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Hello Everyone

I AM..so pleased to present to you my carefully selected collection of  I Am Affirmations For Abundance. These affirmations will work for you, as they have done for me if you take some time each day and do precisely as outlined in my previous post ‘Complete Guide For Affirmations.’

You may be wondering why we are going to use I Am before our affirmations. Through much trial, error and disappointment in my use of affirmations I stumbled across one of the great teachers of the last 80 years and was immediately impressed by his use and style of affirmations.

I immediately put his theories and suggestions into action and was able to achieve almost immediate results.

The simple explanation behind the use of I AM prior to our statement of truth is that we need to have the strongest influence over our subconscious mind with repetition and belief.

The use of I AM speaks to the subconscious mind as a present moment statement of reality. The subconscious mind accepts the statement as if the words used in our affirmation are already or currently taking place. They are not some random event that you are hoping and wanting to take place in some distant future.

The subconscious mind not knowing the difference between what’s real and what’s not, is influenced and convinced much quicker when spoken as a present moment fact of truth.a girl sits in a hammock strung between 2 skyscrapers overlooking honk kong




Before we begin let’s once again have a look at the procedure I have used with so much success.

  • First of all, we say the affirmation and actually visualize it.
  • Then we harness intense emotion and feel exactly what this new truth feels like.
  • Then we show our belief in the affirmation by feeling grateful and giving thanks for this truth coming into being.
  • I AM Allowing Money To Flow To Me In Avalanches Of Abundance
  • I AM A Wealthy Child In A Generous Loving Universe
  • I AM Absolutely Worthy Of Making Large Amounts Of Money
  • I AM Using My Wealth And Abundance To Better My Life And The Ones I Love The Most
  • I AM Aligned With The Energy Of Prosperity
  • I AM Constantly Attracting Wealth Into My Life
  • I AM Open And Receptive To All The Wealth Life Has To Offer
  • I AM A Magnet To Money
  • I Am Accepting All The Joy And Prosperity Life Has To Offer
  • I AM Attracting Money Everywhere I Go
  • I AM Welcoming Money Into My Life
  • I AM Attracting Abundance With The Greatest Of Ease
  • I AM Loving Money And Money Loves Me
  • I AM Allowing Money To Flow To Me Easily And Effortlessly
  • I AM Seeing And Feeling Prosperity Everywhere
  • I AM Drawing Prosperity Wealth And Abundance To Me
  • I AM Embracing All Avenues Of Income
  • I AM Constantly Attracting Opportunities That Create More And More Wealth
  • I AM The Master Of My Wealth
  • I AM Handling Massive Success With Ease
  • I AM Totally Deserving Of The Wealth Prosperity And Abundance Flowing To Me


a rocket shooting for the stars

Move beyond doubt to knowing, and owning these truths of your abundance, and watch as the miracles you seek become fruition as you use these affirmations. With discipline and persistence, you will develop a knowing beyond knowing, a belief beyond belief.

If you haven’t done so already I suggest you take the time to read my post on Goal Setting “How To Achieve Every Goal You Set” as you gain momentum you will come to realise”Impossible is Nothing.”

I Am absolutely delighted to have finished this post. Because I have for you a knowing beyond knowing, a belief beyond belief that you can and will make all your dreams come true.

Write to me below and allow me to feel the joy of the new world you have created.

With Absolute Gratitude Always


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  1. thanks for the great affirmations resource. it’s amazing how effective affirmations can be. I think they have the effect of focusing us on what it is we want to bring into our lives. that’s half the power right there! increased focus, and increased openness to happiness, prosperity, and health. and using the present moment tense is so important, because of how we experience time!

    1. Hello Penelope,
      My pleasure, and I think you are spot on with your understanding of the benefits of affirmations. I have used them and have been able to make huge changes to the way I think, which raised my self-esteem and in turn my belief systems. Affirmations are not a quick fix, but like anything worthwhile in changing our lives, if done persistently and with feeling and emotion are one of the stepping stones to a more worthwhile and successful life. I’m excited for you Penelope as you move forward in making all of your dreams come true.
      With Gratitude


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