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Self Discipline is one of, if not the most important ingredient for reaching your goals and becoming successful. It affects every facet of your life. This one personal trait determines every other part of your character, without exception.

The truth is, whether you know it or not, you have never met, seen or heard of a successful person who did not have this one character trait, that didn’t have a great amount of self-discipline within their life.

Self Discipline is being able to perform and keep your life on schedule. Being able to meet commitments and promises and complete deadlines is essential to success.

In its simplest form self-discipline helps you to get things done, and when you actually get things done, you gain confidence resulting in more success. Let’s look first at the benefits of self-discipline in our inner world.

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There is an enormous amount of self-pride to be gained as we push through situations, challenges and learning curves that we once labelled problems, difficulties and mistakes, to do the things we know need to be done that we would otherwise put off to some later date or not at all.


You acquire self-respect knowing you can rely on yourself, and that you alone are responsible for action. With each small step taken you gift yourself with not only self-respect, but self-worth and self-esteem, from which self-love is born.

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As Self Discipline grows so does your belief in achieving your goals. A fire starts to grow that ignites into not only belief but a knowing. You become much more comfortable in your outlook for a brighter future.


You feel that nothing life throws at you can’t be done or overcome. You begin to find your true self and there is a knowing that whispers reminding you, that you are more than capable of handling any current, or future situations that may arise.


You look forward to challenges and the effort comes out of the doing. You are inspired and focused on achievement. You are full of new ideas on how to recreate your life, that you have had hidden away behind a veil of fear and self-doubt.

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You have a new lust for life, you see things you didn’t see before, you start to see yourself owning new things. Your goals now feel very reachable, and you look even further to new and bigger goals.


You look at things differently and are much more comfortable within yourself and around others. There is no more intimidation, you feel you are on a level playing field. You build new positive relationships, you start to leave behind those who are satisfied to be unchallenged by life.


Making progress and achieving goals is now the joy you pursue. Each small goal achieved makes you hungrier for the next, and then the next. You are in the flow, and it feels soo good.

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Your time is freed up because you achieve what you have set out to do, and you make time for the other things that are important to you. You are able to balance your life and prioritise your time between work, family, exercise, holidays and the things that are most important to you.


Your future is greeted with a hunger to do more and become more. You feel free from past disappointment and future concerns. You start to imagine all the changes you’d like to make, that before you didn’t think were possible.

Your energy levels rise and you become uncomfortable with procrastination. You are continually looking to raise the bar in every area of your life, whether that be work, family, exercise, diet, relationships or knowledge. You are comfortable being uncomfortable in your pursuit.

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Your mind is busy on solutions and not problems, freeing you up in the moment to make confident decisions. While your thoughts about your future are filled with the accomplishment of your goals. You are in a permanent state of positive, relaxed knowing and you go to sleep eager to attack tomorrow’s possibilities.



Self Discipline Means Self Control, Which Is A sign Of Inner Strength And Control  Of Yourself, Your Actions And Your Reactions. Self Discipline Gives You The Power To Stick To Your Decisions And Follow Them Through, Without Changing Your Mind. ItIs Therefore One Of The Most Important Requirements For Achieving Your Goals.

If You Really Want To Do Something You’ll Find A Way, If Not You’ll Find An Excuse. 

Without Self- Discipline, Success Is Impossible… Period.

The Profile Of A Successful Person Is This, Hard Work, Perseverance And Most Of All Self Discipline.

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You Are Free To Choose, But The Choices You Make Today Will Determine What You Have, Be, And Do In The Tomorrow Of Your Life.

Self Discipline Is A Form Of Freedom. Freedom From Laziness And Lethargy, Freedom From The Expectations And Demands Of Others, Freedom From Weakness And Fear… And Doubt.

Discipline Weighs Ounces, While Regret Weighs Tonnes.

It’s Character That Got Us Out Of Bed, Commitment That Moved Us Into Action, And Discipline That Moved Us To Follow Through.

The More Disciplined You Become, The Easier Life Becomes.

Suffer The Pain Of Discipline… Or Suffer The Pain Of Regret.

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start. But You Have To Start To Become Great.

Winners Take Imperfect Action, While losers Are Still Perfecting Their Plan.

Discipline Is Doing What You Know Needs To Be Done, Even If You Don’t Want To Do It.A man swims freestyle across what appears to be a road but it is really water

Mastering Others Is Strength, Mastering Yourself Is True Power.

Persistence Is Self Discipline In Action.

Self-Respect Is The Fruit Of Discipline.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do, Excellence Then Is Not An Act… But A Habit.

For Every Disciplined Effort, There Is Multiple Reward.

Discipline Is At The Root Of Every Great Character Trait.

The Most Important Variable In Character Change, Is Forcing Yourself To Behave Differently Than You Feel.

With Self Discipline Most Anything Is Possible.

Discipline Is the Pathway To Freedom.


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Self Discipline Is Changing From







Is there a more important character trait we need to own? I don’t think so. Sometimes a big part of success is not being lazy and just doing it, 90% of it is just showing up. You’re not going to feel perfect every day, and not feeling perfect is never an excuse.

If the great ones only ever acted when they felt good, they wouldn’t be great, they’d be also-rans. There’s going to be a lot of days when you just don’t want to do it, it’s pretty much the same for everyone that actually gets good at something.

There are going to be days when you just have to push through and there probably going to be just as numerous as the days you don’t. So the benefit of self-discipline in its most relative and basic form is that you will get things done.

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed this article on self-discipline as much as I enjoyed writing it. Self-Discipline is something we all struggle with at times, and while researching this topic, I was to find there is not much information out there.

Please take the opportunity to write me in the comment section below. I’m really interested to hear about your particular relationship with self-discipline, and if you have any tips to offer both myself and our readers.

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  1. I might still have to keep learning to be disciplined, that’s not an easy thing for me. These tips can really help me, I can apply this to my daily activities.

    I love to read motivational quotes, especially the last one you wrote. Sometimes I let myself down because of the mistakes I’ve made and comparing my progress to others.

    Now I know that its okay as long as I keep trying.
    Thank you for this great article!

    1. Hello Diana,

      We all struggle with self-discipline at times, it’s a never-ending challenge, But each time we do something we know needs to be done, even though we don’t feel like doing it, we gain strength.It’s just like a muscle that you work on at the gym, the more we exercise it the stronger it gets.So glad you got something from the last quote which recognises mistakes as progress, and our need to sometimes compare ourselves.If we can focus on being the best person we can possibly be it takes all the competition out of lives and we are free to focus on becoming great in our own eyes.

       Best Wishes to you Diana


  2. Self-discipline is something I’ve been working on in certain areas of my life, and your post has really given me some brand new insights.

    You are dead right when you say it’s an essential character trait of successful people. And I think so much of it comes from controlling our emotions. I’ve heard that just about all successful people are very good at this aspect.

    Thanks for the great read.

    1. Hello Darren,

      Self-discipline is a constant challenge and can only be handled one discipline at a time. Doing things that you don’t really feel like doing, but know you should, are the small steps to freedom and success. I really enjoyed researching and writing this post, it has also given me many more insights and re-confirmed the importance of this trait in our search for excellence.Going beyond, and being bigger and stronger than how we feel and as you say controlling our emotions, is what separates the Greats from the ordinary.

      Be Great Darren



  3. Hi Paul,

    I found this article very inspiring. As someone who would consider themselves fairly self-disciplined, I have noticed recently that this is falling away at work.
    I do think it is important to keep going even when I don’t want to, however the inner-perfectionist in me can get a bit disappointed at the effort being applied. Therefore I took a lot of inspiration from the quote: Winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting their plan.

    Thanks for the pick me up

    1. Hey Mark

      Great to hear from you, and really pleased you gained some inspiration from the article. I tend to think that we all struggle with self-discipline at times and yes that voice from the perfectionist is always ready and waiting for any slips to remind us that maybe we are not worthy of the goals we are pursuing. You are one step ahead though through your awareness, congratulations.

      Even when we do get off track, we only need to regain focus, and prioritise our actions, and that feeling that we are back in control resumes, and we are inspired to move forward with even more resolve.

      Good Stuff Mark

      All the very best


  4. Paul, I cannot agree more that self-discipline is an absolute requirement for achievement.

    Even on a micro level, like deciding to make your bed in the morning rather than let the covers stay in a bundled up mess from the night before.

    Every little decision and action makes a small ripple and can end up having a much bigger effect on your overall sense of well-being further down the road.

    I also think that it’s good to let yourself act on an impulse every now and again so you don’t feel like you have a noose around your neck from too much self-discipline.

    Work hard, play hard.

    1. HI Dom

      Nice to hear from you. I Like your example of the discipline gained by simply making your bed each morning. As we know everything we do in this life affects everything else, we might also remember that the little everyday things we do are really the big things,

      I also think we can have some balance in our lives and remain spontaneous and act on our impulses at times. We also need to remember that whatever goals and dreams we are seeking are never a destination, and we need to be able to enjoy every minute of the ride.

      Self discipline is a daily challenge and those challenges overcome are really the small goals that bring about the realization of the big goals. We need to celebrate every victory along the way.

      Here’s to your many celebrations Dom 


  5. I love this article a lot! I can certainly tell you put a lot of time and effort on this article because there is so much content! Overall, this makes me inspired to work harder and be more confident in myself. Also, I get so caught up in saying ‘I wish”, and now I am changing that to “I am”. Thank you so much, keep it up, and I will come back for more information!

    1. Hello again Marquez

      Always great to hear from you and I can always tell that you are moving forward. The inspiration works both ways as you inspire me to work harder to help us all move on to bigger and better things. There is no shortcut and although many of us want everything to happen now, it just doesn’t happen like that. You like me just need to keep pushing forward and make continued progress and never give up.

      There are great things waiting for us. Just turn up , stick with it and the world is your oyster mate.

      Congratulations thus far. 

      Just remember I am with you all the way

      Cheers and thanks


  6. I’ve started to become more self disciplined in all areas of my life from fitness to finance. I feel like part of it is also surrounding yourself with people who also have similar motivations and goals. They keep you accountable and tell it like it is if you aren’t doing what you are suppose to be doing to be successful. At least that is my experience. 

    I realize to that a lot of people don’t have patience to build into self discipline when they know they want to be more self disciplined. I think that is why a lot of them fail. It’s not easy to integrate new change.

    1. Hello Jessie,

      Welcome here today and thanks for your comment. It’s interesting that you mentioned the people you spend the greater part of your time with when referring to self discipline. This is a great point and one not to be taken for granted. I’m so glad to hear your moving forward with self discipline in all avenues of life,Sometimes I read a post and I can just feel the determination and resolve to make progress and this post is one of them

      All the very best always Jessie


  7. Hi Paul.

    Amazing article I have to say, you inspired me.Discipline is the name of the game, as hard as it sounds but without it, we will never succeed.We should stick to our goals and never give up, a good tip that I can give is just to wake up on time every morning and not to click on the snooze button when we here the alarm! wake up, and start your day with hunger to succeed.


    1. Hi Shai

      Thanks for the cool feedback. I’m so privileged to hear that my article inspired you because that is what my whole purpose with my website is about. We should be taught in our earliest years that discipline is the key to freedom it is not a prison of have to do’s. If taught to us when we are young it becomes simply a path to success and a way of life. 

      The older we get the more difficult it becomes .But as you mentioned a simple way to start is to ‘get out of bed each morning with hunger to succeed’

      I love this quote from John Maxwell that sums it up when he says ‘OUR SMALL STEPS TO SUCCESS ARE REALLY OUR STEPS OF SUCCESS’

      All my very best..Always Shai


  8. Thank you for sharing with us about self discipline as the key of success. I have been a weak woman particularly when i was married , my ex husband was beating me but i could not change things until i realised that i can be the real me. i started learning how make decisions, how to have confidence in me and change my belief from pessimist to optimist. My dear, i am now better than before, i can face any situation and look for a solution myself.Self Discipline is more than a simple key , it is master key of our success.

    I like this post of yours. Good job.

    1. Hello Julienne

      Thanks for sharing and your honesty is truly a breath of fresh air. I was saddened when I read about your husband beating you. However i was filled with joy to then read about your ability to gain the strength you needed and to turn your life around. So proud of you, it is not an easy thing to do. I can feel the strength in your words and you will continue to gain more strength and confidence as you continue on your path and gain freedom from your ever increasing discipline.

      You are truly a wonderful example of how the power self discipline can completely turn ones life around

      Thanks again Julienne, your new found strength has certainly inspired me and I know will do the same for all of our readers

      Bless you girl


  9. Hi, this post is so inspiring, striving forward when you think you cant’ go on is something you can overcome and strive toward a goal.  I think this article can and will help many people.  Confidence, Achievement and Freedom are excellent goals.  

    Learning Self Discipline is an important part of our lives.  Learn what you can

    Thanks for a great article

    1. Hello, 

      Lovely to read your thoughts, and it was certainly my pleasure to research this information and have so many people be reminded of what they already know. Awareness is the kickoff point but it too is just the beginning and we must take immediate and constant action. Self discipline is not a goal that is attained overnight. hard work and taking responsibility for your actions is challenging. But with a big enough reason or ‘Why’ we can all succeed to our fullest potential.

      Never doubt your greatness..ever!


  10. This is my first time to see an article full of self discipline definitions. My fave is this, “You Are Free To Choose, But The Choices You Make Today Will Determine What You Have, Be, And Do In The Tomorrow Of Your Life.” Each person’s choices leads him to his future. Developing self-discipline is not an easy thing to do. You have to live with it daily and if you fail once, you feel terrible. I’ve experienced it myself before by stopping myself from saying a bad word and I felt bad when I did say it, until that bad word was no longer in my system.

    Thanks for this article.

    1. Hello Eli,

      So nice to get your opinion on this article. You have offered a brilliant example of how we can all change by setting boundaries on what is acceptable and what is not. Once a decision has been made to change we still face the challenge of overcoming negative habitual behaviours and there is still work to be done. However having started it is even more difficult to go back. Keep in mind the attitude of never giving up and you find it is impossible to fail.

      You are never alone here at Personal Development Mastery.

      Beside you always


  11. Brilliant Post! I think this is also a very current issue. The vast majority of people lack self rule or self discipline. It is evident in how they talk and behave, they have no control of themselves and have no respect for their own self so they could never respect others.

    A big part of self discipline is setting boundaries, goals and a code of conduct encompassing your moral rule book. You must understand where you are going, what you need to do to get there and the person you will become to get there. You must have rules in place to make sure you keep yourself on the straight and narrow path. 

    1. Hi Renton

      Thank you for your comment and I welcome you here. Your summary of my post on self discipline is spot on. But as i’m sure you are aware to know is not enough we must take action. Never doubt that the little disciplines carried out in each moment of every day are really the big disciplines that turn our life around and take us from a victim mentality to one of power.

      Take no prisoners on your journey, best wishes always Renton,


  12. i learned that discipline takes mighty will power to be archived .In order to succeed , requirements of certain mentality are needed to make the long run of maintaining a habit, activities that are beneficial for .Such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle that would require discipline such as avoiding have junk food in your diet and etc.

    1. Hello there,

       Nice to see you back here again. I can feel you have a good understanding of what’s required to attain a successful life .As you mentioned habit and discipline are intertwined and both take us out of our comfort zone at first but the end result is a freedom you have never known before.

      Keep on moving forward my friend the results will be staggering.

      Wishing you continued success always


  13. Self discipline i suppose is a continuous process of learning where a person doesn’t just stop at something but keeps on with the movement. I think that your advantages of self discipline are all very true and at the end of the day, this is what everyone wants
    i really enjoyed reading this post especially those motivational quotes. I will make sure I apply what I have learnt here to my everyday life. Thank you.

    1. Hello Henderson, thanks for your thoughts and I think any discipline undertake on a must do basis is a step in the reight direction. To push forward and do whether we feel like it or not. Great work!

  14. Self-discipline is a topic that has become very vast and many people are really talking about it. Learning this from you is very good because I can see that there are so many benefits of having self discipline. It is not that easy as well I must say because. It is something that I have been trying to master for a while now. I like those quotes you added to this post. Thank you!

    1. hey John, You’re so right the shift cannot be made overtime as we need to build that discipline muscle one action at a time, stick with it my friend it will well worthwhile

  15. Wow, I’m inspired after reading this Paul! So thank you for that.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the development of “Habits” lately, and how some relate this to self-discipline. One thing I’ve noticed, is that a lot of people now suggest to develop habits so they become ingrained and you barely have to think about them. To me this is a movement into being less conscious about what we’re doing.

    In part I think this could be a mistake, as I see that remaining conscious is part of the successful equation… to remain open to the fact that we’re steering our boats (whether conscious or not) and remaining aware is only going to give that to us. 

    In contrast to this, your approach gives the perspective of remaining conscious through everything and even increasing it by bringing in the need to make decisions ongoing. Our consciousness is required for that. I so agree and with the positive benefits and thank you for this timely reminder. I have read so many books on this topic, and even so still need to go over these subjects more, so I’m glad I found this article.

    Thank you for this boost and confirmation in my approach of developing more consciousness. As I move through life’s challenges, practise persistence and move to the state of I AM… 

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Jacquie,

      I think you have a great understanding of what I have tried to portray in the post. I know sometimes success and spirituality seem to contradict each other. 

      You have given some great insights here, I value both consciousness and awareness as equal if not more important. The major disciplines I have pointed out here come from my understanding of a balance and when we have the ability through discipline to strive to improve both our awareness and perceptions of what is truly important we can go a long way in improving all aspects of our lives. Let freedom be one of those.Blessings to you my friend..Paul

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