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Pure Nutrition Plus is a simple and straightforward approach to a Healthy Lifestyle that’s designed not to complicate things.

Let me start by telling you I am not a nutritionist or an expert, but the more research I do, the more contradictions by the experts I see. So I will simply speak from my own very personal experience.

I simply love juicing my vegetables and blending my fruit, both have been a part of my brekky and/or brunch routine, or probably in the context of this website my Morning Rituals for over 30 years. The benefits have been amazing and something I very much take for granted these days.

For Example-

  • Heaps of Energy
  • Radiant skin
  • Shiny hair
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Brilliant white teeth
  • Toned body

Along with these outer physical benefits, consuming these fruits and vegetables provides me with a built-in, daily detox programme, giving me a more rapid metabolism which has allowed me to maintain the same weight for 30 years.

I have not experienced a cold or flu, and for that matter, any real kind of sickness for that same 30 year period. Touch wood!

Have to be completely honest here though, my shiny hair is starting to thin, however, my father and younger brother both went bald in their late 20’s and while I was told that I too was going bald at age 17, (not long before I began juicing) I still have at least 75%  of mine left at age 56.

I stand 5.11″/ 180cm and weigh 165lbs/76kgs which if you check the charts are said to be perfect height to weight ratio.Paul displaying his fit and healthy body

The above mentioned is written with complete humility as my goal here is not to impress you with any physicalities, but to impress upon you the blessings that are available to you.

As you already know I’m an Australian guy who continues to travel extensively throughout South East Asia and I currently reside in China. The reason I mention this is that these countries I love to hang out in provide some of the most exotic fruits, and luscious vegetables available, which is one of the main attractions for me.

The first thing that goes in my suitcase is my super reliable hand-held blender and together we have both travelled and indulged in some of the most nutritional and invigorating juices available to man.


The Fruits

fruit shake ready to go surrounded by all the different fruit ingredients



      • Passion Fruitanother beautiful display of fresh nutritious fruit
      • Paw Paw
      • Dragon Fruit
      • Coconut
      • Guava
      • Durian
      • Blueberries
      • Lychee
      • Pampama
      • Star Fruit

Along With The Old Reliables

        • Banana
        • Mandarins
        • Watermelon
        • Pineapple
        • Mango
        • Orangea one stop fruit shop
        • Grapes
        • Strawberries
        • Mulberries
        • Kiwi Fruit
        • Honeydew Melon


Makes my mouth water just writing about these natural and nutritious fruits from the gods, making my refrigerator resemble the Garden of Eden.Juicer and Blender: Click here to purchase now




excellent display of different vegetables

Well, it’s natural not to be as excited by the taste of the veggies. The inspiration lies in the knowledge of the benefits, and life-giving results that go on to complete our all-round development that is surely coming your way.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The More Commonly Juiced Veggies

      • Celerythumb nail of some fresh crispy celery
      • Cucumber
      • Carrots
      • Cabbage
      • Broccoli
      • Sweet Potato
      • Wheat Grassbig fresh carrots
      • Spinach
      • Tomato
      • Beetroot
      • Asparagus
      • Kale
      • Swiss Chard
      • Bok Choinice fresh bunch of celery
      • Herbs (including Ginger Mint Parsley)

Is Tomato a veggie or a fruit? Who cares, just whack one in the juicer along with an apple to enhance the flavour every time!nice bunch of ready to eat tomatoes

The list of veggies above is fairly extensive, and I for one certainly don’t indulge in them all, far too complicated in my simplistic world. However, in my next post, I am going to be much more specific with regard to the exact fruits that I blend and the veggies I juice.
Ninja Blender and Juicer-Click here to purchase now

The benefits of this Nutritional Dietary Ritual goes way beyond the physical advantages of new found abundant energy, loss and stabilising of your weight, radiant glowing complexion, sparkling shining eyes, and a friendly captivating smile! The mental strength and feeling of control you will acquire in this one specific aspect of your life will amaze you as well.

As we’ve mentioned before everything we do affects everything else, and this ritual will be no exception. This discipline will lend strength and confidence that you are in control, and you will take this strength and courage into other areas of your life. This I can promise you!some yummy looking vege juices ready to go..cheers

So Congratulations

And Cheers!

The fruits and veggies you use will always be a personal choice unless you are doing it for some specific reason or ailment. I’m looking forward to my next posting where you will learn all my secrets hehe. Till then my friend if you’ve got any thoughts whack them in below, in the comment box.

Till Next We MeetPaul in Wuhan China




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  1. Wow Paul. You can easily put those much younger than you to shame with that body. I like juices and smoothies and typically have them once every few days. But may I know YOUR way of taking them. Do you drink them as meal replacement or just once a day?

    1. Hi Isaac
      Thanks for your kind words mate. I generally start my day with my vegetable juice and drink a litre of water prior to my blending of fruit, which then sets me up for a workout in my home gym of forty minutes. This leaves me famished and I will then cook an omelette filled with veggies that aren’t so juiceable namely mushrooms, onion, broccoli, capsicum and peppers and add some chicken. My day has begun!
      I feel alive unstoppable and full of energy. Give it a try Isaac, it’s a discipline or habit that I cannot recommend highly enough.
      Life changing!
      All the best to you

  2. Juicing is an interesting concept for a way to get more veggies into your body, I read you should juice for more greens than fruit for a healthy juice beverage.

    what would you say is a good ratio of greens and fruit for a healthy low fat juice beverage?

    I read recently 80% greens and 20% fruit , what is your opinion on this ratio?

    1. Hi Jeffrey
      Great questions, my diet is completely designed for simplicity and convenience, while indulging in as many fruit and veggies that are readily available. And I am quite cynical of the rights and wrongs of the contradictory opinions of the ‘experts’. I choose to abide by the rules that ‘whatever you believe is true’ and ‘whatever works for you.’

      Having said that,80% greens and 20% fruits sounds awesomely healthy, as long as you can maintain and enjoy the choice and be disciplined daily.
      Health and happiness to you

  3. Hello, Paul, thanks for the inspiring article and showing ways how to make juicing and blending enjoyable.
    I have few questions regarding exotic fruits and vegetables. I guess that you know that health practitioners recommend eat fruits and vegetables from places where you been born. I do not believe 100% what they talk about, just I consider their opinion.
    I wonder how do you choose eat these exotic things? Do you choose organic or you try everything what appeals to you as tasty meal?
    Did you ever have allergies?
    I like to try various dishes. It is mind expanding and fulfilling. However, it would be great to hear from you because as I see from pictures that you tried enormous amount of exotic fruits and vegetables.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Hello Nemira,
      So nice to hear from, truly my pleasure and you’ve asked some interesting questions. First, let me start by saying I prefer to trust my own judgement over any and all Health Nutrition or Dietary experts, their opinions are always contradictory, and they always talk to the masses as if everybody (EVERY BODY) is the same.
      I don’t specifically choose organic simply because I know my body has a built in immunity to whatever they have used in non-organic foods. As I travel throughout Asia I eat everything that tastes good, and quite often that is street food, and have never been sick or had any allergies, and that includes 12 years of travel.
      I’m not saying this is ok for everybody, but I tend to focus as much as I can on the benefits, and tastes of the food and not on the ‘What ifs.’ I must stress everything in both proportion and moderation.
      I hope this has been helpful Nemira,
      Wishing you to Health Wealth And Happiness


  4. First of all, I love your site’s domain! I feel like I’m constantly “getting things sorted”!

    I love the suggestion of mixing veggies into morning smoothies or juices. I have recently started going for a smoothie and tea in the mornings on the majority of days instead of 2-3 cups of coffee (although I still enjoy coffee at least three times a week).

    I’ve found that I have a lot more sustained energy throughout the day this way. But I could also be including more veggies because I don’t necessarily include enough in meals throughout the day.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Hello Tucker,

      Appreciate your comment my friend, and sounds like your becoming more aware of a healthier diet and it’s always the best way to kick off with something small and make similiar changes as you progress and prioritize,. I know once you start juicing those veges you’ll get into the habit and the feeling of more energy and well being and you won’t be able to do without them.

      All the best mate


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