Lone pink lotus flower floats on water: Buddha Quote- You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves you love and affection

Hello, and once again I welcome you here today.

As I began to research this topic on Self Love, I began to reflect on my own personal experience with self-love and the importance of loving oneself, I was to experience a situation that was extremely simplistic but of a profound truth. I randomly walked with a dear friend into a bookshop and having quickly browsed the current best sellers list, I immediately headed for the Self Help section.

I was intrigued to watch my friend, who isn’t an avid reader pick up a variety of books and because she is someone who is so precious to me I was extremely interested to see the topic of her choices. After 10 or so minutes she had picked a book on body language which kind of took me by surprise.Me, Paul and my daughter pose for photo at a resort in Coffs Harbour Australia

What was to become even more revealing to me was when she said to me ‘ I’m really looking for a book about confidence,’ explaining that she had no self-confidence at all. A statement that no one else looking at her would have ever believed.

These words were spoken by a stunningly beautiful young woman, who wherever she goes is stared at, because of that beauty. A young woman every man would die to be with, and the envy of every woman on the planet. Only the two of us would know of her feeling of lack, no one else would have any idea.


Immediately my desire to help led me to recall the many books I have read, to offer her a recommendation or a suggestion on a purchase. I could think of none! After a short time, it became very apparent that her first step in the art of self-confidence is the ability and gift of loving oneself. Self-love!

Self-love is the bridge and first stepping stone to all of the life’s gifts and is in complete alignment with Personal Development and the articles and exercises offered here on our website Personal Development

You see when you value yourself, you automatically do the things that will make you happy. You choose the right foods to eat, you exercise your body, you lift your spirit by taking time to meditate, you read books, you begin, improve and maintain healthy relationships, you get enough sleep and you make the time to do all these things, along with the other little things that make you happy, that you know are the icing on the cake on your journey to lifelong joy, peace and happiness.Robert Morley Quote: To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness

Self-love takes the competition out of everything. You make the time to do these acts of love because you not only believe, but you know that you are absolutely worthy and deserving of the very best this life has to offer. You do them as an act of love to yourself, never to impress or be in competition with another.

Because beauty and looks are never a true indicator of self-love and/or self-confidence


We must come to understand that you cannot give something away that you, yourself do not have. Which means that if we don’t have love for ourselves we are unable to love someone else. This impacts all of our relationships leaving us isolated and depriving us of some of the great joys of life.

HOW TO SELF LOVE TIPS-SMALL ACTS OF SELF-LOVEBeautiful pink sunrise a girl runs along the beach, arms out stretched in a typical expression of joy

-Give yourself the gift of a good nights sleep

-Wake and immediately think of things you are grateful for.

-Prepare for yourself a nutritional breakfast.

-Read something Inspirational.

-Go for a walk giving your full attention to the wonders of nature, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the trees, the flowers and the birds. Never take anything for granted again.

-Smile, give thanks and be in awe of your truly magical world.

-Give everyone you meet the precious gift of your smile and a friendly hello.Beautiful girl in a yellow dress sits smiling in a field with suns rays on her back

-Sit on the grass, close your eyes and listen to the silence. Listen to nature, be in awe and know you are one with it all.

-Think of all your simple blessings-smile-and give thanks.

-Know, understand and be aware of the fact that you are never alone, ever!


* Remind and reinforce those things that you love about yourself, no matter how small. You MUST make some time to sit and think about all those things that make you special. Start with your personality and move through your academic skills and sporting achievements. Once you have a long list of these and are feeling better about yourself make a list of your physical attributes, doing your best to not compare yourself to anyone else.

Note; Come to an understanding and be aware of the FACT that your life here on earth was chosen from 250 million sperm. You are nothing less than a miracle-You are not an accident- You are meant to be here, and you have a purpose, that you are here to carry out that purpose and leave your mark here not only during this day but long after you are gone…Believe this…Know this.. because this is truth.





*Forgive yourself and your past. We have all, without exception, done, said and thought things that we regret, that if we had our time over again that we would do differently, or not at all. You must accept the fact that they were all part of your journey. Refuse Now to not let anything from your past interfere with the beautiful and self-loving person you are determined to become. Surrender to past experiences that you can never change. Let go of the judgemental you and make a commitment to get into the flow of life and to stop taking life so seriously.Quote: I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me

*Take the time to relax and reflect on past successes and things that have brought you happiness. Then visualise and imagine all the things you would like to have happen in your life, happening, vividly clearly and with emotion. You see nothing has ever happened on this planet without it being first an intention, by way of thought and then a picture in somebodies mind.

*Spend less time with those people and things that aren’t moving you toward becoming all that you can be. Don’t sit and listen to those who whine and complain about what is simply life happening to them, they don’t understand yet that life is happening for them.

Problems don’t need to be spoken about over and over again they simply need to be dealt with or accepted. Get out of the gossip gangs who fill their days criticizing and judging everything and everyone in an attempt to build up their own self-esteem. Spend less time on social media and stay away from the sad dreary picture the news attempts to portray of our truly magical world.

*Begin to start by taking action on the things you know need to be done. Start believing and trusting in your ability to do things, to get the job done. Each small task completed is progress and growth in both confidence and happiness, both sure ingredients for self-love. Don’t wait to get motivated, just take action now.


Girl in full length red dress stands in a field and looks to the heavens with arms outstretched expressing joy




*Look for and explore new opportunities. Begin today to trust your intuition, that oh so subtle small voice. Give up on waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment, wait no longer, for it is now. Move forward and go with confidence, knowing that mistakes (learning experiences) and problems (stepping stones to success) are part of the adventure.

Totally accept who and where you are right now and know that everything…everything… is happening in Divine Perfection. Loosen up and go with the flow of life, surrendering to the process and just keep turning up. Let go of perfection it is a dream stealer and a myth. Allow yourself to be interested in everything, like a child you will find your way.Man with a beard standing in waist deep water under a waterfall and jumps with glee with arms outstretched

Release your need to please others regardless of who they are, and commit to focusing on being yourself. Nobody has the right to tell you what you should or should not do, you are your own individual, unique and magnificent creation and nobody knows what’s right for you better than you. So when you have an idea and the inspiration to follow through, stand tall and move forward with confidence and trust in the power that lies within you and every one of us.


When Writing The Story Of Your Life, Don’t Let Anybody Else Hold The Pen


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Before closing, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to leave a comment below with any thoughts you may have or stories you would like to share. Your comments are always welcomed and so greatly appreciated by myself and our readers…thanks!

My sincerest wish for you is that you go forth from this day onwards, with the knowledge and understanding that things will only get better. If you follow the above-mentioned principles of self-love and begin listening to your inner voice, things are going to turn around for you quite dramatically.

You truly are a miracle, you are a magnificent wondrous creation and your individuality is both your gift and a blessing. You are never alone and you are always loved. Believe this.. know at peace with this knowledge to ‘love and do what you will.’

With the deepest blessings and heartfelt love!Me, Paul sitting relaxing in a beautiful park. Wuhan China








  1. Thank you for this inspiration and self-help knowledge. I really needed this because I have been noticing a decrease in self-esteem because I have been stressed out from school, work.

    From this, I plan to do all the small acts of self-help to increase my positivity and abundance in life. I will be back for more tips and inspirations from your website, thank you!

    1. Hi Marques,

      You are always welcome my friend. A quote i read recently read comes to mind in that ‘What you are looking for is also looking for you’.I always feel so grateful when I receive a comment like yours, to have made some kind of impact on somebody else’s life has a strange way of strengthening my purpose here at PDM and inspiring me to keep going.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you Marques and anytime you need a lift I am always here. No one is immune to bad days so we are all in  this together.

      Truly a pleasure my friend

      All the very best to you always


  2. Great sharing! Your article is an eye opener for me because I am also a person who lack self confidence and self esteem. I couldn’t agree more that the first step to having confidence in ourselves is to first love one self. How can we expect people to like or love us, when we do not love our-self in the first place. Thank you so much for giving tips on how to love ourselves. We often take these things for granted at times. I will follow your recommendations in how to love myself to become a more confident and happier person.

    1. Hello there and thanks for commenting. I truly hope you along with our many other readers take this advice and put the exercises into practice. If persisted with can make dramatic changes to your life and your whole world.Why? Because you along with every other person you have a relationship with truly deserve it. Love yourself unconditionally and show the world the very best you.

      Wishing you all the self love you deserve!


  3. I do agree with you about self love and loving oneself, this is my strongest strength but also has caused me so much pain, because when you love yourself you make difficult decision which you look at yourself and your future and what you want.

    My question is when you really go through something very traumatic how can you find yourself? In that finding your true self and loving yourself without doubts?

    Because sometimes, life will through curve balls that even shakes your self love and loving self. So how do one navigate these feelings?

    1. Hello Cinderella,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and you pose some really pertinent questions. Self love is a very essential trait the gives you a shield when life throws you those curve balls and while you have struggled at time, i can assure you that having love for yourself in times of hardship will have allowed you to bounce back and move on much quicker than someone who is not self loving.

      Knowing who and what you are and being in a place of self acceptance holds you in good stead for any and all curve balls life throws. Thanks for your honesty and be grateful for the love that you have for yourself ,you are amongst a minority of people on the planet.

      Love yourself and then share that love

      Bless you Cinderella

      With Love


  4. With this article you have opened my mind and eyes about self love because all along I have been impressing and loving others deeds or actions leaving out myself but by this article i have got to know how powerful or important self love is, and thanks for the tips on how to self love they are really interesting- thanks so much for this uplifting article keep sharing

    1. Hi mugalu, nice to see you here again. Thank for your  comment they are always greatly appreciated. So happy you were able to learn something new and hope that it serves you well. Regards Paul 

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