Welcome to Short Stories Part 3.

Once again I have selected some simple tales for you to read and share with your children and friends. The stories are simplistic but profound with their message. Please enjoy and share this best short stories list. I promise you the messages will have you thinking and will remain forever in your mind as future reminders of some simple truths that can be put into practice every day. Truly my pleasure, enjoy!



Photo of a large diamond


One day a young boy asked his father, ‘What is the value of my life’? Instead of answering, the father gave his son a rock. He then told his son to take this rock and go sell it at the local market. If anybody asks the price, don’t say anything just raise these two fingers.

The boy then went to the market and a woman asked ‘How much is this rock, I want to put it in my garden’. The boy didn’t say anything, just raised up two fingers, and the woman said ‘Two dollars? I’ll take it’.

Busy Asian market bustling with people

The boy then went home and told his father, ‘A woman wants to buy this rock for two dollars’. The father then said,’ Son, I want you to take this rock to a museum. If anyone wants to buy it don’t say a word,  just put up two fingers’.

The boy then went to the museum and there was a man there who wanted to buy the rock, so once again the boy didn’t say a word, just put up two fingers, and the man said, ‘Two hundred dollars? I’ll take it’. The boy was shocked and went running home to his father and told him, Father, a man wants to buy this rock for two hundred dollars’.A large museum with a huge staircase made of sandstone and large pillars

His father then said, ‘The last place I want you to take this rock is a precious stone store. Show it to the owner and if he asks the price of the rock, don’t say anything just put up two fingers’.

The son then went to a precious stone store where he showed the rock to the owner, ‘Where did you find this stone? It is one of the rarest stones in the world, I must have it, how much will you sell it for.’ The boy then put up two fingers and the man said, ‘Two hundred thousand, I’ll take It’. The boy not knowing what to say ran home to his father.

‘Father, Father there’s a man that wants to buy this stone for $200,000. His father then said,’ Son do you know the value of your life now’?

You see it doesn’t matter where you come from, where you were born, the colour of your skin or how much money you were born into.

It matters where you decide to place yourself, the people you surround yourself with, and how you choose to carry yourself.  You may have lived your whole life thinking you were just a stone. You may have lived your life surrounded by people that saw you’re worth for only $2, but everyone has a diamond inside of them.

So we can choose to surround ourselves with people that see our value and see the diamond inside of us We can choose to put ourselves in a market or put ourselves in a precious stone store.  You can also choose to see the value in other people. You can also help other people see the diamond inside of them.

Choose the people you surround yourself with wisely. That can make all the difference in your life.

See And Know Yourself As Priceless


There once was this homeless young man and he’d been trying to gather food, however, he kept noticing every day that his food would disappear. One day he caught the mouse that kept stealing his food, and he asked the mouse, ‘Why are you stealing from me? I’m a homeless man, you can steal from richer peoplesmall mouse frightened and scared looking for food than me, and it won’t have any effect on them’.

The mouse then told the homeless man’ It’s your destiny that you can only have eight items in your possession. No matter how much you beg, no matter how much you gather, this is all you will ever have’.

The homeless man was shocked, and he said, ‘Why is that my destiny’? and the mouse said, ‘I don’t know maybe you should try and ask The Buddha’.

So the homeless man goes on a journey to go find the Buddha. He walks many miles and evening approaches. He stumbles across a beautiful house owned by a wealthy but friendly family and decides to ask if he can stay the night. They let him in and they ask him. ‘Young man why are you travelling so late at night, and he answered’ ‘I have a question for the Buddha, and tomorrow I’ll be on my way’.

The family then said,’ Can we give you a question to ask the Buddha. We have a sixteen-year-old daughter who can’t speak. We just want to ask what is it we have to do to make her speak’. So the homeless man thanks them for their shelter, and says, ‘Of course, I’ll ask the question for you’.

Huge mountain range as far as the eye can see covered in cloud, daunting

The next morning he wakes and continues his journey. He then comes across a sea of mountains that he must cross. He climbs up the first mountain where he meets a wizard, and the wizard decides to help the young man by using his staff, he changes it into a magic carpet and flies him and the young man across the sea of mountains.  The wizard is curious and asks the young man, ‘Where are you going? Why have you decided to cross these mountains? ‘I am going to ask the Buddha a question about my destiny,’ the young man replies.Flying on a magic carpet over the earth

The wizard then says, ‘Can I please give you a question to ask the Buddha? I’ve been trying to go to heaven for a thousand years. According to my teachings, I should be able to go to heaven now. Can you please ask the Buddha what do I have to do to get to heaven’. The young man replies, ‘Of course, I’ll ask your question for you.’

Super wide river at sunset

As his journey continues, he comes across his last obstacle, which is a river he cannot cross.  Luckily he meets a giant turtle, who decides to take him across the river. And as their crossing the river the turtle asks, ‘Where are you going? I’m going to see the Buddha, I’m going to ask him a question about my destiny.

A huge old turtle looks to speak

The turtle then says, ‘Can you please ask a question for me too, I’ve been trying to become a dragon for over 500 years, according to my teachings I should have become a dragon by now. Can you please ask the Buddha for me, what do I have to do to become a dragon?. So the young man thanks the turtle for taking him across the river and says ‘Of cause I’ll ask your question for you.’

The homeless man finally meets the Buddha. The Buddha tells everyone, I will answer three questions for everybody here, but only 3. The young man is shocked, he has 4 Questions to ask.

Buddhist looks out from his temple overlooking mountans and forests

So he thinks carefully,

He thinks about the turtle living for five hundred years trying to become a dragon.

The wizard, he has been living for a thousand years trying to get to heaven.

And that girl is going to live her whole life unable to speak.

Fantasy Pic with dragon and young girls at sunset

He then looks at himself and he says, I am just a homeless beggar, I can just go back home and continue begging.

So as he looks at everybody else’s problems, His problem suddenly seems so small.

He feels sorry for the wizard, the turtle and the girl and decides to ask all of their questions. So he asks the Buddha and the Buddha answers,

‘The turtle is unwilling to leave his shell. As long as he is unwilling to leave the comfort of his shell he will never become a dragon.

The wizard always carries his staff and never puts it down, it acts as an anchor keeping him from heaven, and as for the girl, she’ll be able to speak when she meets her soulmate.

So the homeless man bowed to the Buddha and began his journey back home. He reunites with the turtle and he tells the turtle.’ Hey, you just have to take off your shell and you’ll become a dragon.’ The turtle then takes off his shell, and inside his shell are priceless pearls found in the deepest parts of the ocean. He gives them to the homeless man and says ‘thank you. I no longer need these because I’m now a dragon’, and he flies away.short-stories-3

The homeless man reunites with the wizard on the top of a mountain and he says ‘Hey, you just have to put down your staff and you’ll be able to go to heaven. The wizard then lets go of his staff by giving it to the homeless man. He says ‘thank you’ and ascends into heaven

The young man now has wealth from the turtle and power from the wizard. He goes back to the family who gave him shelter and he tells them what the Buddha said,’ Your daughter will be able to speak when she meets her soul mate’, and at that moment the daughter comes downstairs and says, ‘Hey is that the man that was here last week’. The young girl and the once homeless man had each found their soulmate.


This story tells us so many things, so many lessons but for me, I think that sometimes we have to give things in order to get things. Sometimes if we want to become a dragon or a lion we have to be willing to leave behind what makes us most comfortable, what makes us feel most safe,

We have to get out of our comfort zone. Just like the turtle did, and in order to find true love, we must become somebody who is willing to put others before ourselves. When your alone and lost in your thoughts sometimes your problems seem so big.

It may feel like its the end of the world, but if we take the time to look at other peoples lives, other people who don’t have as much opportunity as we do and have it worse than us, sometimes it makes our problem seem so much smaller.

If we are willing to lend a hand to someone who is struggling more than us, and we are willing to help them, it may change there lives an also change the course of your life, your destiny. The universe may then repay you in such a way that you would never have imagined. All the good you do in the world will come back to you




A father sits at the kitchen table having his morning coffee, reading the morning newspaper. His son comes sprinting down the stairs all amped up getting ready to go out and play. Last night the man promised him that they would spend the day together, so he blocked off his whole day ready to spend some quality time with his son.

However, he needed a few more minutes to finish off both his coffee and the paper which were his morning routine. So he has this idea to buy himself a little time. He rips out a picture of the world from the newspaper he had noticed a few pages back and tears the page into about 20 smaller pieces.

He then puts them on the table in front of the son and says ‘let’s play a game’. Here’s a puzzle, as soon as you can put this picture of the world back together, we’ll go outside and we’ll start our day together. He then picks up his newspaper and continues to read.

Less than 3 minutes go by when his son excitedly pulls down his father’s newspaper and says ‘Dad I’m done’  The father looks up with an expression of amazement on his face, quite astonished his son was able to complete the puzzle so fast, and obviously asks him how he did it so quickly.short-stories-3


His son then explains that one of the pieces of paper fell on the floor, and when he bent over to pick it up he could see through the bottom of the glass table that there was a picture of a man on the back of all the little pieces. So he sat up and turned all the little pieces over and he put the man together, and once he did that the whole world fell into place.

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There are so many lessons in these 3 short stories and I hope you were able to find some meanings yourself. I will soon publish a 4th short story section and It would be my great pleasure to introduce one of yours. Just drop it in the comment box below.

Many Thanks



  1. Really enjoyed reading all three stories. They were very inspirational, made you think about life and how our problems really aren’t as bad as they may seem. Really made you feel like you were in these stories as I’m sure we have all felt like the person in these stories before. Great job, look forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Andrea

      Yes I know you are right, I certainly have felt like someone in each of these storie,s and that’s part of their significance, to be able to see yourself and become aware of how things are often not what they seem. Our relationships are of extreme importance and friendships can be made or broken easily through failing to understand the real situation. 

      Always lovely to hear from you Andrea

      Warmest regards to you


  2. Really enjoyed reading all three stories, each one teaches us different things about ourselves, but really they all say pretty much the same thing. We must look inside ourselves from different perspectives. The way we see ourselves can be very much different then other people see us, and vice versa. These are very inspirational and heartfelt, really makes you look at things differently. Great job, be interested in reading more!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Really nice to read your comment and share it here with us here. These 3 Short stories speak as you said of looking inside for the truth through the lens of different perception/s. It’s not easy to do and the result is often regretted. Things are not always as they seem and we need to be aware prior to our imagination running wild. I for 1 am doing my best every day to allow for that perception to be fully interpreted before speaking and/or acting.
      Thanks again Andrea always nice to hear from you

  3. hello there, thanks for the stories you share I love the wisdom that they convey. It’s all about not wanting too much isn’t it? It’s all about having some humility and care and not taking yourself so seriously and indeed yes you have to first give to get and not to expect to get all the time. There’s an open life and closed life and your stories bring fresh air to breath with.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hey Eli,

      Thanks for your feed back, and yes your insights and comment are a great summary of what the stories portray. Simplistic laws that when understood and followed lead to a more successful and peaceful life for yourself and those people you choose to surround yourself with. It’s truly an honor for me to know they impacted you, and may your world be just that little bit better for your reading, understanding and practice.

  4. Paul, I do thank you for all of these lovely ancient wisdom stories you’ve collected. I did enjoy them very much.

    They are layered with so much meanings and lessons, as all of the old stories seem to be. I especially like the turtle who was trying to be a dragon. That one made me smile.

    Your retelling of them was masterful, I think. Cool!

  5. Very nice tales you have here. I am particular impressed by there story of the boy in “Rock and Diamond”. That is a general issue today in our society, where people see themselves as inferior or not good enough because of their background and that would always affect their mental health when they come into situations where you’ll need to prove your worth. I hope readers learn from such stories. Best regards.

    1. Hey Benson and Cheers my friend. may we all have some guiding lights one day. When in our youth we are taught the truth of who we are and what we can become..Surely it is more important than Maths

  6. Wow, I’ve enjoyed my quest through this article, so many lessons to be learned. The story I enjoyed most is that of the boy and his father with the stone, it’s very true that it matters how you place and carry yourself, who you associate yourself with, whether it is people who see you as cheap or of great value. Thank you so much for ministering this message to me in your words, I’ve been blessed.

    1. Hey Ros, So lovely to have your here and learn about your appreciation of the simple but mind provoking tales. Simple lessons to change your life and the way you live it forever. So very welcome you are.

      Cheers Paul

  7. Hi Paul,

    I really enjoyed reading the stories.  The first one caught my attention.  I work with children at a Christian school and I really loved the first story about how much worth life is.  In this era of bullying, disrespect, and hatred for life, it is so important to teach the young generation the value of life!  

    I will definitely use this story in one of the Bible lessons that I teach them.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Hey there Oscar, Really awesome to get your feedback as a minister. To think you might use this story with the young ones is really special to me. We can learn so much wisdom if we only look for it and this is a story I would have love to read, comprehend and put into practice many years ago

  8. This is one of the rare articles I’ve been opportune to lay my hands on today, value and self worth goes hand in hand , but it’s so disheartening that many people still don’t get the concept of it. Association is very important, who you walk with, where you are, your self carriage and so on. I’ve learned from the 3 stories and I’ll surely share to other people so they’ll learn too.

    1. Hey there, Great to have you back here again. I too having re-read this article have again been reminded of what we already know . The world today is a strange place. May we all take a step back and know that we are much more than this world wants to teach us

      Regards Paul

  9. One of the most painful things that is happening in this present generation is that they are loosing the aesthetics that are imbedded in the art of story telling, riddles and lessons. These things served as a great teachers in the time past and that’s why I so much appreciate this post and mostly you for putting this together. I love the three stories, the one about Buddha and the beggar but my favorite is that of the boy and the stone. 

    1. Hello Wildecoll, So glad to read you words here. I’m so grateful for your feedback which truly inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing. Blessing to you my friend


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