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We can never find peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves

Dalai Lama

Before we begin let’s once again have a look at the procedure we have been gifted with, which is so important in obtaining the success we desire in our search for Peace Love and Contentment.

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  1. First of all, we say the affirmation out loud and actually visualize it.
  2. Then we harness some intense emotion and feel exactly what this new truth feels like.
  3. Then we show our belief in the affirmation by feeling grateful and giving thanks for this truth coming into being.


  • I Am A Blessing To Myself And My Family
  • I Am In Harmony And At Peace With My Every Experience
  • I Am A Peaceful Soul In A World Filled With Love And Abundance
  • I Am Filled With An Overwhelming Sense Of Happiness, Security And Well-Being
  • I Am Always In Control Of My Thoughts And Emotions
  • I Am Aware Of And Embrace All The Beauty That Surrounds Me
  • I Am Happy Simply Because I Choose To Be Happy
  • I Am Radiating Peace Love And Contentment In Every Moment
  • I Am A Channel Of Peace And Well-Being
  • I Am More Peaceful With Every Breath That Flows
  • I Am An Island Of Serenity And Tranquillity
  • I Am A Creation Of Pure Joy And Happiness
  • I Am In This Moment Embracing Peace, Simplicity and Love
  • I Am So Grateful For The Unwavering And  Unconditional Love I Have For Myself
  • I Am Peaceful And Calm In Every Situation
  • I Am So Grateful For My Heart That Is Filled With Love And My Soul That Overflows With Joy
  • I Am Radiating Harmony And Tranquillity
  • I Am In Harmony And Peace With All My Choices And Decisions
  • I Am Filled And Surrounded By Powerful Positive Energy
  • I Am Receiving Harmony And Love With Grace And Ease
  • I Am A Peaceful And Calming Spirit


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Peace is not the absence of chaos or conflict, but rather finding yourself in the midst of that conflict and remaining calm in your mind

It is my heartfelt wish that you will begin and continue to use these affirmations in your quest for a more Peaceful, Loving and Contented life.

I know the majority of the affirmations will have resonated with you, and as you move forward and gain more confidence by simply feeling better about yourself, you will be motivated to add new ones that are relative to you personally.

As you do, make sure you stick with the procedure outlined and make your visuals vividyour feelings and emotions intense and your gratefulness heartfelt, this will be the major influence in you making things change quickly. Your ever evolving journey requires some discipline, stick with it, the changes can and will amaze you.

Emotionally as you gain strength I hope you will look at other practices that will come together, as everything you do will affect every other part of your life. You can find some inspirational ideas by referring to my post ‘Morning Rituals Of Successful People.’ 

I’d love to hear about the progress you are makings along your path, and the changes and experiences you have had,  or if you have any specific affirmations you have that you would like to see in this or any of the other affirmation posts on this website,  you can leave a comment below.

Thanks As Always My New Friend!

PaulPaul enjoys the park in peace in China



  1. This week I have started with affirmations in order to see what effect they have on my day and I must agree that affirmations are pretty amazing.
    I have simple things to thank for like the amazing food and the warm bed and that makes me feel really good. It teaches you to appreciate what you have and that in itself is an amazing feeling.

    1. Hi Shrey
      I love your comment because it explains a simple truth that the little things are really the big things. When we take the time to acknowledge and be grateful for things like the food in front of us and our nice warm bed, we then become aware of so many other things to be thankful for, that at times we all take for granted. It’s really wonderful for me to know that you have started the practice of affirmations, knowing you and the world you live in are becoming more beautiful, one affirmation at a time.
      Lovely to hear from you and much gratitude my new friend,

      Your new friend

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