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There are many different ways to meditate and there are no stringent rules. We will begin with our Guided Meditation for Beginners, by using some basic guidelines.

As you progress with your meditations you will discover what works best as this magical time evolves for you. This small period spent with yourself each day will have a major effect on the remaining hours of your day.

You can make this time for you a sacred one, and once you have made it a daily practice and come to know the benefits, it will become a time of intense joy. You will wake with great anticipation and excitement.

You can make your meditation sitting or lying, just make sure you are comfortable, not only in your position but also in your attire. Make sure your body temperature is comfortable and you are wearing some loose-fitting clothes.

Ideally, you have turned your phone off and have no distractions. This is your time, so make those minutes the most important of the day.  Let’s now take the time to look at some basic guidelines for this magical time.

statue of buddha with a bodhi tree in the mist


TIME – Try to make a specific time for your meditation each day, preferably as soon as possible after waking. This will enable you to set the tone for the rest of your day. The duration of your meditation is your call, however, a minimum of 5 or 10 minutes when you begin may be enough. Once again as you come to understand and realise the amazing benefits of this practice you will want to extend this time to 20 minutes or more.


POSTURE – Use your favourite or most comfortable chair and sit up with a straight back and have your hands in a comfortable position. Or if you prefer to lie down once again prioritize the comfort factor.

You will have seen many images and examples of people meditating as portrayed above, sitting in the classic lotus position with knees bent and crossed, hands are placed on the knees with thumb and first finger touching or joined. You may like to begin in this position as well, but being comfortable at first is our number 1 priority.

rocks amazingly balance on top of each other at sunset


FOCUS – Ok, so now we are nice and comfortable and ready to begin. Start by taking a few conscious breaths. It’s important to breathe naturally and just focus on your breath as you inhale, and then as you exhale, notice your chest as it rises on the in-breath and lowers itself on the out-breath. Feel the breath as it enters and then exits your lungs.

Be aware of, and in awe of this miracle that your body performs 24 hours a day with no effort of your own. This is the miracle of your very existence, as you feel and acknowledge this wondrous act performed, gently lower your eyelids and continue to focus on your breath.


THOUGHTS – As you continue to focus you will notice and experience thoughts coming and going, this is a natural occurrence to even the most experienced meditators. Don’t be distracted, it is important to accept these thoughts and let them come and go, as you would clouds coming and going against a beautiful blue sky.

Just relax and go back to your breath, you might even like to smile at these thoughts. Always keep in mind that perfection is the last thing we are striving for in our meditation.

stunningly blue sky with whispy clouds and a shinning sun


It’s a great pleasure for me to know you have started meditating, and I know as the days go by you will notice subtle but awe-inspiring changes in many things.

Including awareness of your thoughts and a realisation of how repetitious your thinking patterns are, you will also come to realise how detrimental they are to your well being.

You will have started to notice pieces of beauty that you have always taken for granted, and maybe an understanding that the most precious things in life have nothing to do with money. You will find yourself reacting differently to situations that you previously found irritating or stressful.hands together and outstretched as the sun glows and give life


You will feel a gentleness, calm and ease surrounding you. You can see how your thoughts constantly drift off into the future or return to the past.

In coming to an awareness of this repetition of your thought patterns, you are able to see this way of thinking is of no real value to you, and you are able to stop at the thought, realise it has no value in your search for peace and contentment, question the truth of the thought, and reject it.

You have a choice! You can then choose to replace it with the Truth, by thinking a thought of Beauty, Love, Happiness, Forgiveness or Compassion.


Once again we have no desire to acquire perfection in our meditation, as this word is a burden on our quest for Peace. Hence I would like to offer you some suggestions to make your meditations even more special.

You can take your time for spiritual growth to a higher level by making a small shrine or altar, and decorate it with objects that instill a feeling of Calm or Peace in your chosen sanctuary.

I like to burn some candles along with some incense and I also have a large glass bowl filled with water, with some freshly picked flowers floating in the water. A beautiful hanging of Buddha which inspires me greatly, and finishes off my little temple of Peace, Serenity, and Tranquillity.


incense burning with the smoke taking the shape of a love heartmany candles burning in unison


beautiful pink lotus flower erupts from the lake


It also includes my favourite chair, and I enjoy going there to read or just relax while playing some gentle music. I sometimes just sit and listen, or contemplate a decision to be made, and the answer always seems to come.

My floating flowers are picked from my garden, and the time spent growing my beautiful plants and the gathering of the flowers offers me a sense of great peace, and is, in itself a peace-giving ritual that leads me back to my shrine.

collection of shells on the beach


Some of my friends like to include dream catchers, photos and/or paintings, seashells or stones of spiritual meaning to their desires.

dream catcher does its best under a brilliant sky

Be sure to have fun with this and enjoy the new you that you are creating. As you delve deep into the silence you will discover that inner you who yearns to meet you and cherish you.

Just do whatever is needed to ensure it is a ritual of very great importance in your daily plan. Last, but certainly, not least offer your gratitude to this ever-evolving practice that will surely change your life forever.

a man on a mountain top meditates and gives thanks


Please take the opportunity to watch and listen to the video below. It’s created by Dr. Wayne Dyer described by some as ‘The Father Of Motivation.’ It’s one I choose to use often, it offers a short introduction with simple instructions before some powerful gentleness to get you off to a great start with your meditations.


I truly hope you enjoyed this article outlining many of the benefits that will be yours. I’d love to hear from you and your experience with meditation so please drop me a note in the comments section below.

Thank You Greatly




  1. This is a very easy and simple plan to follow for beginners. I think a lot of us who are new to meditation tend to overcomplicate the process. My biggest obstacle is making the time each day to meditate. I become so overwhelmed with daily life that it is difficult for me to slow down.

    The funny thing is that I know if I meditate more, life may seem a little less overwhelming. Your post has inspired me to focus and make time for meditation. I will be sure to follow your advice and some of the tips in your summary. Thank you!

    1. Hello Eartha,
      So nice to receive your thoughts, your comments are the truth for so many of us, you have touched on a very true paradox. We often are overwhelmed with the so-called lack of time to do the very things that will overcome the overwhelm. Discipline is a hard taskmaster sometimes but go easy on yourself knowing that when your ready and the time is right you will make the time. I hope my post has been the inspiration you need to begin, if not yet, in the not too distant future. I would so love to hear from you when you kick off with your meditations, may it be sooner than later.
      Wishing you peace regardless Eartha
      Gratitude mate

  2. A lovely post. I do yoga regularly but have only recently begun to get into the meditation side of it a bit more.

    I particularly liked the section on creating a small shrine or altar – I feel like this is something that could really benefit my practice and I love your suggestions. I have a small collection of shells and stones, I think they will be perfect 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Louise
      A real joy to receive your comment, and I love the fact that you practice yoga. I’m sure it has similar benefits to meditation and to combine both will bring you unlimited gains. I love my space for meditating and it is something I take great pride in. It has become an integral part of my meditation. It has evolved along with my meditation technique and is truly an inspiration when I may feel like missing a day.It draws me to it like a magnet. The collecting of new items is a constant reminder of how important my meditation is and I am constanly on the look out for anything that inspires me. Be sure that your little collection of shells and stones will be more than perfect.
      Send me a picture if you could when you have it set up.
      Peace be with you my friend.

  3. As they say, the little things make the difference and the things you have shared here about meditation are simply spot on and welcomed. Thank you so much for sharing all of these here. Beginning with meditation cannot come at a much better rate than it is at the moment. The things you have simplified here are awesome. Thanks

    1. Hi Roddarick, you always have a great appreciation of my posts and in turn, I have a great appreciation of your comments. I know we have many things in common no more than the way we think. Always great to hear from you my friend


  4. Thumbs up to you for sharing here. I really like your simplification of the steps and essentials to meditation. In fact, I fancy every bit of this. It would help any beginner to really get started with meditation and the cogent things that need to be in place before meditation can thrive at peak. I’m thankful that you shared this.

    1. Hi Shelley, Nice to hear from you again. meditation is a simple practice and always a work in practice as we evolve into what works for us, there’s no right or wrong involved simply a desire to greet that place within. Really glad you enjoyed the read and thanks again


  5. Hi Paul,  I am no stranger to meditation, however the serenity in your pages gave me a glow and reminded me how peaceful things of nature are.

    I am a nature lover and a simple walk in nature when I have a decision to make always calms me down, unclutters my mind allowing the choices to come through clearly.  It is then easy to see my path.

    I have just spent 4-5 hyper days with Black Friday marketing and truly, the peace from your website made me breathe and relax and let all the hyper go.

    Thank you for your beautiful work that you share with others.  Cheers Jill

    1. Awww, Jill, I feel so blessed to read your words right now. It’s always the seekers who are most appreciative of my site and I can tell you are one. Your comment has been a shining light for me here today. Thanks and blessings.


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