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Hello And Welcome My Friend,
In today’s article, we will begin by looking at some examples of the sources and processes that lead to our feelings of unhappiness.
As the above article implies, more often than not, we are totally unaware of our habitual reactions, to the challenges and situations that life deals us. See if you can relate to any, some or all of the following examples.


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  • Situations or challenges arise to which we feel powerless.
  • Our habitual negative thinking kicks in. Our thoughts are propelled to future scenarios and are exaggerated into uncontrollable negative situations.
  • We have belief systems, already instilled in us, that believe the best way to cope with these challenges, is by being or feeling negative, that this will somehow solve the issues.
  • We become powerless, through reaffirming things that have happened in the past.
  • We are paralysed in the present moment and are anxious and fearful of what the future will bring.
  •  Our emotions attack us physically, and we stop eating and find it difficult to sleep.
  • We become so caught up in the current challenges, we then look for past situations that compound our negative emotions.
  • We become overwhelmed and isolate, watching tv, sleeping all day, anything that will distract us from taking action.
  • We feel ashamed that we are unable to deal with the situation, pondering on, ‘What’s wrong with me’?
  • We beat ourselves up and feel guilty for not doing the things we know need to be done.
  • We resort to taking drugs or alcohol to distract and alleviate the pain.
  • We deny ourselves any contact with friends or family, denying ourselves their help and/or compassion, that totally isolates us and our situation.a young woman lays on her bed deep in thought


The above mentioned are some examples of my own personal experience and are not original by any means. There are many reasons why we choose to react to things the way we do.

If you related to any of the examples above, you will understand there is a process that we all have when it comes to dealing with life’s many tests.

I hope you would like to share with both me and my readers any thoughts and opinions you may have from either your own experience or the ones you love and care for.the first purple daisy blooms




  1. Nice article. I do believe awareness is the first step in change of any behavior that we find undesirable. Life is challenging and in our fast paced world it is sometimes hard to stop and realize what we are doing (or not doing) that keeps us focused on our negativity and stops us from moving forward.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      So nice to hear from you, and by your comments I can tell that you already had an awareness of what my post wanted to point out. While awareness may be the original key to change, it is by no means the complete answer. A decision needs to be made to back up the awareness and a plan of action on how to maintain the discipline to take our change forward. While I hold the belief that everything is unfolding in divine perfection, when the time comes for us to say enough is enough, we must take the initiative and put into place those life changing methods that can and will make a difference when we make them our daily habits.
      Best Wishes Patricia in changing Your World
      Gratitude My Friend

  2. I for one usually get stuck in the present and fear how will the situation affect my future. I will then go through all the negative that will come from the situation over and over in my mind. Then worry about worrying myself to sleep with something that has not happened yet.And most of the time it does not turn out to be as bad as I thought it would be. It is draining. I am aware of this thinking of mine and always tell myself that I will do better next time but I guess habits are hard to let go.

    1. Hello Francina
      Thanks for being so open and honest in your comment I couldn’t help but think Awwww, as I read your words. Please go easy on yourself and take comfort from the fact you are not alone, that the majority of people on the planet would relate to everything you have said.
      Let’s look at the truth of things, firstly you already have an awareness of what you do and you would like to change. Change is simple, but it’s not easy.
      It’s time to make a decision for change and make a plan of action, Rome wasn’t built in a day so we need to go easy. Small but subtle changes completed every day will gain momentum and turn your life around.
      If you care to explore my site in more detail I offer many small but life-changing practices that once again will change your world.
      Good luck to you friend, I hope you will take the challenge and when you decide to do so, I would love to hear your story.
      Blessings To You Francina

      Your Friend

  3. hi Paul,

    thanks for the article. i totally agree with you that awareness is the starting point for change. there’s another word for it that someone said to me, which is “observing ego”.

    once you’re aware and are no longer operating on auto-pilot, you then realise that you have the ability to change things! and at that point you can see how you can change your life for the better.

    best regards,

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for your feedback on ‘Awareness is the Beginning of Change.’ And what you say is true, we are all on auto-pilot sometimes, but we can and will change if we take the opportunity to be still, and watch our thoughts emotions and reactions to anything and everything.

       I’m sure you’ll agree also that becoming aware is not enough, it is just shedding light on a new beginning, that of refocusing our thoughts on what we do want and not on what we don’t want.

      Truly My Pleasure Hearing From You Jerry

      Warmest Regards


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