The Little Things Are The BIG Things!

a girl tries on her old pair of jeans to which are 5 sizes too big after changing her views on dieting

Small steps to make BIG change is something we often overlook or fail to appreciate as we attempt to initiate change. Often times we look up to the height of the mountain we need or intend to climb, and we decide not to begin because of the sheer magnitude of the task. Instead of remembering that we only have to take the first step and put one foot in front of the other.

And this is where we will begin today with reference to our diet.

a woman in a long white dress climbs a cliff face

Everything Affects Everything Else…Everything !!

Nutrition Made Incredibly Easy – And Why Not!

beautiful display of fresh fruit and vegetablesDiet, well there’s no shortage of experts out there telling us that this is the right diet and that’s the wrong diet. Eat more protein and fewer carbs is the current line of thought, not so long ago it was the other way around, eat less protein and more carbs.

If eating more protein and fewer carbs is the way to go, how could the experts have gotten it so wrong?

Eat fresh fruit and drink natural juices, No don’t do that, fruit and its juices are too high in sugar, bananas are fattening, we should eat low-fat products, but aren’t they loaded with sugar?

Seems all the experts are contradicting and criticising each other depending on what they, in particular, are promoting and/or selling.

Who is really telling the truth, who can we trust? I say you should trust yourself.. ‘Whatever you believe is true ‘. We all have a basic understanding or knowledge of what we should and shouldn’t eat.

This will be a simplistic guide on how to improve your health and well being, a starting point if you like that will provide results. Let’s make it easy, and begin without too many sacrifices, it will be up to you if you look to evolve even further and chase optimum nutrition.

List Of Do’s 

  • Do Eat more Fruit and Veggies
  • Do Juice your Fruit and Veggiesyoung man wearing yellow board shorts tanned and with a nice lean body
  • Do Eat Lean Meats
  • Do Eat Seafood
  • Do Snack on Nuts and Seeds
  • Do Eat 4-5 Smaller Portion Meals a Day
  • Do Drink 2-3 Litres of Water Each Day
  • Do Replace Sugar with Honey
  • Do Treat Yourself to Fast Food Once a Week
  • Do Expect More Energy
  • Do Expect to Look and Feel Younger
  • Do Expect to Sleep Better
  • Do Expect to Feel Better About Yourself
  • Do Expect to Lose Weight
  • Do Expect to Fall in Love with Your Body

List Of Dont’s


  • Don’t Eat Large Portion Mealsset of scales with a tape measure and an apple sitting on top
  • Don’t Buy Low-Fat Dairy Products
  • Don’t Eat Too Much Fast Food
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast
  • Don’t Drink Soft Drinks
  • Don’t Drink Manufactured Fruit Juice Drinks
  • Don’t Drink Sports Drinks

Summing Up-Keep It Simple!

As you can see, the list above is not too radical and offers alternatives without drastically adjusting most people’s eating habits, put simply we can indulge in healthy natural unprocessed low-fat low-sugar meals.

Of course, some regular cardio and aerobic exercise will greatly benefit as well and we’ll look at that in the near future.

I feel excited to hear from your experiences of what has worked for you and if you have anything to add with regards to suggestions, please don’t hesitate to write to me and share with the community.Paul, me takes time out for a dip in a passing river

Thanks As Always



    1. Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I hope you found something beneficial that you can use and that your well on your way to a better, healthier life. If I can offer any other form of advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me again. I’d love to hear from you.
      All the best Adrienne

  1. Hi Paul,

    Wonderful article. This is perfectly timed because today we are so inundated with what we “should” be eating and “how.” You’re right, it’s very contradictory and it’s hard to tell.
    I agree whole-heartedly with you in that we should listen to our bodies and because we have the innate knowledge on what makes us feel best. We just have to be honest about it.
    Thank you for the reminders and simplifying making big changes with small steps. 🙂

    1. Hi Steph.

      So nice to read your comment, and you have an understanding of the simplicity of a natural healthy diet and the benefits of avoiding complications. It’s always worked for me and always will. To be comfortable with our bodies and in control of our minds leads us to make the right decisions in the pursuit of even our simplest of goals.

      Small steps and persistence goes a long way.

      Believe that you know all.. cause you do

      Well done mate


  2. Hi Paul,
    This is by far the best post on diets I’ve come across in a looong time. “Trust yourself” is definitely what turned things around for me, after being increasingly sick by following doctors’ orders.
    Plus, your diet tips are easy to remember and to follow, and they are – wow! – exactly the same as mine!
    Life gets better also with the right food, so let’s improve our habits for our own good!
    Thanks Paul, keep going, your website is what people need.
    Cheers, Alma

    1. Hi Alma

      Thanks so much for your lovely reply, and I’m so pleased to know it was of some purpose to you.I think simplicity in our lives is very often overlooked in this fast paced world.To be stressed and anxious about everything is just accepted as the way life is. To know we have a choice is  key. We need to stop complicating things and slow down. Choosing one aspect of change, (in this case our diet) will have an impact on every other part of our lives.

      Keep up the great work Alma

      Kind regards 


  3. Some great advice here, and something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

    Eating a diet of non processed foods is the answer. Go back in time before foods were so highly processed, and everyone was smaller and thinner.

    I also find that writing everything down that I eat helps a lot, as you will get a shock at what actually goes in your mouth and it will make you think next time.

    1. Hey Michel,

      Nice to see you here again! The diet plan mentioned is just a habitual way of life and yes staying away from processed is a great way to go and not really that difficult especially if you have a plan before you go shopping.

      What a great idea keeping tabs on what your eating, like a food journal to keep you on track…Brilliant!



  4. It’s also overwhelming the overload of information regarding diet. Everyone literally has an opinion in the kind of diet people should undergo. At some point, it begins to look like we create prisons for ourselves by limiting ourselves to rules which will still change tomorrow.

    I believe everyone should eat what’s right for their body and daily energy requirements. Just follow the simple and basic rules, and we will all be fine.


    1. Hello Mate,

      Great to see you here once again and the ideas you have expressed are sincerely my own. A simple diet of healthy natural unprocessed food will keep you in good stead and keep you away from being brainwashed with every new fad diet that seems to pop up daily as some way of filling someones wallet. It’s not rocket sciences, We all have a basic understanding and a natural instinct of what we should and should not eat.

      Cheers Louie


  5. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your healthy eating article. I found your post engaging and inspiring. Your mentioning of taking baby steps is something I say all of the time. I found it funny about the mountain, I have a huge hill I walk up every day and when I’m at the bottom, I look up and say baby steps will get me there.
    By gradually changing my eating ways a little every day, I’m sure I will find myself not missing the old way of eating, like the hill I climb every day that got easier over time.
    Thanks for shining a light on it and the lists are great tips to follow.

    1. Hi Lenard

      Really love your comment. To hear you are using the skill of taking ‘ a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step’ is one of the great quotes to overcome procrastination and fear and get motivated to just start. It’s one we can use so often and it always works. No doubt you will put it into practice and I know you’re already on your way to a healthier happy body.

      Congratulations mate


  6. Thanks for writing this article on diets and nutrition and a simple plan. There are many things that have been said about good diets and there are still many to come, but one of the most important things I do follow is what is similar to what they are saying. I just leave those that contradict each other and don’t allow them to get confused with things I take in. I haven’t juiced my fruits before now, but I think it is the right thing to do because of all the nutrients juicing has. 

    1. Hey there,

      The hype surrounding so many fad diets is truly amazing, like a revolving door. As mentioned in the post though it is simply a matter of following your gut( pardon the pun) and along with some exercise you have the right ingredients. I don’t allow myself to be influenced by anyone in the profession as we are all so different with the way our body works we should listen our own body’s and let it make the decisions for us.

      Cheers Mate


  7. I believe in the compounding effect of small actions so I do listen to how my system respond to any change in diet when it comes to exploring other eating habits. I’m a bit curious about the reason behind “don’t skip breakfast” in your “list of dont’s”. It’s what I’m unconsciously doing not because of any special dieting reason but as a result of my schedules. The laboratory that I work doesn’t close early so I usually wake up an hour to prepare for lab work. So breakfast is not really on my timetable. 

    My first meal of the day is lunch but I do drink a lot of water. So I will be glad if you can elaborate more on why you included it in your list. 

    1. Hello there

      I think breakfast is a very important meal , though I understand that sometimes if you are a shift worker it is sometimes overlooked. Just a habit. I, myself crave a good breakfast even if it as simple as some juice and a piece of toast. Our metabolisms are all different and I could not last till lunch. I think It can also enable to keep to smaller portions, instead of being starving at midday and having a huge lunch.

      Hope this clears things up for you



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