About Paul- Paul sitting in one of the many beautiful parks in Wuhan ChinaHi Everyone…

Welcome to our website Personal Development Mastery, or PDM for short.

My name is Paul, an Australian guy who for the last 10 years has chosen to reside in China.

I have been a “Personal Growth Journey Man” for close on 30 years. However, the pursuit and its path to more Love, Happiness and Contentment is both ongoing and infinite.

Care to join me?

My interest/obsession with Personal Growth began both unknowingly and completely by accident. I picked up a book on this particular day, purely out of curiosity.

This dusty brown paged paperback, whose title I didn’t even understand,  intrigued me. I opened this book at a random page and began to read. I was instantly fascinated, the reason being, this book … was about me!

The words spoke to me as no other book ever had. As I continued to devour the pages, I  remember so vividly a sense of relief that overwhelmed me. I wanted to raise my arms and scream ‘ YES ‘ to the world.

The author’s words spoke of other people, most other people, who felt just like me, alone, confused, scared, anxious and fearful. WOW!!  I was not alone anymore!

Standing on the rocks with arms raised as the waves crash in front of me.

The book spoke of the ego, of the negative thinking most people were continually engaged in, awareness flowed through me like a surging torrent, the book also offered solutions, the opportunity for change.

The inferno had been lit, an unquenchable desire had begun. Personal Growth to me is about many things, but in its simplest and purest form, it is about turning the full circle, back to a time in my childhood, when I never doubted I could be, do, or have everything and anything I EVER DESIRED.

The Little Things Are The Big Things!

My sole purpose for creating this website is to help my fellow warriors, by firstly creating an awareness, of the situations or habits that create our fears, and deny us our right to be Happy and Contented.

For us to then question why we do what we do, and to then offer solutions, simple but powerful alternatives. That can.. and will lead us out of our self-imposed darkness and into the light. To understand and know we have a choice.

Please, if you have any questions, advice, opinions or recommendations I would love to hear from you, and share your ideas. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to work with you and offer you my blessing in closing.

Paul on a one man Rainbow Beach Qld Australia Standing with arms outstretched in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.

You Are Never Alone

Many Thanks








2 thoughts on “ABOUT PAUL

  1. You are a great writer – I can really get to know you on this page – very nice introduction. Thank you. So, the book that inspired you is “The Erroneous Zones?”

    1. Hello Heather,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I certainly do hope you get an idea of who I was, and who I yearn to become via my about Paul page. The book that inspired me was indeed Your Erroneous Zones, and even today I can still vividly feel that emotion of relief at knowing I wasn’t so different after all. I still listen to Dr Wayne Dyers wisdom and he has left a huge legacy with his passing not so long ago. Forever in debt, but forever grateful.
      Thanks once again for your inspiring compliment.
      Yours Truly

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