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Ever wondered what a ritual was? Paints a picture of people in black hooded robes with candles burning in a medieval cave somewhere, or it did to me. But in simple terms,  rituals are a series of actions or behaviours that are habitually carried out by someone.

We all have rituals whether we know it or not, and they have a huge impact on our lives both short term and long term. Let’s consider together what we might call the Unplanned Rituals of those of us with a Mediocre Life and the planned Morning Rituals of Successful People.

Just Going Through the Motions or Unplanned Rituals

We all have first-hand knowledge of the unplanned rituals, and personally I can look back and laugh at how my day use to start, woefully is a good word, and it rarely got better as the day went on, sucked up by the backwash of 10 ft wave and then dumped into the sand all the while gasping for breath might be a good description.  To give you some idea lets have a look at my old rituals.

  • Waking to a horrible sounding alarm clock with the absolute minimum amount of time to prepare for work
  • Not wanting to get out of bed… let alone go to work
  • Overcome with negative thoughts for the day ahead
  • Craving my coffee fix
  • Turning on the TV and listening to all the bad news
  • Getting on Face-Book and checking for likes for the previous day’s photos and remarks
  • Check my watch and…Whoops I’m behind schedule
  • Shower and Dress in an almighty rush
  • Rush out the door late… knowing I have to beat my all-time record to be at work on time
  • Drive to work stressed to the max, one eye on the road…the other on the clock with every other maniac
  • Arrive at work on the edge… hoping the boss wasn’t there and ordering a pie, doughnut or bagel for my breakfast.

The Result

I was without even knowing it setting myself up for a day of continued stress, anxiety, fatigue and overwhelm. I was easily distracted easily annoyed, had a minimum of motivation and generally speaking had a mind and body that was performing at 50%, 75% if I was lucky.

a single bloodshot eye spills a tear

The Morning Rituals Of Successful People

The first waking hour is the rudder for our day or the golden hour and we have a choice as always on how we choose to use that hour, whether we want to swim against the current or just flow downstream.

Having researched some of the world’s most influential and respected people of our time including-  Usain Bolt raises his flag after winning another gold medaloprah winfrey speaks to the mediaTony Robbins smiling for the cameraroger federer plays a stylish backhandSerena William hits a forehand winnerConnor McGregor fronts the media

Tony Robbins

Oprah Winfrey

Richard Branson

Ellen DeGeneres

Mick Jagger

Lady Gaga

Howard Shultz

Deepak Chopra

Usain Bolt

Connor McGregor

Serena Williams

Roger Federer

Michael Phelps

They all have specific simplistic rituals that while varying in some respects were all basically the same.Here are some of the very significant benefits they listed for not only their day but their lives.

A slowing down providing a feeling of calm

More alert and resilient to the ups and downs of everyday life

Much more productive and creative

More cheerful and lighthearted

More connected to everything and everyone

More confident and less hesitant in making decisions

Ability to be in the moment

Less stressed and more focused

Much more positive attitude and outlook on life

A general feeling of well-being and a knowing everything is going to be ok.

As you can see this first hour of our day ( the golden hour ) can set the tone for the rest of our day, and have a massive effect on our overall lives. Let’s look at the rituals they perform and the resounding benefits of each one.

hand offering a lit candle in gratitude


Your feelings of gratitude will create for you better physical and mental health, greater happiness and a stronger connection with others. This ritual of gratitude is not simply a mental exercise.

First, you must have focused on what you are grateful for. It may be for this glorious new day, your wonderful spouse, the love for your children, your friends, nature, abundance or simply the fact you are alive, or hopefully all of the above.

You can also simply ask yourself the question “What am I grateful for right now? ” and listen for the answers. The secret though is to see or visualize the gift and then feel it with all the emotion you can.


Our feelings of stress can be managed by meditation,  allowing us to permanently take charge of our emotions. It will raise our level of concentration in everything we do. We will find that we are encouraged to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

We will find ourselves feeling happier more often, and have a new outlook on life. We will find ourselves feeling happier more often, and have a new outlook on life.

The Buddha sits in solitude and peace


You will enjoy an increase in your self-awareness, which can bring about an understanding of your negative reactions to things and move you to make immense changes.

While becoming aware of ourselves, and the way we act through meditation we will also find an acceptance for those things. Studies show that through all the benefits of meditation we also receive the added bonus of a slowing down the ageing process.


Another common trait among those listed above was to read. The newspaper didn’t come up once, no surprise there. What these men and women read in every case was something Uplifting, Motivational or Inspirational to them personally.

an open book of wisdom is bookmarked with a lovely red roseThey like us,  have their own heroes and in all cases, they choose to read biographies or autobiographies of famous sportspeople, entrepreneurs or business people.

They also enjoy reading motivational and personal growth books  (some of them are reading each other’s books). These people have had and will continue to face challenges, heartbreak, and disappointment just like us, but they are in a constant vacuum of learning how to better themselves.

They all had a preference for this ritual over reading the day’s news or social media.


Their exercise rituals varied greatly, of course, having included some of the greatest sportspeople on the planet, but they all had some type of exercise plan that they followed every morning.

A few simply walked their dog, some went for a swim (Michael Phelps certainly does ) or a 10-minute run, the common goal was to get the blood flowing and get the brain to release those good feeling endorphins.

Some type of stretching or yoga followed by some aerobic/cardio exercise which included walking, jogging, bike riding or swimming. For those keen enough and have a specific goal we could sneak some anaerobic exercise (weights) in there as well, finishing off with a hot shower will leave you feeling invincible.

The sense of achievement upon completion is a super satisfying feeling, not to mention the inevitable weight loss aspect, along with a slowing down of the aging process, giving a real boost to our ‘triangle of joy’ which includes the mind, body and ultimately the soul as well.


a girl in her daily ritual of exercise doing push ups

Ok, so having incorporated and done any or all of the above, there’s no way we are going to allow ourselves to eat anything that isn’t going to benefit our body, and this one  ‘Nutritional Breakfast ‘ was one all the success stories above had in common.

It was commonly pointed out that this meal sets your metabolism and the amount of energy you will require for the day. A nutritional breakfast doesn’t have to be too complex or difficult to prepare, let me list a simple example for you.

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • High fibre low sugar cereal or muesli
  • Topped with banana or strawberries and some honeytwo boiled eggs and some cereal represents a healthy meal
  • Boiled egg on toast
  • Tea or coffee

This breakfast is a simple starting point, and as your rituals become a habit you will no doubt be looking at blenders and juicers, to gain maximum nutrition. Don’t give up the coffee yet, its time will come, no need to be perfect yet.


In summarising this post it’s quite obvious you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to see the tremendous value performing these rituals will have. Their impact on your life can and will be staggering, maybe you’re thinking ‘I have no time, or this is just too difficult for me.’ My suggestion is to just take on one ritual, to begin with, and align it with a great breakfast to kick off.

‘But where do I start I hear you say? ‘ Start at the beginning would be my answer. Maybe the first step is to make a plan and start by going to bed an hour earlier each evening.

One thing I promise you is that once you begin and start feeling the benefits you will never go back to your old routines.

Keep in mind these ‘successful people’ mentioned above we’re doing these rituals way before they had their successes. Remember this:

Your small steps TO SUCCESS, are really your steps.. OF SUCCESS !

I’m really excited to know you are about to begin your New and Life-Changing Start to the Day. I know personally of the changes in my life, one day at a time, and as I continue to evolve and fine-tune my Morning Rituals, they have become nothing short of a blessing, and my results in life are nothing short of miraculous.

Please take a moment to like and share the good word!

If you are already using rituals, or have just started, please let me know of your progress.

I can’t tell you how much it will be appreciated.

Hear from you soon!

Ommm..Paul                                                                 Paul says thank you from his garden in China



  1. Top article. Within the last year, I have decided to implement a morning routine. Some days it varies and I have not written down my routine, but I much prefer getting up at 7 or earlier in order to get the day started.

  2. Hi Josh,
    Great work mate,
    Your spontaneity with your routines says so much about you Josh. The fact that you are doing them daily and have been for the last year is awesome. With the studies I have done and the results I have seen it becomes very clear how succesful someone will become by the way they start their day. Your future looks bright and i wish you all the best my friend


  3. I am a retired professional flair bartender. I won 3 Canadian titles and was ranked 11th as my best in the world. I had a morning ritual that I never deviated from no matter if it was snowing, raining, heat wave. It truly changed my energy, my outlook, my life gained clarity and in all aspects, I was more successful.
    Now coming off rock bottom from a serious injury and being completely numbed by the doctors, I finally took control of my treatments and joined the WA to make a new life for myself. Still having to be on certain medications, life has lost that clarity and motivation and Insomnia being a side effect that in 3 years still has not been resolved, finding that morning routine is so hard, but I need to get back to that and I will, just not as fast as I wish for. Great article, people should make reading this with their morning beverage a start to their new routine as the sun rises into our lives.

    1. Hi Jair,

      Thanks for your comment, and your record as a flair barmen is very impressive to say the least. I too have done some bar work and I loved it, It never felt like work and I made some great friends and really had a ball. You didn’t mention what your ailment is, but sense you have been highly challenged. However you sound very determined and even if you need to alter or change your morning rituals, the secret as you already know is to be consistent and persistent.

      I wish you all the very best my friend and I know you will rise to some great heights again to overcome this challenge. Adversity is a great way to build inner strength.

      Cheers mate


  4. Hi there. I just finished reading your article about the morning rituals of successful people. I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thanks, I really enjoyed reading this and got a good deal of information from this post.

    I am trying to become a successful online business owner and I know from my own experience that “gratitude” is one thing that really does work. I know it might sound crazy to some people but by being grateful for the things that you have, seems to really have a positive impact on your life. This works for me anyway.

    I agree that it seems hard to fit everything into your day, but as you suggested I’m concentrating on one thing at a time. Who knows where it might lead?

    1. Hello Andrew,

      Always nice to hear back from someone who has related to my writing. It’s important to keep in mind as mentioned in the post, that these people had formed these habitual disciplines ( rituals ) many years prior to their successes. John Maxwell explains  ‘Your small steps to success, are really your steps of success.’

      So glad to hear you are practicing  gratitude, and while some people may not get it, may you stick with this emotion that brings both peace and contentment, that will benefit both you and your loved ones.

      All the very best with your online business


  5. Great read!  Thanks for sharing!

    Mornings are the start of the day and should start right!

    I grew up in avery religious family so my mother always make sure to pray first in the morning – make sure to thank God and to ask guidance throughout the day.  But this became to me boring and redundant.  So there are times i would say to my mother, yes i`ve done my prayers but actually didn`t.

    As i get older, i realized, it is the same basic principle:  being grateful and maybe prayer as a form of meditation.

    I do appreciate reading your article, as i now really understand now the benefit of starting the day right!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Hanna, 

      Nice to have you here and thanks so much for your thoughts. I too am from a religious family and I can relate very much to what you have said here. Whether it’s praying or whatever we need to kick off the day with Love Gratitude and Strength. The rituals we take part in ultimately shape our lives. We can never control situations but we can control our reaction to those situations.

      Having a clear mind is a great way to bring that acceptance to things and with the right attitude we can all lead a more peaceful and loving existence

      Wishing you the very best Always,


  6. Hi Paul! Thank you very much for your post. I feel blessed because of your writing! To be honest, I have never had a morning ritual. Every morning I just wake up, take a shower, and then go to the office to work (and be in the 9 to 5 rat race). And because my life is too monotonous, do I feel successful? I think not at all!

    Once again, thank you very much for your writing. You motivated me again, and felt like I had returned to life. Sorry I have to quote this, “Start at the beginning would be my answer”. After today, tomorrow I will try to start the morning ritual that you suggest! And I will continue to update you.

    Thank you very much for this website, it really benefits! 

    (Website Bookmarked).

    1. Hi Asmadi, Lovely to hear from you and get your thoughts. Don’t be too hard on yourself for previously so-called failures. The simple fact that you took the time to read the post is a sign you are moving forward and I have no doubt you will. May 2020 be the year that you resolve to follow through on everything your heart truly desires



  7. Hello Paul. Good to see you share the morning rituals of successful people. Successful people indeed have some great characters and routine they don’t do without everyday. I must admit that I don’t do most of those routines you shared but I am sure there must be something I am doing right right now. As a matter of fact, I stopped wasting my time in things that have not been of any benefit to me and I am focusing on things that are very beneficial to me. However, I am being stressed out most times. I guess this list you have shared would help a lot with my stress.


    1. Hi, again Mr. Bilzy,

      Great to hear from you as usual and you are always very honest and very kind with your comments. Take the time to accept where you are right now and know that each small step forward is a step of success.

      Cheers for 2020 bro 



  8. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. Morning rituals to me are very important because they tend to define how your day goes. i never forget to pray and give thanks for breath of life. Every other thing can come afterwards

    1. Hi Benny, Nice to hear from you again and it sounds like you have got your mornings together quite well. To pray and give thanks are 2 of the most important things to do in the morning and everything else is just a bonus. Great work

      All the very best my friend


  9. Hi Paul, great article. Thank you so much. You are absolutely spot on – morning rituals are so important to our connection with ourselves and society in general as well as giving one a sense of achievement at the start of each day. Success begets success, so the better the start to your day, the better your day as a whole.

    Jordan Peterson (in his book “12 Rules for Life”) and retired Navy SEAL commander, Admiral Bill McRaven, both advocate making your bed every morning if you want to be successful.  Their reasoning is that the simple act of making your bed gives you a lift to start your day knowing you have already accomplished something before you do anything else. 

    I’m curious to know your thoughts on playing music or writing in a journal/writing to-do lists each day as a means of achieving a sense of calm and processing the world around us.

    1. Hi there Fluffy, Great to hear from you and I too have heard of the simplistic feeling of achievement from simply making your bed and it is true that it has wonderful benefits.

      I’m a keen advocate of listening to many things. My current schedule includes soft relaxing music first thing  I then move on to lelistening to the wisdom and find myself listening to motivational stuff as the afternoon comes along. I’m still chasing time for the Journal but I’m sure when I am ready it will take an important place in my daily schedule

      Thanks for the reminder my friend


  10. I think that for one to do things that they didn’t do before, they would have to start with making a plan and you pointed that out too. From here I have learnt a couple of things that I too should adopt very soon to my own morning routine. I am certain it will help me get that success just like those successful people too. A post from three years ago that is still relevant today. Fantastic!

    1. Hello Henderson, 

      Thanks for your thoughts and I’m very hopeful you will put in to practice a plan and make a start. These are not new ideas and the successful people in another 50 years will all be doing similar things. These practices will never have a use-by date.

      All the very best.


  11. Hey, The Morning Rituals Of Successful People is awesome for me. You are really doing some great work. I found their are lots of benefits of Rituals, like more productivity, creative as well as more confidence and less hesitation in making decisions .Maybe the first step is to make a plan and start by going to bed an hour earlier each evening. Your guide is very easy for all.

    1. Hi Parveen,

      Wonderful to hear from you again and I think that plan is all you need to begin with. They will align you with your day and if you are patient you will see the magic start to happen with your attitude towards everything.

      All the best


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