What is Personal Development

What is Personal Growth

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Progress Is Impossible Without Change, And Those Who Cannot Change Their Minds Cannot Change Anything

Hello and Welcome

It Is Truly My Pleasure To Have You Join Me Here Right Now. It Is Not By Accident… Because There Are No Accidents! 

This our home, Personal Development Mastery. Here we have all the tools necessary to have a more fulfilling Life. This is a place for anyone and everyone interested in their own Personal Growth. I know there are many varied reasons why we have found each other here at this moment, and for whatever reason is yours, I am sincerely thankful.

Personal Development Mastery is somewhere you can come to any time. This site is all about you. No matter what space you are in right now, there is stuff here that will give the strength to keep moving forward and reveal the real you in all its glory. Let’s start with the very basics of what we are all about here at PDM.

Quote; Never Above You, Never Below You, Always Beside You

Let’s First Consider Mastery And Its Meaning!

Mastery is said to be – The comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject and/or accomplishment.

Ok, but what is Personal Development or Personal Growth?

Well, it is many different things for many different people. Often it is a calling in its rawest form, brought about by life’s many challenges and situations. Sometimes the journey begins out of choice through awareness, more often than not out of feelings of powerlessness.

Once the search has begun there can be no going back. A hunger, a thirst, a burning awareness, a seeking for that deepest knowing, that there is, and that you are something much greater than this world has taught you.

The vast majority of us have been drawn here to become fellow travelers, in the never-ending search for freedom through the truth. Whether it be freedom from grief, pain, suffering, our doubts, and fears, or simply a desire to live a more fulfilling life.

Many of us will have reached a place along the road, where we know that the highest quality of life can’t be found in anything outside of ourselves. We crave Peace, Happiness, Contentment, and Love. A longing for the true fruits of life.

 a man stands with the option of 3 doors which one he takes will determine his future

When You Change The Way You Look At Things…The Things You Look At Change!

I am not some guru, by any means, nor do I pretend to be, but I welcome you here at this moment and want you to know that, what I offer you here, will be some of the most powerful tools and teachings on our planet today.

I have personally been profoundly touched, and influenced by the messages of the many wise beings who have generously shared their knowledge and experience.

Our Journey Is As Simplistic As It Is Serious. The Small But Life-Changing Disciplines Completed Each Day And Continued Each Day, Each Week, Each Month, Each Year, Can, And Will Bring About A Profound Change In Our Search For Peace, Happiness, Contentment, And Love.

Along With The Understanding And Realisation Of  HOW TRULY GREAT WE ARE!!!

Please know and understand your opinion is important, especially to me and my readers. Simply leave a comment below my friend and we can share the journey.

I’ve included a video below, I’d love you to take the time to watch and listen, both the song and lyrics by Robbie Williams epitomise what Personal Development Mastery offers, and wishes for you and the ones you love. Hold my hand as we walk together, on this magical adventure called life, to both share in this glorious experience together, in awe, gratitude and absolute wonder.


With Gratitude Always..!

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  1. Hey Paul,

    This is just what I was looking for as I start making changes in my personality and approach. The website is very friendly and helpful.

    I have even bookmarked it because I can see we share a lot of interests. I will be coming here for a few minutes daily.

    I hope you will be having some fresh inspirational content for us, your readers. Cheers!

    1. Hello and Welcome Dave

      I’m always glad to hear of someone who has made the decision to search for more meaningful approaches to life.It’s a decision, and hopefully a commitment to turn your world around one small step at a time, as is the way with every success we obtain in life.Knowing you are to come hear regularly has also inspired me to get more content out there, so thank you for that.

      Looking forward to seeing you here Dave, please feel free to share any thoughts and personal insights with me I’d really appreciate that.

      Always my Pleasure


  2. Hi
    I liked reading your explanation and how you tie it to happiness. the sentence “if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” is a very special sentence as it speaks of the fact that we are free radicals with permission to affect other free radicals and we do that by changing our attitude, first and foremost.
    good job

  3. hello
    This subject of personal development is extremely close to my heart. I agree that without development we are not going anywhere and that it is our purpose to continue to develop. You write very clearly and your insights make a lot of sense. Anyone interested in personal development has a place to start with this article

    1. Hello Orion,

      So nice to have you back here again. Your comment are always welcomed here . Your attitude is very good and you sound like a determined woman. I would like to think  we can all make a difference in our own small ways. The sense of contiribution in making lives better is worth more than gold

      Thank You Orion

      With Warmest Regards


  4. Thank you for this helpful post, 

    Having read your words i realized there are so may more people thinking the way i think. If we don’t develop the way we think, we are never going to get anywhere, I hope more people start changing the way they think about love, for love and happiness sometimes is  closer then what we think.

    Thank you for this post it’s left me feeling very well about my personal growth. 

    1. Hello there,

      Great to hear your thoughts You obviously have had some experience about wanting to moving forward and you know what to put into practice, that’s fantastic. The more people who start to look at themselves and go searching for something more, is what it is all about here at PDM.

      I hope you continue to question where you are and take the necessary steps to becoming more, the tools are all here . Look forward to hearing from you again soon

      Warmest Regards


  5. Very profound article Paul. You have really put a lot in a short article. I have bookmarked this article for additional study. Appreciate the statement “When you change the way you look at things…The things you look at will change. May have to create a big sign with that to post above my desk.

    Your total sight is well put together and easy to follow with great images to stir the mind and appeal to the reader.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight.


    1. Hi Barry,
      So glad to hear you enjoyed this article on Personal development, and in bookmarking me here you have all the information you will need to continue to move forward to a happier and more fulfilling life. A slight change in both attitude and awareness can help turn your life around and the quote, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” is a wonderful place to begin. Yes please make that sign so you can be reminded at every opportunity.
      Thanks to you Barry, you are welcome here every time,

  6. Hi Paul,

    Wonderful, Beautiful, Magical, Free.  I have found that personal growth for me means letting go of the past and releasing parts of my self image that I thought were ingrained as my natural personality and identity.  The realization that I can let go of parts of my self image that no longer serve me, was quite freeing.  I am still putting it into practice, of course!  

    What I am also beginning to really appreciate is that our identity can be remade into anything we want.  

    All the best, 


    1. Hi Tammy

      Great to hear from you. I love the way you kicked of your comment with 4 perfect words to describe such a nice place to be. Letting go of the past and our self image are real challenges, and you sound like your on the way, which is so great, but as you mentioned requires a never ending practice. 

      You also have the realisation that you can remake yourself into anything you want, congratulations to the new you!.

      You’ve obviously had some turning point in your life where you decided to undertake these changes, I’d love to hear about them sometime, till theI just wish you the very best and look forward to hearing from you again soon




  7. Even though you don’t claim you’re a guru, you sure sound like it to me so take that as a compliment my friend. I am always stuck on a daily basis and can never find time to move forward with my dreams, and in turn, makes me more sad because I’m not doing anything with my life. You have truly opened my eyes to reality and I thank you for that. I am also one looking for freedom, I want freedom to do what I want, whenever I want. I will be returning to your blog daily for motivation and a helping hand. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Brandon, Great to hear from you and honestly you are too kind. I just feel overwhelmed with joy knowing that there has been a glimpse of awareness for you and it seems to me you now also know that there is always the opportunity for change. Go easy on yourself and relax knowing that while you have a picture of stagnation in your head you have the power to to turn it around in an instant.

      You are never alone my friend , please come here anytime for any thoughts, opinions and help whenever you need it.

      Beside you Brandon, and here’s to freedom, through choice, by truth!

      My very best to you always


  8. I have been trying to explain this to my daughter. She is stuck on negative right now and it drives me nuts!

    If you wake up feeling slightly crappy and you tell yourself that crappy is acceptable, then that is your day. But if you face crappy down and say today is going to be good, you are headed in the right direction for a great day. 

    Self empowerment is a huge part of personal development mastery i n my opinion, what do you think?

    I think this is a wonderful article and has the potential to help so many!

    Thank you for the great read!


    1. Hi Stacey, Thank you for your comment and your wise words as well. I think first thing when you wake up is a great time to become aware that these initial moments will go a long way to shaping our whole day. Being aware of and taking control of our thoughts is a wonderful cure for just dreading what’s the day going to bring.

      Kids are a hard nut to crack sometimes and maybe the shortest cut is to teach her by example. We all want to be happy so if you can be consistent with your days I’m sure she will eventually follow suit

      Thanks again



  9. We should always strive to better ourselves and discover more about ourselves. Personal growth is important to having a satisfying and rewarding life. If we aren’t trying to grow, we become stagnant. This is applicable to everyone and for those that haven’t considered the importance of continuous growth can benefit the most from it.

    1. Hi Eric,

       Nice to hear from you and your thoughts on Personal Development. Your pretty close to the mark with your comment. We all need to progress if we are to feel fulfilled and happy, stagnation brings with it anxiety and angst. Everyone needs to feel like they are making progress in no matter what they do and as you said those who aren’t even aware but become aware are going to be the big winners

      Cheers mate


  10. Hi Paul I just love the thought of us all being fellow travellers. I am a perpetual student of self development and devour anything and everything I can get my hands on. Sometimes I might only take away a small idea or make a minor change but I love the fact that I am working on my personal growth continuously.

    I have started having a look around your site, it is beautiful and uplifting so I am looking forward to having a bit more time to explore it properly.

    My very best wishes to you and I look forward to getting to know you better.

    1. Hello Heidi, and thanks so much for your lovely comment. Fellow travellers is a nice way to go, sometimes it gets a bit lonely out there, and it’s great to know there are other people just like you and me on the same path.

      Doing a little something at every opportunity is a great way to go, long term success guaranteed. I’m really glad you liked my site and you are most welcome here anytime for some inspiration and uplifting.

      Look forward to hearing from you again soon. 

      Warmest regards 


  11. Hey Paul,
    This was very uplifting and positive, we all need this in our lives. As humbling as life can be its also an opportunity to really reflect and be thankful for where we are. I appreciate your comment and keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Amanda,
      Great to have you here today and thank you for your kind thoughts. To be able to have you feel uplifted is a very great compliment for me and I feel grateful. Any opportunity to reflect and be thankful is a gift to yourself, give that gift often, so that you never deprive the world of the beautiful smile you were given.
      Warmest regards

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