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In today’s post, I am going to offer you a somewhat radical but truly liberating way of living. It has changed my life completely and forever. It may also seem to contradict some of my previous writings, but it has come about through my constant seeking and a never-ending search for a more peaceful way of life.

The ideas mentioned below are not new, some of the greatest teachers from the past and those of the modern era, whose sole purpose in life is to strive for peace and beyond, practice them daily. They are designed to allow you to live in the now, to let go of stress and the suffering caused by our never-ending thought patterns, including our memories of the past and our imagination of the future, which are completely non-existential.

Some may work for you others maybe not, but I can speak from experience, and know that when you develop these attitudes and create these mindsets, and live by them minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, your world can be whatever you want it to be.

Please Enjoy!


Ballerina on toes reaching for the sky



I Give To You My Praying Hands And Offer You This Gift Of Seeking Lifes Truth

” That You May One Day Know How Great And Magnificent You Truly Are “


I Honour The Place Within You Where We Are All One

praying hands of peace



  1. Your True Purpose In Life Is Always Whatever You Are Doing Right Now!
  2. Allow, Accept And Surrender To What Is, And What Shall Be, And Watch What Happens … Magic!
  3. Be One With, And Say Yes To Whatever Happens!
  4. Always Have The Attitude  ‘I Don’t Mind What Happens’
  5. You Can Never See The Perfection That Is Unfolding In Life By Looking Forward, You Can Only See The Divine Perfection That Has Unfolded By Looking Backwards!
  6. We Say ‘My Life’ We Don’t Have A Life, We Are Life!
  7. Life Is Simplicity!two boys in a creek splashing water at a bird which flys near them
  8. Allow Your Life To Unfold In Divine Perfection!
  9. As Situations And Events Unfold, So does Life!
  10. There Are No Ordinary Moments In Life!
  11. No-one Ever Says On Their Deathbed They Wished They’d Spent More Time At Work, Their Biggest Regret Is they Never Spent More Time With Their Family!



  1. Do You Have Any Problem Other Than Life Is Not Happening The Way You Think It Should Happen?!
  2. Nothing Is Either Good Or Bad, Only Thinking Makes It So!
  3. Problems Are An Illusion! Every Situation Needs To Be Either Dealt With Or Accepted, Why Would You Turn It Into A  Problem?!
  4. Worry Sometimes Appears To Be Necessary. It Is Not!Beautiful girl sits in a field of long grass
  5. I Have The Ability To Stay Poised And Centred Regardless Of What Goes Before Me!
  6. I Am Here, I Am Now, I Am One With Life… And I Say Yes To Life!
  7. Life Is Always Happening For Us…Not Against Us!
  8. Success Is Walking Through Hell…In Joy!
  9. I Get What I Think About Whether I Like It Or Not!
  10. What If You Could Accept, Understand And Know…That This Life Is Just A Stepping Stone To Something  Greater!
  11. You Are Not Suffering Life, You Are Suffering Your Memory Of The Past And Imagination Of The Future!
  12. Stress Is A Word Of Imprisonment, You Simply Want To Be There… But You Are Here! Can You Control Stress? You Think Not Because It Is A Given In Today’s Society For An Unpleasant  Situation Or Circumstance. You Feel That You  Must Fix It Now. But Stress Is Simply Impatience! You Can Either Say. .I’m Really Stressed, Or I’m A Little Impatient. Both Are Controlled By Being  Conscious Of  And Becoming Aware Of Reality!



  1. There Are No Wrong Decisions!
  2. When You Are Unsure About What Decision To Make, Simply Stop, And Allow The Universe To Make It For You. While You Get On With Life, And Enjoy This Moment, The Now!
  3. How Can You Be Sure You Have Made The Right Decision, Know You Have Made The Right Decision Because You Have Chosen It!
  4. When You Come To That Fork In The Road, And You Hesitate, Immediately Choose One And Walk On, Knowing It Is the Right One For You. There Is No Wrong Path! There Are No Mistakes!Unhappy girl sit in the woods on dusk -head in hands
  5. Procrastination Is Just A Word, Not A Life Sentence. Immediately Stop, Accept And Surrender To Whatever You Feel Like Your Are Delaying, Enjoy Whatever You Are Doing Right Now! Let Go Of The Abovementioned Word And The Emotion That Comes With It, Knowing That When The Time Is Right You Will Move Forward. Trust Always!
  6. Let Life Decide For You, Its Nature’s Way!
  7. There Are No Wrong Decisions, There Are No Mistakes, And There Is No Such Thing As Failure. What This World And Society Refer To As Problems, Mistakes And/Or Failure Is Simply Life’s Guiding Light. So Just Keep Moving Forward!



  1. What Is More Important In This And Every Moment Of Life, Your Mind Or Your Breath? Breath Is Life Flowing Through You. Give It The Attention It Deserves!
  2. Take The Time To Breathe Consciously, Be Aware And Observe As The Miracle Flows In… And The Miracle Flows Out!
  3. Set Goals, Have Intention And Stay Focused, But Give No Thought To The How… It Is None Of Your Business!
  4. Thought, Action, Knowing And Surrender!
  5. Be Like Water, You Pour Water Into A Glass… It Becomes The Glass, Pour Water Into Your Body… It Becomes Your Body, Pour Water Into The Earth.., It Becomes The Earth. It Becomes Whatever Form It Is Given Or Asked To Take! Just Go With The Flow!
  6. Give Of Yourself In Every Moment, Whether It Be Your Money, Your Time, Your Love, Your Everything At Every Opportunity,  That Way You Develop The Mindset Of Abundance. Deny Yourself Of Giving And No Matter What You Acquire You Will Forever Yearn For More, And You Will Never Know Abundance, Peace Or True Happiness!
  7. I Am Now Dealing With Or Accepting Every Situation!
  8. The Most Important Relationship I Will Ever Have Is With The Now!
  9. What Sometimes Appears To Be In The Way… Is The Way!
  10. While I Thought I Was Learning To Live, I Was Learning How To Die!
  11. Non-Resistance…Non-Judgement…And Non-Attachment Are The Three Keys To True Freedom And Enlightened Living!



  1. There Are No Mistakes Only Lifes Lessons Steering You Where You’re Meant To Go!
  2. Just Go With The Flow Of life!
  3. The Universe Is In Control And Nature Unfolds In Divine Perfection. It Takes Care Of All It Has Created Effortlessly, And You Are Its Greatest Of All Creations, Will It Not Take Care Of You With No Effort!
  4. Life Is Unfolding In Divine Perfection For You, Allow Others Their Own Path Of Perfection!
  5. There Are No Must Do’s Or Should Do’s!man laying on hammock in wilderness
  6. Maybe, Let’s See What Happens!
  7. What Time Is It? The Best Time Of Your Life!
  8. When The Question Arises ‘What Am I Going To Do? The Answer Is A Simple One. I Am Going To Breathe In,…Then I Will Breathe Out!
  9. When You Do Something It Was Meant To Be Done! When You Don’t Do Something It Wasn’t Meant To Be Done! It’s That Simple!
  10. When You Let Go Of Must Do, Should Do And Have To… You Begin To Notice What You Might Think Are Coincidences Occurring. What’s Really Happening Is You Have Opened The Door To Life, And Life Offers All That You Will Ever Need!
  11. There Are No Accidents!
  12. There Is No Rush To Get Anywhere, Let Contentment Both Here And Now Reign Supreme!



  1. I Share The Same Originating Spirit With All Of Humanity!
  2. I See Myself In This Person And I Choose To Be In A Space Of Goodness, Rather Than Judgement!
  3. I Came From Greatness, I Must Be Like What I Came From! I Will Never Abandon My Belief In My Greatness And The Greatness Of Others!
  4. God Bless Humanity, Let Me Do All That I Can To Treat Everyone, Without Exception With Goodness And Kindness
  5. I Forgive You, I Surround You With Light And Love… And I Do The Same For Myself!
  6. Seek First To Understand…Then Be Understood!
  7. If Her Past Were Your Past, Her Pain Your Pain, Her Level of Consciousness Your Level Of Consciousness, You Would Think And Act Exactly The Same As She Does!beautiful white doves released and flying to freedom
  8. Make Every Creature Part Of Your Lifes Experience. All People Can Become As Reference Points Your Daughter, Your Son, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Mother, Your Father, Your Nan, Your Pop, Your Friend, Everyone!!
  9. Make Everything In Nature Your Brother, Including The Sun, The Moon, The Ocean, The Trees, The Birds, The Animals, The Wind, The Rain. Simply Be One With All!
  10. The First Time I Saw You I Fell In Love,  And You Smiled Because You Knew!
  11. Never Above You, Never Below You, Always Beside You!
  12. I Am Not Beautiful Like You… I Am Beautiful Like Me!
  13. Have No Judgement Of Anyone Or Anything. Feel The Love, Compassion, And Understanding. Become Truly One With Everything!
  14. Namaste To All Of Nature ‘ I Honour The Place Within You Where We Are All One!’

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Man meditates on a mountain with a full moon in background



Never Feel Guilty For Having Done Something, Or For That Matter, Not Having Done Something You Feel You Should or Shouldn’t Have Done! Be Aware And Pay Attention To The Damage That Emotion Of Guilt Causes… And Strive To Never Again Allow It To Deprive You Of Your Peace!.

People Will Say You Cannot Live This Way, Which Is A True Sign / Indication They Do Not Know How To Truly Live. They Have Been Taught To Believe That They Must Do This, And They Must Do That, Not Even Knowing Or Conscious Of The Fact, That They Are Trapped And Caged Like Animals.

If You Asked Them, ‘Are Happy With Your Life?’ They Would Say No, So Why Would They Want You, To Live A Life, That Hasn’t Worked For Them, Or Those That Came Before Them. Forgive Them For They No Other Way.

‘Just Hanging Chilling…Allowing Everything To Be As It is, And Shall Be’

In Exuberance Of The Unmanifest

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‘I’m Not Weird…I’m Just Different To Those People Who Aren’t Different’ Barbara Streisand

Have no doubt that this way of living is attainable. Being so different from the way most people live is the challenge we face. Keep striving to seek the truth of what this incredible life we have been gifted is truly about.

Thanks for reading and I offer you the opportunity to leave your thoughts below in the comment box.Me, Paul in a historic village in China-winter

May the beauty that lies within you, shine even brighter outside of you!

Heartfelt Thanks



  1. Hi,  Paul.  These are great points to enjoy the joy of life.  The main point that kicked my heart is: “No-one Ever Says On Their Deathbed They Wished They’d Spent More Time At Work, Their Biggest Regret Is they Never Spent More Time With Their Family!”. I do wish and hope I can spend more time with my family. That’s why I created my website with a goal that I can be my own boss. Thank you for the reminder. I will apply the “life to the fullest at the present time” and “prepare the best for tomorrow”. Do you think that a website owner can spend more time with their family?  

    1. Hi there Melani

      Nice to hear from you and your thoughts and ideas regarding this simplistic way of living. Yes, we all crave more time with family and it is not easy with the time restrictions imposed by a full time job in today’s busy busy society.

      I’m happy to hear you have started your own business, It is the ideal way to have more control over things. The stress side of things you will have to own, but for you like all of us it will be totally your responsibility.

      Best wishes to you, your family and your success, Warm Regards


  2. Wow, there is some great wisdom here. Sometimes when life is hard we rally need to take a step back and re-examine our priorities in life. It is true, people spend so much time in their work and yet almost no one still considers their work important on their death bed. 

    I think the key of leading a fulfilled life is to appreciate the ‘now’, simply stop thinking for a moment and appreciate whatever you have around you!

    1. Hi Grace,

      Lovely for you to drop by and give us your thoughts. You are obviously someone who has taken the time to think about whats really, really important in life. I couldn’t agree more that most of us are just in survival mode with our lives, and for that matter our minds, never taking time out to realise what an amazing and interesting world we live in.

      Appreciation and gratitude for what we have and to slow down and just go with the flow are for most a realisation on their deathbed. May that not be us!

      Regard Grace


  3. Thank you very much for this post, it is exactly what I need at this very moment because i am facing a lot of stress coming from my school which is really fustrating, and this is making me unhappy, after reading your post i now know how to cope with all this negative things that is happening to me. Thank you once again for this wonderful post it is really helpful.

    1. Hi There,

      Thanks for this comment about the stress you are feeling right now. I’m sure all our readers feel for you and are experiencing some level of stress themselves right now. As you would have read an understood from the article, stress is a choice and is 100% caused by our thoughts. I hope my post shed some light on the fact that we can choose peace if we can first become aware of what is happening and not leave our emotions to chance

      Pleas take some of the attitudes mentioned and make them your Own.Give stress a miss, I say! Please take the time to read some of my other post a good starting point is to take the time to meditate.… Please take the opportunity to check out this meditation post for begginners

      All The Very Best


  4. Great inspiring post!

    This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others among us. 

    You really can make me think about this, how to be happy in another way, and not anything fake as you see in the world nowadays. 

    Normally I Don’t like these kind of things because for me they are very philosophical, but for this I make an exception! 

    Thanks for sharing it with us, and I will try to change my way of living, more happier. 

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for dropping by again. It sounds like you were able to get a few things from my writings and I’m thrilled. Reading something that turns a light on, to examine it and remove any prejudice is a sound way of turning your life around. We are all basically looking for the same thing that ever elusive word happiness, And I don’t mean 5 minutes of it. To attain true long term happiness we need to change.

      I sincerely hope you take the time to make the effort and enjoy well deserved happiness

      Cheers Mate


  5. Hi Paul,

    This was very insightful. I have always tried to live in the moment and be positive but unfortunately sometimes life gets a little bit too hard and I start to stress. I’ve enjoyed reading this article and will try to apply some of your techniques because we only get one life and I don’t want mine to go to waste. Thanks for the great article 🙂

    1. Hi Celeste,

      So happy you were able to get some insights here. Living in the moment is not easy at first and society with all its materialistic attitudes doesn’t attain to this way of life as well.These techniques are wonderful but they go against everything we are taught so you must make a conscious decision and stick by it no matter what.

      Your life is so precious, I want you to live it to the fullest. Please come back here any time you need some reminders of what is truly important for your life.

      Always Welcome here Celeste


  6. Hi Paul, first off I would like to say that I am in love with the picture of the man in a sitting positing with the full moon. I can relate to this myself. For me it brings love and gratitude. I agree with your article, by changing our mindset we can change our lives. Yes it may not be easy at times but it is achievable and I do highly recommend it.

    Would you recommend those who are trying to change their mindset to a positive state, to journal about what are they are going through? Or maybe affirmations? maybe both?

    Look forward to reading more.


    1. Hi Snowflake,

      So Nice to hear from you and your thoughts about this post. The Photo you mentioned is really self explanatory and I loved it the moment I saw it. You spoke about changing mindsets and how its not the easiest of challenges but as you said well worth the effort. 

      Change comes about for most of us by either choosing to change ourselves, for whatever reason, or by life having chosen it for us by the pain we have bought upon ourselves.

      Either way it is one of the greatest challenges we will ever face and it takes time and effort, constant time and effort. The path once taken though is a wonderful one with no destination and its a one way ticket, there can be no turning back. I think the journal is a wonderful Idea not only to keep track of where you are but also to look back and laugh at what you once did and also a reminder of how far you have come, some good positive Inspiration.

      Affirmations are also great, bit it really is whatever works for you without over doing It, it should never be hard work and there are no have tos.

      See you here again soon 



  7. Hi Paul,

    I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational. I realize that we live life with so much fear of things we don’t even know just because of what might have happened in the past. We also have fear of the future yet we are not even there yet! We simply cannot enjoy the now if we are persistently wondering what awful things might befall us or what horrible mistakes me made in the past. Thanks for opening my mind!

    1. Hi Jane,

      I can tell you have taken some great insights from this post, and in your reply you summed up the whole meaning of it. That any suffering is caused not by anything outside of us, but by our memory of the past and our imagination of the future, and the future is influenced by all the things from the passed that we judged as bad.

      This being said 90% of the population aren’t even aware of this very scenario that plays out in the mind, over and over again. Still, awareness is the beginning and I just hope to make as many people as I can understand and know that they can then choose, and bring that awareness to light.

      Well Done


  8. Hi Paul, I really enjoyed the quotes that you shared here. Some hit right at home. I do agree with you that life can be so so much more beautiful when we let go, let go of trying so much to listen to other’s opinions and be more at peace with ourselves.

    I’m someone who loves getting to know the people around me in a more personal level, cause I think that’s the beauty we call life. And I think we are more dependent towards each other than we think. So I really love this specific quote “We Say ‘My Life’ We Don’t Have A Life, We Are Life!”.

    And for someone who does yoga, I’ve taken into practice of listening to my breaths, and I’m happy that you insert some quotes in listening to our breaths here 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing this 🙂

    1. Hello Wina,

      So nice to hear from you and have you share you thoughts. It’s a funny world we live in and Western Society in may ways has from my perspective lost it’s way.

      Instant gratification and the need and illusion that more material things will somehow make everything ok, is really a no win attitude.

      I have come to an understanding that what society teaches us is short term happiness and long term stress and anxiety. I really want no part of it and I continue to search knowing that the answers to a more fruitful life lie within me ,and never outside of me.

      So I am just going to breathe in right now, and then breathe out, as i ponder and am in awe of the beauty that lies within me, and the beauty that surrounds me wherever I look.

      Bless you girl and know you are welcome here always to share your Ideas


  9. Hi and thanks for this inspiring post. Even I, although I think I live in the moment do fall into the trap of judging my decisions some times.

    It’s so deep in my brain, that I have to succeed and that I can only change something by changing what I do. So we as men have to bring money on the table and often get stuck in the urge of more and more.

    I will need to read these sentences you wrote here a lot of times to get the full value and the full benefit I already feel they have by reading the through once. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Great to hear from you. I love your honesty her and what you write about is very true. Some beliefs have been so deeply ingrained making change a challenge. Keep seeking my friend all is not what it seems.

       I can never go back to the ideologies of life that has evolved in modern western society and I shall never be satisfied until i release every shackle that leads to anything but peace. In my ultimate search for a much higher place

      Please join me



  10. This is truly a “extraordinary and radical and truly liberating way of living. This is truly the way to let go of stress and the suffering caused by our never-ending thought patterns, including our memories of the past and our imagination of the future which are completely non-existential. I can’t wait to join this program and improve my soul. I’ve been looking at mediation methods and ways to relieve my stresses. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants an improvement in their life.

  11. You provided some great tips on how to deal with stress, achieving true happiness, and letting go of negative energy. This reminds me so much of yoga. I have never done yoga, but I can definitely imagine that it is similar to this. I also found this post motivational and it gave me good vibes. 

    Awesome post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Britney, 

      Thank you for your for your thoughts on Authentic Happiness. I’m so happy that you enjoyed and and loving the good vibes. Also hope you got motivated to take a step back and put some of the into action.

      When you mention the word Yoga, this ancient way of living has been distorted into a money making machine of exercises and stretching. The true meaning of yoga is ‘Union.’ So this is yoga in the true sense of being at Union with life to go along with ,and not fight against what is.

      These techniques or practices need to be introduced slowly and with patience because your mind is going to go to war on you, telling you no , and you must do this and you must do that . Just be aware of this and watch them from a distance. Take your time it will be well worth the effort, I promise you

      All the best and continuing good vibes


  12. This is truly a “extraordinary and radical and truly liberating way of living. This is truly the way to let go of stress and the suffering caused by our never-ending thought patterns, including our memories of the past and our imagination of the future which are completely non-existential. I can’t wait to join this program and improve my soul. I’ve been looking at mediation methods and ways to relieve my stresses. I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants an improvement in their life.

    1. Hi Rick, 

      Sounds like you have enjoyed this article, which is very pleasing to me. It is a radical way to go but only because we have been taught that stress anxiety and worry are a way of life, they are not. Worry in particular for someone else is portrayed as love, and this emotion cannot change anything. Experience has taught me that all of the things that i thought of as bad experiences at the time have all, all turned out to be blessings and generally steered me in a direction I had fear of.

      I sincerely hope you stick to your guns here it will take some time but be assured when you get It you will look at the rest of the world and smile at their drama that doesn’t even exist

      Cheers to you mate, let me know how you’re progressing, nothing would make me happier than to know you are going with the flow and laughing at what life throws at you’

      Best Wishes Always


  13. Hi Paul, You have done great task by posting awesome information of our daily life style, our happiness, tension and experience to handle tough situation. All of the key step by step guideline is really helpful to make a decision of our life.

    Sometimes when life is very difficult we actually need to take a break and re-examine our priorities in life. All of us are very busy in our routine life and some time ignores other task which is also very important and thus we face some challenges to solve critical problem. 

    This article is full of real experience of such issues which is happened in our daily life. I am bookmarking this site for my future use. Thanks for sharing this information with us. 

    1. Hi there, Great to read your comment, and I can tell it has made you stop to think and that tells me you will take a less serious attitude to what appears to be so important in life , but isn’t. Our priorities in life should be to live this life and be happy at least most of the time. Time for us all to come to and understand that this life is a game or a dance. Maybe we don’t get to choose which game or dance every time but we still get to play and dance to whatever tune comes along.

      Choose to dance mate whatever song is playing

      All the very best my friend


  14. Dear Paul,

    I am a quick reader but you know what, I have taken more time to read your post because it contains loads of valuable information and to be honest I believe one read is not enough.

    Also I was searching for the newsletter to subscribe (I don’t want to miss your posts) and not able to find it please advice.

    “Let it go” from my memories is the skill I am learning and practicing towards anger, stress, sufferings etc.,

    Thanks for the reminder to live in the present moment. Many times we live in the past (Things we lost) or we live in the future (Things we need to accomplish) not in the present. I need to have the relationship with NOW.

    Oh my GOD “No-one Ever Says On Their Deathbed They Wished They’d Spent More Time At Work, Their Biggest Regret Is they Never Spent More Time With Their Family!” This is awesome and insightful. Great life lessons from your post.

    Thanks again for the great post and wishing you great success!


    1. Hi Paul,

      Nice to hear from you and your thoughts. Although it’s a fairly long article you’ve summed it all up very well here. Letting things go from both the present and the past, living in the present moment , letting the future unfold as it will ,and understanding of what’s most important so we have no regrets. So we don’t die knowing we have never really lived.

      Take my hat off to you bro, may we all take time to be mindful that we don’t have to take things too seriously,and just enjoy who we are, where we are, and whom we are with.

      Best of luck Paul.


  15. Paul, Hello!  Believe it is a moment of happiness, I read your thoughts about the divinity of life. I absorb every line of your wise statements. Life is not easy. Everyone should be able to reload themselves for joy. 

    I thought about it and found this wisdom. Let me quote this key phrase from your content: “… so you can live now to get rid of the stress and suffering caused by our unchanging thoughts, including our memories of the past and our imaginations of the future, which are completely irrelevant.”

    You did a great job publishing such reflections. I will check myself with them often. Thank. Mark

    1. Hi Mark,

      Great to read your thoughts and have such a wonderful comment come back to me. I’m so glad you feel the way you do and it is really an inspiration to read all my readers comments, fuels my fire. Our memory and our imagination can really reek havoc at times and so much of the time we don’t even know

      It’s a constant battle but I find meditating is a wonderful way to slow the mind down from it’s constant dialogue.Please come here anytime Mark you are so welcome



  16. Very inspiring and such positive feelings I felt for this post and it’s exactly what I needed for a difficult morning today. Being able to live in a stress free way it’s a difficult task as the way we live often gets in the way and doesn’t let us focus on self improvement. 

    We definitely need some times to slow down, evaluate and rethink our priorities and if what we do what really makes up happy.

     Thank you for sharing this amazing article.

    1. Hello There Stratos,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like the ideas here found you just at the time you needed them. Starting of the day in a ‘difficult’ situation is the prime time to put these ideas into action. Why, because it is at this time we will find it the most challenging. This way you will not only change how you feel by coming back to the present, but you will also be developing the discipline to give you strength.

      Great to hear from you

      Keep on striving


  17. Hi Paul,

    I like your site.  I am in the process of unlearning everything that was thrust upon me for the last 45 years.  Paradigms can be limiting and blind adherence to them can be debilitating. 

    I am surprised how hostile people around me are when I start walking a different path to the one they expect of me.


    1. Hi Remy, 

      Nice to hear from you and I congratulate you on your effort of unlearning, 45 years is a long time but it can be done. Our perceptions of things should not be allowed to distort us from the truth and we need to be on a mission to loosen up old perceptions and expand them. 

      Hostility and anger is first and foremost a sign of fear and anything new that is introduced creates fear. Leave these people behind and know that as you grow so will the opportunity to meet new people on the same path.

      Live and let live..

      Kind Regards Remy


  18. Wow, thanks Paul for this motivating post. I have just saved this post in my bookmarks as a reference for when I need some inspiration. I love how you categorized each idea and as you mentioned each new line has deep meaning and significance. 

    There is a lot of wisdom shared in this post and I hope people take the time to read through it and maybe even meditate on some of these thoughts. This is definitely a post worth coming back too and reviewing. 

    Thanks again Paul for sharing,

    Wish you all the best,


    1. Hi David, Great to hear you enjoyed these thoughts and you were able to relate to the different ways to look at things. These ides and new ways of approaching things does not come just through awareness(although tha’ts the start) we need to implement them into every differing situation that arises. When you realise the futility of stress worry and fear you will have lit a fire that cannot be put out. Stick to it my friend and come back here anytime my friend

      Knowing gives you no excuse not to begin

      With you Dave!


  19. What a great article. I truly enjoyed reading about how people share the same struggle with cycling away from negativity and bad habits.Going through the shared stories I read a phrase that stuck out to me , it stated something about having unshakable peace, which is so true in terms of self worth, self love, and self understanding. I am just now realizing my journey to just being happy in the moments and not so anxious about my future, but just living. This was a helpful and refreshing read. 

    1. Hi Kira,

      Really enjoyed your comment.  I can see by your words you have had a good stop and think about things, and what’s truly important not only to you but to everyone. Get out of the trap girl we don’t have to be like sheep and just follow without questioning.

      If only in our early years  we were taught just some kind of way to live and enjoy life instead of a becoming part of a world that continually strives for more, and more and more, in the illusion that in the future when I get this.. then I will be happy.

      Myths are for the masses not the seekers.

      Bless you 


  20. Hello Paul, 

    There are great life lessons here for those who are eluded by peace both within and without. 

    I ‘ve  learnt not to try to please everyone like I  always do which makes me feel disappointed by their attitudes and reactions which saddens me. Your write up that “I am not beautiful like you…I am beautiful like me” has changed my belief of satisfying everybody.

    “Deal with every situation or accept it” This is my most cherished statement, having gone through turbulent moments of depression and chaos in life due to some unpalatable situations life has thrown my way and not knowing how to deal with them or let them go.

    Your article has really taught several lessons money cannot buy not even in the classroom,

    1. Hey Kabirat,

      Your comment is very satisfying for me and generally speaking when I receive a comment like yours I feel totally fulfilled by what I am doing here with my website. We all nedd some skills about how to handle so called ‘ tough times’

      It’s time we started curbing our emotions and enjoy this life which should be nothing less than a joyful experience. I hope some of the lessons learnt hit will stay with you and has lit a small fire that grows and never stops burning as we walk together and release the chains that bind us.

      Shine brightly Bro


  21. I Love your thoughts and wisdom here. I was just with group of friends over the weekend and we were talking about the importance of “NOW”. We all hustle, worry, have too much anxiety to prepare for tomorrow or our future that we forget the NOW. We spend so much time and energy preparing for tomorrow when we are only guaranteed with the NOW. Tomorrow may never come. I have seen this things happen with so many people I know. They died not enjoying life and died not reaching the future that they work so hard for. Sad.

    1. Hi there,

      You’ve explained things very simply here with your comment and have described most peoples lives, spent in pursuit of a future moment when they can, or will be happy and that then, everything will be ok. I too am seeing people pass away, some good friends and some close family who have never really lived at all. It doesn’t have to be and I hope both of us continue to strive for a life unaffected by past or future.

      I wish you every success, 

      Blessings to you 


  22. These are all amazing quotes that can guide one in living a very fulfilling life. It is like there is a quote resonating for different aspects of my life that is seriously making me have a rethink on how I exactly live my life. I very much like the quote about procrastination. 

    You know, a lot of us think about procrastination as a sought of bad thing and although I am not a big fan of it but I think when you are really ready to do something you would do it. I like the way you put it as in “Knowing That When The Time Is Right You Will Move Forward. Trust Always!. When the time is actually right, you would do what needs to be done. Let go of that word procrastination, it sounds negative.

    1. Hello Jay,

      Great to hear from you again, and as always you have a great understanding of what I have put out here in this post. Some people might say it is like living a fairytale life but we are all deeply programmed and it is though continuous searching that we can reach a place where you start to open your eyes and admit you know nothing and you question everything.

      I still have my days but it is always a short time before I come back to the reality that “nothing really matters” 

      Just make everything that you are doing now you true purpose in life, that way you are not only living in the moment, but you are actually living your life.

      Cheers mate and good luck 


  23. What a great post, It’s always good to look back and reflect on ones life,be happy for every moment and always find more time to spend with the family. Family they say is everything, so true that no one wished he could spend more time at work when they are on their deathbed.Happiness is free, and finding joy within is key to a relaxed mind, body and soul.

    1. Hi Clement, 

      Welcome here today and thanks so much for your thoughts.I do think we know all the things in this post but somewhere we have become lost in a material world, and lost sight of what’s truly important. So we must stop and take the time to be aware of what is and isn’t important long before we ever reach our deathbed.

      Keep on seeking my friend


  24. Thank you Paul for the great article. Again, it reminds me to live the present, what is now. Life is a wonderful blessing from above that we should be thankful always.

    “Stop worrying the future and think like a child”. These phrases are always in my mind but somewhere, somehow I cant still help myself not to overthink things and to be paranoid sometimes. But I know one day, everything will be fine, just focus on the present and be hungry for peace and joy. 

    Life is simple and live life to the fullest, I know its hard but we can.

    Just keep posting inspirational thoughts.


    1. Hey Enman,

      Great to have you here and nice to hear your thoughts on the topic of Authentic Happiness. When we were children we were full of bliss not a care in the world and then with teachings of the world somehow, somewhere we lost the ability to enjoy here and now, and we started to stress to worry to be fearful, about what?

      We started to chase happiness and it just keeps eluding us.Life is simple, but first we must be able to differentiate between what is and what’s not true.

      Keep striving and seeking the truth Enman, because there’s nothing else to really do

  25. My family is going through something that is very difficult, and it’s been hard to find the joy in many things right now.  But I really liked “Problems Are An Illusion! Every Situation Needs To Be Either Dealt With Or Accepted, Why Would You Turn It Into A  Problem?!”  We are dealing with the situation, but we’re having trouble with why it happened.  This statement reminds me that we are going to have to work toward accepting that it happened and move on with life.  Thank you for an inspirational article!

    1. Dear Janelle,

      Thanks for sharing in your comment.  I really love that statement from Eckhart Tolle too and I practice it as best I can, It’s had me come good on many occasions, sometimes not immediately but always in time. I share with you in this difficult time, but you can also seek solace in the fact that “This Too Shall Pass.”. 

      My best wishes to you and your family and feel free to visit anytime, there are many articles here at PDM where you and your family can seek and find the courage and strength to move forward.

      Me Very Best Wishes Janelle,


  26. Lately i have been struggling with finding and creating joy in my life.  Things are tough right now and it’s very useful and life saving to find a post that really speaks to me.

    I’m so grateful i found this post and definitely am going to have some joy today!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your writing here and also your honesty for where you are at right now. Funny how just when you are looking for and needing some type of help it always seems to come along. I’m so glad you arrived here and I know the attitudes mentioned in this post offer absolute simplicity to lead a carefree live. We are all to serious about everything. Lets take some time to lighten up and see life for what it truly is. Awesome.

      Great to hear from you Barry , keep moving forward my friend and come back anytime

      Best wishes my friend


  27. Hi Paul. Your website is gorgeous! Are there any of these writings that you’ve posted that you keep as your personal mantra(s)? One that really stood out to me was:

    “You Can Never See The Perfection That Is Unfolding In Life By Looking Forward, You Can Only See The Divine Perfection That Has Unfolded By Looking Backwards!”

    That is so, so true. Do you meditate and if so, how do you go about your meditation practice?

    1. Hello there,

      So nice to hear from you and your kind words about my site.I think we all have an experience in life that we thought was difficult and very challenging, we really didn’t enjoy this time and space. However, looking back we realise it was a period of time that changed our life forever and brought us to where we are today.

      I try to practice everything I write about at every opportunity, I am far from perfect but I am so driven and devoted to live in total freedom from my mind, and have control and responsibility for all my emotions, that it is just part of my life.

      I too wish you the same passion to truly live life free from the concerns that don’t even exist.

      Warmest regards


  28. Thank you for writing this great article about the Joy of Life.

    I’m so glad I came across to your post, my wife is suffering from stress, and I advised her to read your article and she was amazed by the content and the value she got from it. This information was very helpful for her and for me as well. my wife and me, we have come to an agreement to apply this technique to our lives. 

    1. Hi there,

      Nice to hear from you and I’m so happy to be able to help you both, as that is what this website is truly about. Change is not an overnight thing, but your agreement and your decision to follow the ideas is really gratifying to me.

      Take your time and don’t let yourselves become impatient which is what stress really is.

      Please come here again for some more thoughts on how to keep that smile on your dial more often

      Best wishes always


  29. Hi Paul,

    I’m glad to have stumbled upon your site. It reminds me to slow down and think about what I am thankful for in life, instead of just busying myself with the daily chores and routines, and never even appreciating that I am alive. 

    I particularly love the section about humanity, about nature and animals. We must always help our kids be in touch with nature, and understand that animals are lives to be treasured. 

    Thankful for this article. 

    1. Hello Joo

      I’m so happy to find your comment here today and know by your comment it has been more than food for thought. We all need to slow down and smell the roses(among other things) if we are to truly experience life. Life is not about anxiety and stress, those two attributes have been brought about by our constant memories of past and imagination of the future, constantly being somewhere and wanting to be somewhere else.

      Lets all become aware of this and relax and surrender to this moment, it’s all we really have. Animals can be our greatest teacher they only know this moment having no time for the past and total freedom from the future. Watch them as they live with the greatest of ease.

      Look forward to seeing you here again soon Joo



  30. This is a really different perspective of seeing life. It can not only makes one life happier it can also change the way they see their life and other people in a very good way. I am glad that I found this article and got a chance to read it. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Hi Sujandar,

      Welcome here today. Your right to most people this is a very different perspective of looking at things, and if we want to die knowing we have lived it is the only way. I’m so glad that you have had the opportunity to see another way to live and I certainly hope you are able to put some of the ideas into practice. The differences to your outlook on life will be phenomenal.

      Wishing you every success my friend



  31. What a wonderful read. It is so often that we forget about conscious breathing. I try to work on my breathing while I meditate, right before sleeping and during my workouts. It is incredible how much you alter your breath. 

    I am so glad you offered book recommendations as well. I love reading and these are my kinds of books!

    Thank you so much for sharing,


    1. Hello Ciara,

      Lovely to hear from you again. Conscious breathing is something that is spoken about so often when it comes to enhancing ones perceptions and improving wellbeing.

      The more we practice the better our lives become. It is a something I am constantly doing and is a great weapon in maintaining a more peaceful state of mind. Please take the time to check out the books I have recommended here. They are well worth  the read!

      Namaste Ciara


  32. This is really a great read!

    Finding true happiness and joy in this world seems hard but it all comes down to what is inside you: what truly makes you happy may not be for others.

    It is each one`s pursuit to joy in life.  I am very grateful for all your points here.

    Thanks for sharing this article!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Hanna,

      Great to see you here again and have you share your thoughts. The inner realm will always be where our true strength lies. We can’t control what happens to us but we have the freedom to choose our reaction to what is. Between stimulus and response lies our growth, so our life is determined by how we react to each outside situation.

      This is a great place to be but it still is a choice that we must make in every moment of our lives. Lets together strive to always be at our best and move forward knowing everything is happening in divine perfection

      Best wishes to you Hanna


  33. Getting our priorities right in life can truly make life the defining moment for us as we get the opportunity to see life for what it truly is. Getting it right will make us value not just ourselves but people around us too. No one ever regrets the work they never did but everyone remembers the precious moments they never gave the time too. Our life will be more meaningful if we give time to what truly matters and I have seen life from another pont of view today. Thank you

    1. Hello Roddarick,

      Thanks for your comment and knowing what is truly important in life and making them our priorities is certainly something we all need to partake in. Our time is precious, not to be squandered on situations and things that in  the big picture have no meaning at all. Perceptions shape our lives and they need to be challenged always.

      Warm Regards 


  34. Hello! Thank you for your post promoting peace, alternative thinking, and abundance in life. One of these reflects something I’ve been thinking on a lot lately: “What Sometimes Appears To Be In The Way… Is The Way!”. So many times we are presented with challenges that need to be dealt with. Instead of getting frustrated and worried about them, it is important to recognize that those challenges are what helps us grow in various ways. Pushing past the frustration and focusing on the solution promotes resolution and growth. 

    1. Hi Ashley, Nice to hear from you and get your very important thoughts. The quote you mentioned is a personal favourite of mine and one I recall often. Indeed to overcome frustrations by focusing on the solution is a sure way to not get bogged down in situations and move on regardless.

      Thanks, Ashley


  35. Hello Paul, Thanks for writing on Authentic Happiness &  more peaceful way of life. I enjoyed your post very much while reading. You are doing awesome work for people to find more peaceful way of life. Very useful for me to develop these attitudes and create these mindsets, and live by them minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, your world can be whatever you want it to be. I live in this way now.

    Thanks you. Parveen

    1. Hi Parveen, Nice to hear from you again. Your comments are always very appreciative to which I am very grateful. Changing our mindsets about our situations is a constant challenge and we need to stay aware of our minds as they return to old habitual ways of thinking. As you mentioned this is a moment by moment release from previously limited ways of dealing with things. Let’s all stay strong and maintain the discipline to make our new mindsets permanent

      Regards Parveen 


  36. Paul,

    I’ve found that the simplest things in life can have the most profound effect, and create happiness.

    Such as a simple day. 

    Each day is given birth, and then dies. Each day has a beginning and an end. 

    There’s an old proverb that encourages us to count our days so that we can acquire a heart of wisdom. We must continue to gather something of value from each day.

    Keep up your good work and words,


    1. Hello JR,

      Nice to hear from you and your message conveys some very simple and peaceful truths. The truth is as you mention the things we take for granted are often those of the most value. Our world has somehow become confused and we need to find our way back to cherish those things that bring true peace and happiness

      Thanks JR…Paul

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