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I’m personally very excited to offer you these Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem, and the reason I’m so excited is that I know they are going to change your life, and that’s what my website ‘Personal Development Mastery’ is all about. It is with the greatest of appreciation I present to you my first selection of Affirmations For Self Esteem.

Before we begin let’s once again have a look at the procedure we have been gifted with, which is so important in obtaining the success we desire in our search for Peace, Love and Contentment.


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  1. First of all, we state the affirmation out loud and actually visualize it.
  2. Then we harness some intense emotion and feel exactly what this new truth feels like.
  3. Then we confirm our belief in the affirmation by feeling grateful and giving thanks for this truth coming into being.



  1. I AM Now In The Process Of Exciting Positive Change
  2. I AM Now Aware Of All The Wondrous Beauty That Surrounds Me
  3. I AM Now ‘Experiencing Love Joy And Beauty Wherever I Go
  4. I AM The Wondrous Creation Of A Loving And Abundant Universe
  5. I AM Aware And At Peace With All Of My Emotions
  6. I AM Now Taking Responsibility For All My Choices And Decisions
  7. I AM Now Seeing The Goodness In All that Surrounds Me
  8. I AM Now Moving Forward With Life’s Challenges And Let Go Of My Need For Perfection
  9. I AM Now Receiving And Accepting Compliments With The Greatest Delight
  10. I AM So Outgoing And Love Meeting People And Making New Friends
  11. I AM Strong Confident And Powerful
  12. I AM Now Cherishing My Mistakes Knowing They Are The Path For My Growth Strength And Future Successes
  13. I AM Safe And Never Alone In A Wondrous Trusting Universe
  14. I AM Now Looking For The Solution To Any And All Situations That Arise
  15. I AM Now Making Decisions With Confidence And Ease
  16. I AM Now Totally Deserving And Worthy Of All The Success That Comes My Way
  17. I AM Now Attracting Healthy Loving Relationships
  18. I AM Filled And Overflow With Absolute Love For Myself And I Am Loved By Everyone I Meet
  19. I AM Now Totally Forgiving Of Myself As I Leave And Let Go Of  My Past
  20. I Am Now Knowing There Are No Mistakes Or Wrong Decisions In My World Of Perfection And Love
  21. I AM So Strong And Radiate Confidence Everywhere I Go
  22. I AM Now Letting My Life Flow As It Evolves In Divine Perfection
  23. I AM Now Moving Forward With My Life In Eager Anticipation And Excitement

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You have just completed 23 affirmations that can change your whole life, and I know if you have followed the exact procedures you are now Feeling Strength and Optimism.

You will need to be Persistent and have some Patience, but I assure you as you gain momentum you will feel and know the Empowerment of these new words of truth. You will be Motivated and Inspired as you change both your outlook on situations and indeed your whole view of life.

Be aware though as your world changes, you may have a tendency to drop off and become complacent. My suggestion is that when this happens that this marks the time for some new more relevant affirmations.

At this time of your continuing development, please feel free to let me know and I will review and release an update for you to follow as you move forward. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the current ones and hear about the many changes you are experiencing on your path of Growth and Fulfillment.

I AM So Grateful for all the wonderful comments my readers share. Thank you.

To Your Ever Evolving Growth and Happiness

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  1. Hello
    I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I have with affirmations.
    It’s not that I don’t believe they work because I’ve seen the effect myself.
    My question, is, when you are feeling very low (and probably need these affirmations more than ever) it’s extremely hard to begin to think about affirmations not alone saying them. I was wondering if there is a technique to help you get out of the rut and back on track with saying affirmations.
    I hope this doesn’t sound too complicated.

    1. Dearest Jackie,
      You ask the age old question. I’m feeling low, I’m in a rut. How do I get from where I’m feeling now, to how I want to feel? Where do I begin? At the beginning! I suggest, first of all, you accept that things aren’t perfect for you right now and go easy on yourself. Remind yourself that this too will pass. We are sold on a lie that before we begin some sort of effort to change our circumstances we need to be or get motivated. But if you really want change and you want it now you will need to decide to take action, just the tiniest of actions will bring you not only motivation but success in building momentum. For Example-; watch an inspirational movie or listen to some music you love, go to bed early and get up early to a healthy brekky and go for a walk.You are on your way, it is then that you can come back to your affirmations and build some real strength for change. As you start to feel stronger your desire to keep the momentum begins to override any of your lows and the sun begins to shine again.
      Affirmations are never designed as a starting point when you are feeling low but your decisions are.Life is never about perfection, but the way you think will influence the way you feel, and the way you feel is the total sum of the happiness in your life.
      Keep Smilin Mate
      Cause I AM
      Blessings to you Jackie

  2. Thanks very much for the interesting post! I’ve never been so sure about affirmations but the truth is that I’ve never tried them. Your post has given me renewed motivation to try them out.

    For how long do I need to do these affirmations to start seeing an effect? Also, are they recommended just for people with low self-esteem or can you do them in general just to improve yourself?

    1. Hello Stephen,

      Nice to hear from you, I think there is some scepticism about the value of affirmations, which is closely related to the fact that we all want a quick fix now and like anything worthwhile it takes not only trial and error but persistence.

      I can give first hand experience and say that ‘yes’ affirmations do work. In the simplest of examples I might ask you what do you think about first thing in the morning and are you in total control of your thought 24/7? I can hear you say ‘no’. So if you wake in the morning to negative thoughts about the day and then have further mindless and out of control thoughts about your past, you are very normal . So having become aware of the mindless chatter you then cut them off and replace them with affirmations and see and feel them to be real. The very least you have done is blocked out your very negative thoughts and replaced them with courage and power. 

      Doubt, Worry, Fear and Regret, or COURAGE, POWER  ACTION.and SUCCESS. you choose.

      Affirmations can and should be used by everyone.

      I sincerely hope to hear back from you as you put your affirmation plan into action.

      Best Wishes Stephen


  3. Hello Paul,

    I like the extensive list of self-affirmations for personal development and growth.For someone who has been practicing  centering meditation technique for many years,

    Going forward, I will include these as my center words during the meditation exercises.This will go a long way is setting the stage for a quiet time.

    I really appreciate your due diligence in researching this.

    1. Hello Moi Moi, Grateful to have you here and thanks for your kind words. I sincerely hope all my readers gain a little something form all that’s done here at PDM. Thank you and best wishes my friend.


  4. Thank you for this positive post,well I have a friend that has problem with affirmations,she has never tried them before but after reading this post of yours together it gave her so much spirit,I know there are many people that would have been touched with the post as she was also,

    thanks so much for this great positive post 

    1. Hello Rose, That’s so special that you were able to have your friend there and that we could have an influence on her and the rest of her life. It is my dream for us to realise the joy that lies within and have that joy available in every moment

      Bless you 


  5. That is a lot of affirmations to say, maybe I can reduce it down a little bit so I can remember it and can say it aloud everyday without having to look at the page. I always say my affirmations with emotion, but sometimes it can be difficult when living with other people and they don’t understand what I’m doing and will think I am a nut bag. However I can always find a quiet spot or do it in my car. I know how powerful affirmations can be because I’ve experienced the positive changes it can bring firsthand, thanks for your article.

    1. Hello Son, Great to hear from you and just want to reaffirm to you that where there’s a will there’s a way. So find that quiet place or the car on the way to work sounds ideal. No matter what though, don’t ever give up. Regards


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