hi Paul Southam!

    It is a such joyful thing for me to encounter these self motivation articles at this point in my life, to guide me for good success all the way through destiny.

    These tips are very helpful and a game changer in our everyday lives; thank you for taking your time to give them to us.

    1. Hello my friend, Gratitude back at you for your kind words, and if these words have spoken to you in the right moment than it is me who is truly blessed.Thank you!

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