The Key To Growth Is The Introduction Of Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness Into Our Awareness

Lao Tzu



Awareness is defined as the knowledge or perception of fact. The state or condition of being aware, having knowledge or consciousness.




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 So having asked the question, What is the Importance of Self Awareness? We can now look at what Self Unawareness feels like.

Let’s begin by looking at some examples of the sources and processes that lead to our feelings of unhappiness. As the above title implies, more often than not, we are totally unaware of our habitual reactions, to the challenges or situations life deals us. See if you can relate to any, some, or all of the following.Eckhart Tolle's Amazing Book: The Power Of Now- A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment, Click here to purchase now

  • Situations or challenges arise to which we feel powerless.
  • Our habitual negative thinking kicks in. Our thoughts are propelled to future scenarios and are exaggerated into uncontrollable negative situations.
  • We have belief systems, already instilled in us, that believe the best way to cope with these challenges, is by being or feeling negative, that this will somehow solve the issues.
  • We become powerless, through reaffirming things that have happened in the past.
  • We are paralysed in the present moment and are anxious and fearful of what the future will bring.
  •  Our emotions attack us physically, and we stop eating.
  • We become so caught up in the current challenges, we then look for past situations that compound our negative emotions.
  • We become overwhelmed and isolate, watching tv, sleeping all day, anything that will distract us from taking action.
  • We feel ashamed that we are unable to deal with the situation, pondering on what’s wrong with me.
  • We beat ourselves up and feel guilty for not doing the things we know need to be done.
  • We resort to taking drugs or alcohol to distract and alleviate the pain.
  • We deny ourselves any contact with friends or family, denying ourselves their help or compassion, that totally isolate us and our situation.



The above mentioned are some examples of my own personal experience and are not original by any means. There are many reasons why we choose to react to things the way we do.

If you related to any of the examples above, you will understand there is a process that we all have when it comes to dealing with life’s many tests.

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  1. Hi Paul

    I was trying to understand what self Unawareness means only to realise by reading your post that my understanding is that it’s a state of mind or being that keeps us in a negative place without realising or realising that we are in that state.
    I have been trying to work on positive affirmations and meditation after I realised (or woke up to) the fact that I need to choose better to make life easier for me and others around me.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge…and I have a journey on my hands!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Gina,

      So nice to hear from you, and your comment is so true. Most, if not all of us are on auto pilot in our minds. We are reliving the past which gives us an identity, or to the future, to where a certain goal or destination will bring us to a never ending home of happiness. Both are illusions.Self awareness is undoubtedly the beginning of change, but it too is just a beginning,.there must be a decision and a commitment for change.

      It won’t be easy, and it will be never ending, but like everything worthwhile in life it will have rewards far beyond your wildest dreams.You will have the opportunity to not only change your life, but those that you hold dearest, by your example.

      Our parents were gods to us, they loved us so much and without doubt did their very best. Break the shackles of their limited awareness.You are yours and your children’s future happiness. They are depending on you.

      I Wish You Every Success Gina

      Always here


  2. I was reading what you wrote and honestly i can’t understand what is yours originally, and i wonder if you do that deliberately. My self awareness extends to the fact that you are putting out some serious quotes but you yourself have not bought into it. It would be quite an achievement to really live by these quotes and not merely advertise them

    1. Hi Orion,

      This post is of my own personal experience and in my experiencce that of the majority of people. In reply to your comment. I wish you happiness and love.. please 


  3. Very interesting post.  Love all quotes  from Lao Tzu.  And yes Presence and Awareness are key to any worhtwhile growth and change within.  Also throw in a bit of Observation as well.

    “The Power of Now” by Tolle is a great book and is to be considered Core Material in assisting the waking up process.  So many folks think they are going crazy and feel hopeless right now but they are just waking up.  Breaking through the illusion can be quite frightening at times especially when we have held on and cherished so many core beliefs.

    You are doing a very good job with your content is assisting people through this process of change.  Keep up your good work as many folks out there are counting on your helping hand through your inspired words and thoughts.

    1. Hello Joseph

      Thanks for your very excellent. For those of us waking up, I can agree it is scary. Especially as a 50 something-year-old with core beliefs and thought patterns which are pretty ingrained due to those years of conditioning. I must say though it is a wonderful thing to know that we all have choices in any given moment and the path only goes forward there can be no going back.

      Thanks for your kind words re my work, it is all I know these days as I hope to bring as many people a little comfort in their daily lives

      Gratitude Joseph


  4. I actually think that being self-aware is really the beginning. It is the first step in identifying that there is a situation and that is the only time we are able to begin to work on solving the problem. I have had times when I went through some of the things you have but the moment I became self-aware,I immediately took steps to ensure that I consciously got myself out of the situation. As humans, we have to strive to become Aware, to be able to navigate through life’s muddy waters. Thanks for sharing this great piece.

    1. Hey Vapz,

      I think most people will relate to this post. Self-awareness is the light that shines when we go back to old mental patterns, there can be no ignoring negative habits once you have an awareness of them and It sounds like you certainly have them under control. 

      Awareness is far from a natural condition and as you said it is just the beginning of change for a better life.

      Cheers mate and thanks


  5. I must commend you for taking your time to write this article and share it . This, your experience is what is currently going on in my life. Most of the time I isolate myself but I want to move away from all these things and do not know why. Reading this post of someone who was once in my shoes has given me hope that my self-awareness can be increased and I will be happy with myself once more.

    1. Hi Lok, 

      Sometimes just to know you are not alone with your feelings and other people feel the same is a big relief. It was certainly the case with me,  I thought I was alone and oh so different. That is never the case. So I am grateful to be able to put these feelings and emotions out there if they can help in any way. Please take the time to read some of my work it is designed especially for people like you and me.

      Best of luck…know you can do this!


  6. Self-awareness is key to discovering our potentials and performing at optimal. Whereas, self-unawareness is when we do not understand ourselves or whatever we are capable of achieving.

    This is evident when we have self-doubts and the result turns to drugs or isolation to shield ourselves from negative situations. 

    I have been working lately on myself, and I have been trying to build a positive environment around myself to ensure I can achieve more. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, namaste.

    1. Hello Louis,

      Nice to hear from you again, it’s always a pleasure. There are always better options than drugs and isolation, and actually understanding what’s going on when we feel the need or urge, is key to taking other options that are much more beneficial and lead us out of the darkness we may be feeling much more quickly.

      Every step counts and little things are the big things, so keep working on yourself. Personal Development Mastery( our website) is what moving forward with our lives is all about.

      Proud of you mate. Give it all you got!!


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