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What Is Self Esteem

Hello and Welcome

Before we look at our list and put into practice our Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem. I feel it’s important to look at and comprehend the two ends of the stick that represent the term self-esteem.

Some of us will have come here because we are aware of our own low self-esteem, some of us because of someone we love and care about, and some of us simply looking for an answer to an existence we feel could be much brighter.

Whatever the case I welcome you here and I know you are in the right place, simply because you are here. So let’s look at the variables listed below.

Self Esteem is the term used to describe a person’s own measurement of his/her own self-worth. It is how you think of yourself, describe yourself and the collection of beliefs you have pertaining to your abilities and worthiness.

Self Esteem affects how you think, feel, and make decisions in matters that relate to you. It affects whether you choose healthy partners and relationships, a career that you enjoy, or whether you even feel emotional well-being on a daily basis. It affects the way you parent your children and the messages that you send them.

It is not a genetic condition that you inherit but rather a learned set of beliefs. The importance of self-esteem is that it influences how you behave and interpret the world around you.

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High Self Esteem Definition

Confidence and value in one’s own worth or abilities. A feeling of pride in yourself.

High Self Esteem Characteristics

The following traits are signs of a person with high self-esteem.

  • Self Confidence
  • Optimistic outlook
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Responsible for one’s choices
  • In control of one’s emotions
  • Ability to say no
  • Trusting of others
  • Feels worthy of success
  • Ability to accept compliments
  • Aware of personal strengths
  • Has loving and respectful relationships
  • Acknowledges mistakes and accepts them as growth
  • Looks for solutions to problems

Low Self Esteem Definition

Low self-esteem exists when someone has a general feeling of insignificance or a lack of importance

What is Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is a debilitating condition that keeps people from realising their full potential. A person with low self-esteem feels unworthy, not capable and incompetent. People with low self-esteem often feel so poorly about themselves that they contribute to their continuing lack of self-esteem.

Low Self Esteem Characteristics

The following traits are sign of a person with low self-esteem

  • Pessimistic outlook
  • Fears taking risks
  • Socially withdrawn
  • Perfectionist attitude
  • Mistrusting of others
  • Feeling unloved or unlovable
  • Constantly blaming others
  • Depending on others to make decisions
  • Lack of social skills and self-confidence
  • Anxiety and emotional turmoil
  • Inability to accept compliments
  • Accentuates the negative
  • Unable to accept criticism
  • Unwilling to conform socially

These definitions, descriptions and lists of traits above, give evidence of the fact that the esteem we have, and the beliefs that we hold assume a huge influence over the lives we are living, and our future expectations for the days, months and years ahead.

It is important that we acknowledge our shortcomings and commit to change. We will need to be persistent, determined and have courage so that we can, and will turn our lives around.

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When you put into practice the affirmations and techniques in the following post, you will experience dramatic changes in a very short period of time.

The statements of truths contained are in direct correlation to the traits we are going to change. Please follow the instructions carefully and voice the statements with the passion and courage that you know lies within you.

I always look forward to hearing from you and anticipate with the greatest of gratitude the changes and the strengths that you draw from these powerful and life-altering truths.

Please feel free to go ahead and leave a comment in the box below.





  1. Hey Paul, I can relate to both ends of the spectrum when it comes to self-esteem. When I was in high school I suffered from a lack of self-esteem the whole time. It keep me from fulling enjoying life as I was always shy and worried about what other people thought about me.

    But I really started working on building higher self-confidence after I graduated college and I’ve seen a pretty big improvement in a lot of the areas that you’ve mentioned. Like having better control over my emotions and having better relationships with others.

    Affirmations really helped me to feel better about myself. My favorite one that I used was super simple: I just said to myself 50-100 times a day the words “I like myself” over and over, and it worked!

  2. Hey Nick
    So nice to hear from you and your success. Quite often when we look for a change in our lives we are reminded that the little things are the BIG things and that everything we do affects everything else. Change is always simple, but not always that easy and with our affirmations, your simplistic three words ‘I like myself ‘ are a simple lesson in whatever works for you, do it.
    Low self-esteem is a major hurdle for many of us, but having an awareness of this erroneous zone and knowing that it is not generic, that we only have to change our beliefs, gives us a knowing that challenging those beliefs, and reinforcing new beliefs with powerful statements is a sure way to certain success and a much better way of living.
    Wishing you continued, High Self Esteem my friend,

  3. I feel like their are different aspects from both low self esteem and high self esteem that apply to me. I feel pretty good at emotional control, the fact that I am responsible for my situation, and know about acknowledging my mistakes. Yet I still have anxiety, sometimes lack of trust, and fear of taking risks.

    Do you go through any of the things that I mention that are part of low self esteem? Do affirmations help a lot when dealing with these qualities?


  4. Hello Jessie
    I love the fact that you are fully aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses, and in answer to your question about my experience I am currently travelling in south-east Asia and stayed at my friends villas where I have had a substantial amount of money stolen from my room. My initial reaction was one of disbelief, which then moved to anger and then to blame and lack of trust, however, in the back of my mind a voice from the outset was telling me to let it go, and I was able to move through these emotions fairly rapidly.
    My suggestion to your moments of anxiety, lack of trust, and the fear of taking risks would be to ask yourself where these emotions have come from in your past and to question their validity and reality. Ask yourself whether these emotions serve you, or are of any benefit to you as you move forward in your quest for a more meaningful life. I would then suggest you acquire some specific affirmations with relation to these feelings and practise them with commitment and resolve relentlessly. At any time from thereon, you start to feel these emotions or feelings stop yourself, and once again question their reality, and once again affirm the truth with your affirmations.I know without a doubt you will move beyond these feelings with practice to a place of peace and power.
    Congratulations Jessie
    Your friend Paul

  5. Sometimes I am really uncertain whether or I have high or low selfesteem. It sort varies all the time, from one situation to another.
    All my life, I have been introverted, sort of living in my own world and there my self esteem was great, but then when I faced reality and learned that I wasn’t very strong (mentally) my self esteem went down a long way. I have always had problems saying No and I still suffer from this. This makes me want to be on my own as I am happy with my own company.
    All of this makes me frustrated and my lack of self confidence stops me from succeeding in the things I set out to do. For example building an online business.
    Where should I start?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jojo

      Really nice to hear from you. I have a great understanding of what you have written as I sense my post has made you take the time to stop and think about where you are right now, where you have been and where you want to go.

      When you ask me where to start, i feel you should at the beginning. Take some quiet time and ask yourself some questions of what you are truly yearning to do. The answers will all come, not straight away but they will come as to what you want and what you need to do.Trust yourself and move forward with confidence.I would also suggest you have a look around my website for tools of action and growth.

      I wish you all the best my friend and remember you cannot fail as long as you never give up. If I can do anything else to help it would truly be my pleasure

      With Belief and Confidence in you


  6. I enjoyed reading your post, especially the lists of high and low self-esteem characteristics. I think most people are unaware of their low self-esteem. They have no clue that they don’t love themselves. They’re still projecting stuff on other people. Do you believe you can improve your self-esteem with affirmations? Don’t we have to impress the subconscious mind ?

    1. Hi and Welcome,

      Loving onerself doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Our perceptions of ourselves are often heavily influenced by everything outside of ourselves. As you mentioned most of us are totally unaware of our lack of self love. However it’s never too late to begin. Once we have become aware of our need to change and have made that decision we are ready to focus on the truths of our magnifisence.

      Affirmations are an ideal place to start and they will immediately start to have an effect on the subconscious mind when said with emotion, commitment and resolve. Everyone’s search for fulfillment has a different path, so within our website Personal Development Mastery (Pdm) there are a myriad of practices that ultimately bring us all back to the one path… of peace, happiness and joy.

      With Gratitude Always


  7. Paul this is such an important topic to discuss and share. I also find that self-esteem can fluctuate to a certain degree depending on how you’re feeling particularly the level of health you are experiencing. Also, as a teacher, I have seen some people with high self-esteem in one area of their lives but low self-esteem for another and again this can change according to changes in environment and the people they surround themselves with.

    I absolutely agree that affirmations are the key to creating positive change for your own self esteem. In addition, to associate an emotion to each affirmation to fast track the impact it has on you.

    Thanks again for sharing it is so important and practices such as meditating on affirmations and expressing gratitude are what we need to include in our daily routines such as brushing our teeth etc.

    1. Dear Fleur

      Nice to hear from you and it’s very interesting to hear from a teacher who is in a position to observe the different levels of self esteem the next generation is carrying around with them. You’ve mentioned also the importance of who we spend our time with, our friends so to speak in an environment of peer pressure at it’s strongest and most influential stage of life, our school years.

      The importance of self esteem becomes even more relevant for young people with social media and the bullying that has become such a disturbing contributor of suicide and our inability to do anything about it. This is something parents need to firstly be aware of and build strength of character and should also be taught in schools during their formative years. 

      I truly hope we can all one day have the strength to love ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to know how truly great we are, and give no thought to what others think of us, to know that we are perfect just the way we are!

      Never above you…never below you…always beside you

      Bless you Fleur


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